Free or Charges are not Important, only Quality can decide everything

During the developments of online games, and with the diversity demands of players, their demands for charge way are becoming diversity!

At the same time according to the latest data statistics, the free products in European online market is reached 53% and a lot of charge adopt free mode. However, in America market, the free online is also accounted for 47%. At the same time, the proportion of free online has more than half in china and South Korea. But the three new online emerging countries–Brazil, Mexico and Russia market rates increase to 59%.

The charging system of free game also is approved by players. The famous statistics organization NPD released in a report, at present, there are 40% players are willing to pay for the free game. In addition, we found from the survey that there are about 84% player will rely on the free game in a month.

Facing with the fierce competition and diversification multi terminal market, only good quality and know the market can stands up and catch up with the user gamer. But when you really facing with the quality competition face to face, you should continue preserve the original and innovation, and promoting continuously high-quality game strategy. Only by this way can bring more chances. 

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