Healing in guild wars

If you have played enough Guild Wars, or any other MMO with healers, you’ve sat around waiting for the right mix of professions before being able to continue. That feels an awful lot like preparing to have fun instead of having fun. Instead of the traditional trinity, every Guild Wars 2 profession is self reliant–not only can they all help each other by reviving in combat, but all professions have ways to build their characters differently to make them more versatile for group play. A warrior can carry a Banner of Wisdom around the battlefield to increase the power of his allies’ magical attacks.

An Element list might cast an ice spell to freeze enemies, but that same spell might give his allies Frost Armor to protect them from incoming attacks. When you boil it down, support is just the friendly way for players to work together to accomplish a shared goal. We use our cross-profession combos to fill in the rest of our support. An Element list can create a Firewall or Static Field to improve the ranged attacks of his allies. For instance, an element list can support his allies by dropping down a ground-targeted healing rain that rejuvenates allies in an area.

He might also use Windborne Speed to help them chase down a target or escape out of longbow range. A warrior might shout “On My Target” to help his allies do more damage to a marked enemy, or use his war horn to “Call to Arms” which improves the armor of his allies for a short time. Control is the only thing versatile enough to get away from the rock-paper-scissors gameplay of other MMOs. It’s healing when you need it, its damage when you need it. It is the glue that holds together our system. Each one has its place. The more devastating control effects are, the more infrequently they need to occur, and their duration needs to be shorter.