Good News—the Average Game Time is beyond 4 Hours in SWTOR

The founder of the Bioware Greg Zeschuk recently revealed that the average playing time has beyond 4 to 6 hours in the Star Wars: the old republic. “When they started to play the game, the game of their time is crazy.” then he pointed out that such high retained rate shows that this game has attract many fans. Giving the player a once again idea. Obviously, Bioware has made much analysis to the swtor credits online game.

Finally he also hinted that the BBS of the game can see the performance of the game is very satisfied on the number of spamming shrink. He explained that you can see the game things are going well. The post reduces BBS chat. People don’t go to BBS, they will play the game.” For the last point, can only say that foreigner’s point of view
From the analysis, we can see the swtor credits are very popular in the game world. Come with us to buy some swtor credits to play better!