Final Fantasy XIV Dzemael Darkhold

This place was brutal in 1.0. It’s still pretty intense now, but somewhat less so. What does drag the overall experience down a bit is how many patrols wander through the place, often out of sight until they crash into you face-first. It makes the paths between the bosses far more stressful than they need to be.

As for the bosses, the first one requires players to move between safe zones while managing adds and the otherwise invulnerable boss, a mechanic nicely foreshadowed before the fight by showing off the boss along the way. FFXIV Gil The second is fairly boring, but the third is another very mobile fight requiring a lot of effort from the whole party without ever being cheap. There are adds (after a fashion) and even an instant-death attack that’s as fair as you can ask for in an MMO.

And this is only the stuff leading up to the endgame runs. Five more dungeons remain from here on out.