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2012 is nearly over and it’s always fun to take a look back at the games that we spent lots of hours enjoying. We’ll be spending this week talking about the games that we, the staff of, caught our attention in the year that was. As ever, join the conversation in the comments. Som weighs in with his choices on this first day of 2013. Read on!
2012 was an action-packed year for MMO gamers.  We’ve seen the launch of several high-profile, hotly-anticipated titles, played expansions for some of our favorite games, and tinkered around with previews and betas for potential blockbusters.  In terms of variety, there’s now always a smorgasbord available, and chances are that you have a ton of stellar games vying for your consideration.  I know that I have several games, MMO and otherwise, that are sitting on my desktop clamoring for my attention, and while I’ve enjoyed playing a variety of 2012’s MMORPGs for work purposes, there are certainly a few personal favorites to which I keep returning.