Fundraiser garnered over $2.3 million for Superstorm Sandy relief

WoW cinder kittens fundraiser garnered over $23 million for Superstorm Sandy relief

No stranger to assisting those in need after natural disasters, Blizzard announced its latest round of fundraising via a cash shop pet in the beginning of November — this time a Cinder Kitten to benefit those affected by Superstorm Sandy. And World of Warcraft players responded with an abundance of generosity, snapping up the fiery feline and raising a total of more than $2.3 million USD. All of the proceeds from the pet purchase were given to the American Red Cross to support its ongoing relief efforts in the areas affected by the superstorm. As Blizzard says, “Thanks to everyone who made a difference.”

This is great and awesome but in other news, Blizzard just put up a other retarded mount for 25 bucks that’s 15 bucks more them they asked for the pet but this time they put all 25 bucks in there pocket not a penny goes to benefit anyone else but Blizzard!Click here for more content Wow Power leveling.