Exclusive First Razer for Star Wars Game Mouse the Arrival of the Goods

Swtor credits is by EA offering a large network game, in euramerican or even with “world of warcraft” a war chest momentum, Razer is also took the opportunity to launch his new game peripherals series.

Razer Star Wars game mouse the outer packing used the style of tie-in black yellow, and the whole network game theme are in agreement. Razer mouse is the blessed one snake as the foundation, to improve the rolls out after products. Razer Star Wars game using the mouse cable/wireless dual mode connection, the mouse in the cable mode and can also provide built-in battery power supply. Razer Star Wars game mouse with a charger base, players can be in the mouse after using the mouse placed directly on the base to charge.

Razer Star Wars game mouse with spray paint surface making overall silver grey color, surface feel exquisite and soft, before and after the mouse wheel to the rear of the parts and LOGO of the black highlights a mirror material production, and the surface of the mouse in silver grey color collocation together, let whole mouse many some fashionable breath.

Razer Star Wars game mouse appearance: Razer Star Wars game mouse the left by the blessed with the snake similar design, mouse the left as many as 12 design side button, the side button for small default output on the keyboard 0 ~ 9. After the install driver, including key mapping and macro definition and custom Settings, to facilitate the use of game players simplify the operation needs.

Razer Swtor credits game mouse tail LOGO can be replaced, players can choose according to the hobby of the galactic republic and the sith empire two different camps. LOGO design have long out below type illuminant, after electrify effect is very good.