FFXIV Realm Reborn opening cinematic [Updated]

Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn full cinematic

Square has released the full opening cinematic for its Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn reboot. The clip clocks in at well over eight minutes, the last three of which contain never-before-seen footage.

The new stuff includes a couple of heart-pounding chocobo calvary charges, glimpses of the game’s unique races, and plenty of scenic shots from around the lush fantasy world. Have a look for yourself after the break.

Nothing is being downgraded for the PC.  Its an entirely new engine that scales better for the PC, its the PS3 ver thats being downgraded so it’ll run well.  And oh crap, just noticed who this is, gifthorse, he who was banned from the official forums for mass trolling and being overly negative.

I’ll continue for everyone else sake though.  The videos also represents an older client with most features not active yet, like the shaders and higher end settings.  Yoshi himself said that the Alpha client is like medium settings for PC. Click here for more content FFXIV Gil.