Free character transfers for certain US realms

If you’re looking to escape your current WoW realm for greener pastures, Blizzard is currently offering free character transfers from select US realms to select US realms. Currently, the available free transfers are:

Stormrage -> Trollbane
Area 52 -> Turalyon
Darkspear -> Vashj
Tichondrius -> Blackrock
Illidan -> Mannoroth
Bleeding Hollow -> Korgath

The transfers will be available until July 25th… or until Blizzard decides they’ve transferred enough characters and closes down transfers. So if you’re keen to move your character, jump on it soon! After transfers are closed, you’ll have to pay the usual $25 fee to move your character. For more details on free transfers, check out the Free Character Migration FAQ or jump in and get started moving your character right now.

Well the queues are unreal on those realms so at least they are paying lip service.  They should have just locked all transfers to servers that already had queues before the 50% sale.  CRZ basically did away with any of the benefits of playing on a Low/Medium pop server so I’m sure there are a lot of players waking up to the idea that you might as well play on a High pop server, even if there’s queues.More game content click here Wow Powerleveling.

And they might not say it out loud but your average player wants a server that is dominated by their faction… it just makes things 10x easier when you don’t have to worry about the Horde tagging Gal/Oon or the Alliance trying to win Tol Barad.  You aren’t going to find a whole lot of people who are willing to go “save” another server and balance it out.