Eldevin : Small Beginnings Evolving Into Big ThingsEldevin : Small Beginnings Evolving Into Big Things



Eldevin is a game that has evolved over its eight years in development from a small browser-based project into a full fledged MMO. We caught up with Andrew Mulholland and John Stewart to find out more about Eldevin. Check it out and then let us know what you think in the comments.
MMORPG: You mention how the world is at war in Eldevin, can you tell us about the factions players can choose from?

John Stewart: When players join the world of Eldevin, it is very much a Kingdom in disarray. In recent years the Kingdom of Eldevin discovered 6 magical spheres which, when brought together, caused disaster for the kingdom as the power of their magic could not be contained. Therefore they were each entrusted to the Champions of the Eldevin Army and taken to the far corners of the known world. Over time these orbs have corrupted the Champion, their armies and even the land itself. Creating 6 distinct factions aligned to each sphere; Fire, Ice, Dark, Light, Blood and Nature. You begin your journey in the Nature realm, which is preparing for War with the Dark Realm, while forging an uneasy alliance with the Light Realm. However as you can expect some of the other realms such as the Blood realm may also be trying to gain a foothold in the struggle for power.



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