Guild Wars 2 : ‘Microtransactions Should Unite the Community’Guild Wars 2 : ‘Microtransactions Should Unite the Community’


In a new interview at, Arena.Net’s Mike O’Brien kicks off a new discussion about the recently announced microtransactions in Guild Wars 2. In it O’Brien fleshes out a bit more of the design team’s philosophy: If players can spend time playing to get what they want, perfect. If players don’t have that kind of time but want those same things, they have microtransactions.

O’Brien acknowledges, however, that players will need convincing. “The reaction we expect from the world is scepticism. It should be that way because there are a lot of games out there that are doing really dicey things with microtransactions. We hold ourselves to high standards, and as we’ve tested things, we’ve put this stuff in front of our core beta test group and said, ‘you guys should be holding us to [those] high standards.’”


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