Chronoscrolls introducing will unleashed vicissitudinous truthChronoscrolls introducing will unleashed vicissitudinous truth


 Have you ever gotten frustrated by gold farmers hawking their wares and spamming game chat? Had to listen to a guildmate’s story of woe about a hacked account and stolen identity? Or submitted a petition and been told that you’ll have to wait because the customer service team is busy cleaning up the mess left behind by keyloggers and spyware left on people’s computers after they tried a game “add-on” that contained a trojan?
These problems plague online games because there are people willing to destroy the play environment in order to make money selling gold. They’re called real-money traders, and they’re willing to commit online crimes like identity theft, account theft, and credit card fraud because collectively they earn billions of dollars each year. That’s right, billions.
There’s no way for En Masse alone to win the war against the gold farmers and real-money traders. They have strong financial motivations to commit crimes, and most live in places where they can’t be prosecuted for those crimes. So we’re going to change the rules. We’re going to take steps to limit that kind of problem in TERA by enlisting you, the community. We’d like your help to make life difficult for real-money traders.
It all starts with a new type of item we’re adding to the game: chronoscrolls. Players use these items to extend their game time. Each chronoscroll is the equivalent of a one-month game subscription payment. Chronoscrolls are purchased directly from our website and delivered to your character’s inventory. You can use them to extend your play experience for another month or trade them in the game with other players for gold. 

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