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One of the reasons people love MMOs is for the simple fact that they are an escape from the harshness of “real” life. In a terrific guest post, Kimberly Cummins outlines some of the reasons why MMOs have been a great help. Known as “Nifa” here on our forums, see what Kimberly has to say before leaving your thoughts in the comments.
Because I cannot drive, I spend much of my time at home by myself, which is one more reason that games, especially MMOs, can be such a lifeline to veterans like me who may not be able to get out and about the way the average person can. I have a great roommate (also a gamer) and good friends, so I’m not a shut in, but my roommate works in the healthcare profession and so a twelve hour shift becoming a fourteen hour shift is not at all unusual for her. With my ample spare time, I hone my skills as a healer/DPS in my game of choice. Due partly to my previously mentioned difficulties with the VA and VA errors that have affected my financial stability (but mostly to the fact that the game is fun and interesting), I’m currently very fond of Funcom’s latest F2P offering, The Secret World, but I’ve probably played just about every game that’s come out since about 2003… and many of my dearest friends are people I met through gaming (including my two closest friends, who live nearby in my city).