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Want to know how things are going with  since Chris Roberts and his team secured over six million in funding via crowd-sourcing? Want to ask him some questions about the game’s design, its offline and MMO features?  Want to just tell him how grateful you are for Wing Commander? Tune in tomorrow on our live-stream at 5pm EST (2pm PST) for all this and more!

Feel free to ask some questions here, and we’ll take some of the best to Chris tomorrow evening!

Chris and our own Garrett Fuller will take your questions and talk about the game tomorrow at 5pm EST on ou

As with many other fantasy-based games, adventuring in Gielinor revolves around questing, killing monsters to improve your character’s abilities, amassing loot and swapping it for cash to buy better gear for your avatar. Runescape also has a comprehensive crafting system so characters can learn to make and enchant all kinds of items. This, combined with the popularity of Runescape, means that Jagex, like many others, is battling the black market in items and money that can be used in Gielinor. Mr Iddison said this trade is explicitly against the terms and conditions of the game. “We feel it spoils the game for other players,” said Mr Iddison. Many people, he said, have literally spent hours adventuring so they gain the skills and cash to kit out their character and display that prowess.

Having someone just buy their way to the top seems like cheating, he said, and many Runescape fans resent those that pay rather than play. “The average paying player is on Runescape for 22 hours per week,” said Mr Iddison, “and free players are not far behind.” Jagex also polices the many kingdoms of Gielinor to stop people “farming” gold themselves or with “bots” – computer controlled characters. To catch out the bots the game hits players with random encounters. While people can deal with these they flummox a bot running on automatic that can only do a few things well. But, said Mr Iddison, Jagex has not set its face totally against games that are part-funded through item sales.

Future titles, he said, may be based around that idea. “But,” he said, “we’ve no plans to do item sales in Runescape. The game is so deep that it would mean a big re-write.” All will be online games but, so far, the company is not saying any more about them other than that they will use the same Java and browser technology seen in Runescape. Dedicated fans need not worry though as, said Mr Iddison, Runescape will be the main investment focus for Jagex for the next five years. It is not only gamers who will be keeping an eye on Jagex. Games that are free to download, browser based and fund themselves through item sales or low-cost subscriptions are becoming more popular.phrase that kept on returning at their presentation was “let gamers play how they want to play” also Carbine Studios Jeremy who’s telling us about their new game repeats how different Wildstar is compared to other MMO’s on the market. So the story behind this WildStar demo is that the players crash-land on a quite unusual planet and need to choose their path towards survival. We have the usual race, class and faction choices, but we also get asked why we’re coming to the planet
Boots on the ground reporter, John Milburn, got a first hand look at the just-revealed WildStar Online during a presentation by Carbine Studios and NC Soft during this year’s Gamescom. He’s got a few impressions to share with you so keep reading! Are you looking forward to WildStar Online? Let us know your thoughts in the comments

I’m not saying the fight is disappointing with any of the dragons.  I just feel the dragons should act more aggressively.  The game with the best dragon combat, for me, was Skyrim.  I know it’s not an MMO, and I know that its combat is very different.  But when a dragon takes to the skies and bombards me with fire and ice, I feel threatened. While playing during the first press betas, I talked with some of the developers who also enjoyed Skyrim.  I’m not saying they need to do exactly what they saw there, but maybe expand upon those ideas.

The main reason I feel that this is an issue, is that ArenaNet has done a lot to make their MMO feel more like an action game.  The fights against lesser opponents have that action like feel with dodging.   But fighting against a dragon feels more like a more traditional MMO.  It breaks the flow the rest of the game tries to establish.A Night in Mists of Pandaria 

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