Design Goals for NullsecDesign Goals for Nullsec


The bulk of that blog was about defining things that should be true – in an ideal world – for everything that goes on in nullsec. That gives us a general framework to work within, but doesn’t do a lot to explain where we’re going with the different parts that make up nullsec today, and the things we’ll be adding in the near future.
In the latest developer blog on the EVE Online site, CCP Greyscale continues the discussion of how the team is going about redesigning Nullsec. As the discussions got underway, the dev team met with the CSM to discuss exactly what the goals were for nullsec redevelopment

For this next bit, we had several brainstorming sessions, both internally and with the CSM, to define both what major areas of gameplay should exist in nullsec, and what the guiding principles for those individual areas or features should be. Again, we harvested the results, analyzed them, broke them down, built them up, and tried to pull them together into a unified vision of where we want to go. This all coalesced into a whiteboard covered in text, which I have reproduced below for your viewing pleasure.