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if  you want to make that criticism, you’re more than welcome to do so, but SW:TOR is really the only MMO I’ve ever seen receive that criticism and then repeatedly find itself constantly labeled as a singleplayer RPG as a result. Nothing requires me to group in World of Warcraft from 1-85 and this is often true for just about any AAA MMO that has come out since WoW, but I don’t see anyone calling WoW a singleplayer RPG. Curious, isn’t it?

To set the record straight, Star Wars: The Old Republic does feature a significant amount of designated group content. There are myriad heroic area quests on each world, over 15 Flashpoints (group instances), and three raids presently in the game. By the numbers, there’s a decent chunk of group content there. Can you churn through it in your first month of play? Absolutely, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Does the game force you to do this group content to progress? No, but what modern MMO does? In the interest of increasing accessibility to the genre, MMOs have certainly become more solo friendly over the years and SW:TOR is not remotely alone to that end, nor is it the worst offender by any means. You can be unhappy with that trend, that’s perfectly fine, but SW:TOR deserves no more ire for it than any other game of its ilk.

There’s a larger issue here, though. SW:TOR is just the latest themepark MMO to incur the wrath of MMO players who are really disappointed because they feel games like SW:TOR don’t aspire to what uniquely makes MMOs great: the ability to interact, cooperate, collaborate, or even compete with other players in an online world. You’re frustrated that most MMOs these days are cakewalks that can be soloed from level one to cap and I get that. Having begun my MMO journey in one of the genre’s most renowned sandbox games, Star Wars Galaxies, I feel I’ve experienced firsthand what the heights of the MMO experience can truly be. Yet, here I am, enjoying games like Star Wars: The Old Republic, City of Heroes, The Secret World, and so on. And none of these necessarily force me to play with others.

I recently came upon a thread in our SW:TOR forums where the original poster explained that he had hit level eight in the game and had not come across any group quests yet (there are at least two, if not more, on each starter world, by the way) and that’s where I saw the “singleplayer” nonsense being thrown around yet again and what ultimately became the straw that broke the camel’s back for me. This is important to my previous point as this simple and singular thread illuminated to me the real issue at hand: 

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