Help the farmer collect wheat while killing same monsters

For starters I must say that I did not play the original Guild Wars so jumping into the second completely green might have been a bit of a mistake. The reason I say that is because the learning curve on this game is quite a long one, or at least it was for me. I got into the game and was expecting it to be the same kind of game play as WoW and I was dead wrong. The controls are roughly the same and that is where it completely stops. Guild Wars actually requires you to have a brain and use it wisely. You can’t just go up to a creature and press two or three buttons and kill it.

Even in the beginning areas the creatures hit hard and if you don’t evade (yes you can actually roll to the side and backwards to avoid damage) you will die. Trust me I did that quite a few times on my Elementist that I spent much of the beta weekend playing with. I also was confused to the way my skills worked. They give you only one skill in the beginning of the game and as you progress in levels you unlock the skills on your hot bar. There are times where you can gain a new attack before going up a new level which was a winkle I haven’t seen in an MMOPRG. I will definitely have to explore moreon how that will affect end game content as additional beta weekends make themselves available in the future.

For the most part at the beginning, quests are mundane and feel very with the typical help / kill off certain creatures dynamic. Go help the farmer collect wheat while again and again killing the same monsters – very repetitive. I will give Arena Net credit for their main opening quest though. Unlike most MMOs that give you a starting quest where it gives you time to learn the controls and the feel of the game early on, Guild Wars 2 does not. They dump you into an actual group quest where anybody who is starting the game will not only be on the same quest as you, but will actually be helping you just as you help them on the quest.