Expedition ahead of the storm will come

On the eve of the storm surge of dark portal with a strange atmosphere! Warriors to stand and fight the burning legion’s expedition of azeroth! The latest version of the “ahead of the storm is coming, all kinds of exciting new changes in the gang:
Honor system comprehensive change: no longer need to rank all the honor equipment, just use honor points and battleground in the form of medal of honor can directly purchase! All level 60 and 70 honor equipment, as long as there is enough honor points and battleground medal, can buy!
Grade 70 talents feelings in advance: nine professional all the tree into the era of expedition in advance, the ultimate talent who can resist the charm of nine? More diversified way of distribution points, do not use talent quickly simulator in advance for your character to build unique talent with points?
Brave paradise – open arena: on the eve of the storm, a mecca for all really brave for PVP arena will be kicked off. Before the character reaches the level of 70, of course, you can only training contest in the arena. But, what could be more than familiar with the venue, looking for his teammates, practice, and research tactics is more important? And, for those who aspires to be a PVP king warrior, a level 70’s top honor, will have great help to the future path of the brave!
More close to improve:
Automatic new team system, automatic system, allows you to easily find like-minded team mates.
Powerful collection of stone, only two teammates, set to copy by clicking the door without the stone pull all team members in turn to the front of the stone. Great speed collection!
Still etc. What, prepare for, it’s about time!