MU Legend: Defense Penetration And True Damage

If you have a Dual Wielding Sword Blader and it says +5% Defense Penetration and it shows on your stat as True Damage. Do you want to know what is the difference in these situations? or how you calculate them as damage?

Image result

If you have 20% Defense Penetration, and enemy with 6000 defense will receive your attacks as if it has 4800 defense ( 6000 * (1-0.2) ). This is usually how penetration works on most games.

For the True damage: if you have 10% true damage change. 1 out of every 10 attack will ignore the enemy defense completely. Hitting as much as your attack power and crit damage lets you.

So, having that true damage and defense penetration at the same time, whenever i bypass or ignore the targets defense, do defense penetration applied too? (TD -100% + DP -15% i.e)

I believe defense penetration reduces the defense of someone by that percentage, so let’s say they have 40% damage reduction cause of their defense, your skill that hits for 1000, will hit for 600. Now defense pen of say 20% is gonna reduce his defense by that amount and then recalculate the damage reduction then apply your damage. True damage is simply just a % of chance your skill of 1000 is gonna hit for 1000 ignoring all damage reduction that person has. So 5% true damage means you have 5% change of bypassing all damage reduction by defense.

In short, defense penetration is percentage of additional damage you can deal depends on % of your defense pen. And True Damage is a chance that you can bypass the defense of the target.

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Webzen Confirmed That MU Legend’s Official Release Had Began

MU Legend has quite a rich content, in order to make players satisfied. MU Legend has officially reached the community of gamers around the world on November 7 and immediately became one of the most “hot” products of the time on the world. As we know, MU Legend is an immersive online role-playing game developed in full 3D graphics with a variety of designs influenced by the Diablo franchise. With the popularity of MU Legend, players are encouraged to buy MU Legend Zen.

MU Legend

The first game of the franchise – MU Online – had its release in 2001. It’s been nearly 16 years since the month that marked the beginning of a very long journey, one that still influences millions of players around the globe. Compared with the first MU Online version released two decades ago, MU Legend has a sharper graphics, more realistic effects and more majestic. The character system in this online game is also changed with a lot of differences compared to the first version.

With MU Origin, Webzen has successfully proven that it is possible to convert big PC MMOs into smartphone/tablet games. Webzen confirmed that MU Legend’s official release had began with an open beta phase starting on November 7th, 2017. The game continues the saga in true MMOARPG style, delivering exciting gameplay and diverse content that be sure to touch the heart of every MU fan.

Webzen is currently working on the releases of PC MMORPG MU Legend. MU Online was released to the pure happiness of hordes of fans all around the world. This marked the birth of the MU Franchise globally. While staying true to the essence of the MU franchise, MU Legend comes with its own flavor and richness for players to discover. To provide the best game experience for players, we have managed to sell cheap and safe mu legend zen on U4GM.

MU Online Activated A New Server While Mu Legend Provided The PVP

There are two updates on what’s going on with the MU universe of games. First, MU Online which just activated a new Eldorado server, it offers exclusive access to a special city and the wealth of upgrades tucked.

The free-to-play MMO also rolled out Season 12: Part 2, a patch that contains 4th class quests and skill enhance trees, master skill tree renewal, a Deep Dungeon zone, and a handy quest guide. The studio is offering a free character boost for any players who clock at least an hour a day of playtime during a two-week window.

About MU Legend, the mobile MMO added 3v3 PvP to the game a month when the title’s open beta launch. The update also provides cross-server functionality to achieve a wider range of matches. This PvP update will help prepare the community for the upcoming guild wars, which will arrive at some point down the line, Webzen said.

MU Legend: Developers Are Planning To Deploy Updates And Extensions

If you’re craving an MMORPG that’ll let you do that, MU Legend goes truly deep in its customization process. Plus, there are four classes for you to choose from, each with their own unique style and flair that you can customize to your liking. So, you have your character ready, what next? The game offers plenty of content for you to partake in, want to know more guides and tips? Click here as soon as possible.MU LegendDevelopers are planning to deploy updates and extensions on a regular basis, with a 3v3-combat feature to arrive in the first update before the end of the year. This feature will offer a dynamic PvP environment, involving strategy and team coordination. Other new content, including territory wars, is slated to arrive soon after. Additionally, thousands of players are due to receive their first special titles, awarded for participating in the CBTs and the stress test.

The developers said: ” we will continue to expand the PvP content as agreed in our roadmap while continuing to improve and extend PvE functionality, although Hack ‘n’ Slash games are generally more PvE oriented. We want to explore the PvP possibilities of the genre to push the boundaries and surprise our faithful community.”

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MU Legend Reviews: The Game Is Offline

Gamers who are playing MU Legend are throwing bricks to decide the NPH game’s transaction key.

Recently, the hot online game MU Legend has struggled against bot, hack and NPH have to hand to hand to handle. Initially, up to 500 accounts were locked, while individual transactions, shipping was suspended, but great annoyance but still ‘acceptable’. However, after a long update yesterday, now all the methods of trading exchange in this online game has stopped!


Immediately gamers are playing MU Legend, people feel extremely urgent, they take turns… this decision brick thrower of the publisher because now is no longer online game that more like offline games, people self-propelled self do not have anything to buy anything!

There is no automatic treatment measures, the bot turned to the trade ban now has two possibilities.

1. The game will almost become an offline game.
2. If the trade system reopens it will obviously lose value because most will also be saved with the hope can be chatted but not what decay. Leads to greater supply than demand.

Login must use Captcha; Posting is not allowed; Ban trade.

Actually the anti-hack bot’s measures of MU Legend is currently unreasonable and make the community extremely urgent, perhaps NPH should think otherwise as if the current is not okay at all, because It made the game very depressed. as one of the most professional online store which glad to share more MU Legend news and cheap MU Legend Zen with instant delivery.

Class Emphasizer In MU Legend Must Be Very Much Looking Forward To

It’s a known fact that the international version of MU Legend will Open Beta in September. Gamers will realize that the Open Beta will only four familiar character classes: Warmage, Whisperer, Dark Lord as well as Blader. What this means is that this Open Beta will not have a new character Emphasizer. More news will updated soon, view more at here.

MU Legend

For Emphasizer, it has the ability to manipulate weapons and control the mind of the enemy, specifically, you control a group to work mercenary for a period of time rather than having to manually fight. Have you ever attempted buy MU Legend Zen and MU Legend Power Leveling from U4GM, definitely professional website.

Since the opening of closed beta, the name Emphasizer has appeared in the MU Legend and made gamers to play online games must be very much looking forward to. However, time has passed for the whole year and open beta games in both English and Korean are still unknown.

In order to fulfill the expectations of gamers worldwide, the operations team of MU Legend has officially announced that class Emphasizer will be launched on August 10. As a matter of fact, the character class is an interesting addition to the current four-class Dark Lord, Blader, Warmage and Whisperer. At the server root of Korea, international English Will have to wait longer, until September to experience.

Wings Are Responsible For Amount Of Your Character Combat Power

In original MU Online, wings are required, hence, for MU Legend, wings will also play an important role. Anyway, with the help of these wings, not only can provide a badass visual to your character they also are responsible for an important amount of your character Combat Power. Today, there are tips on how to take advantage of wings in the game.

Due to MU Online has been released, wings have always been available. In MU Online the wings are responsible for two main characteristics: Movement Speed and Attack/Defense Status. Meanwhile, the developers than decided it was time to develop new wings, as at the time the community was asking for more of these.

This following are two wings for MU Online, please view screenshots:

MU Online, Level 1 Wings

MU Legend


MU Online, Level 2 Wings

MU Legend

Let’s Bring It To MU Legend

Since the first version of the game with your first wing been given through a main quest with a good explanation on how/why to use them. There show here a few of them, more types of wings for your character and more news, click here to get more.

There are pictures, respectively, heavenly wings, heavenly wings tier 1, heavenly wings tier 2 and heavenly wings tier 3

Heavenly Wings

MU Legend


Heavenly Wings Tier 1

MU Legend

Heavenly Wings Tier 2

MU Legend

Heavenly Wings Tier 3

MU LegendThe wings upgrade system in MU Legend will run through the Enchantment Merchant NPC. This NPC has an option dedicated only for wings, look for: Grow Wings. In order to upgrade your wings, you need: MU Legend Zen, Magic Gems and Material. These items can be acquired either from NPCs or by playing dungeons around the continent of MU Legend. Many players have achieved great progress in terms of mastering their wings during OBT. Every different player has a different favorite wings, preview more screenshots for wings, stay tuned U4GM.

The Developer Of MU Legend Focus On Providing Unforgettable OBT Experience

With the reputation of MU Legend, the game has attracted a large community of players. Meanwhile, it can not be denied that MU Legend also possesses the attractive features and experience as superior to other games. If you buy MU Legend Zen and MU Legend Power Leveling in the best shop like U4GM, not only can you ensure safe transaction, but also help you to save more money.

MU Legend

The Global Open Beta will be available in September, this OBT version will also feature some deep, new content which will be explored in crispy detail in several dedicated spotlights. According to developer of the game, understanding your impressions about MU Legend is very important for everyone involved to make our game a success.

MU Legend’s developers are enthusiastic gamers, and providing the very best OBT experience to players is their top priority: their constant, unyielding development work is forged by their natural love for games and their professional involvement. As of now, the developer point out that they will ensure the release of Global OBT as soon as possible without compromising on the quality of the game.

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New Players Picking Up MU Legend Will Find Similarities To Diablo 3

In MU Legend, there are four classes to play, all character classes have unusual names, there is basically a Paladin, Archer, Warrior and Mage to play. Beside that four classes, and as the international release, launching the new Emphasizer, meanwhile, MU Legend will also focus on the development of a mapping system.

MU Legend

The number and system of monsters in these maps will be enriched and above all the monster dropping feature will also come back on these maps, not just in the dungeon. Players are sure to still be able to pick rare items in these maps. MU Legend is a MMORPG gameplay, new players picking up MU Legend will find similarities to Diablo 3 in terms of gameplay mechanics.

An early announcement, the Global Open Beta Test starts in September. A brand new OBT teaser trailer was also released and you can visit here to get more guides, tips, videos and new screenshots. Players will get to choose from four distinct classes. Each class will feature unique skill sets and mechanics that will cater to any playstyle.

Many gamers thinks that MU Legend didn’t catch the essence of MU. As matter factly, When MU Legend first arrived, it was its own game that’s why so many players liked it. The developers want players that have been playing any MU game to feel that they are in their beloved universe. More importantly, they want to offer a new experience for old fans and newcomers in a way. U4GM have been fulfilled gamers’ needs for buying cheap MU Legend Zen & MU Legend Power Leveling.

MU Legend: Wings Grant Essential Improvements

As you probably know already, the graphics of MU Legend are very good with a cool fighting effect. The developer promises to provide maximum play experience and will continue to work hard the content that will be given in Open Beta. Currently Webzen is focused on promoting MU Legend for mobile devices.MU LegendFans of MMORPGs might already know that MU isn’t a brand new title – MU Online was released in 2003, but only for the PC. The new MU brings the fantasy over to Android and IOS devices for the first time. In MU Legend, you can choose from five distinct classes, go questing to gain experience, and join forces with other players to make slaying the baddies that much more fun.

In MU Legend each character can equip a set of glowing wings. Wings grant essential improvements in stats and can be swapped and upgraded over time. And, most importantly, they look cool. Additionally, Each class has a unique set of skills that can be improved by upgrading them at the cost of in-game currency such as MU Legend Zen & MU Legend Power Leveling, or over time with use.

MU Legend continues the MU big wings, skills gorgeous features, some of the previous generation skills also have appeared, but the name is not the successor to the 1 generation of occupation, the Dark Lord, gravity is controlled by the new occupation, and whisper, and the corresponding MU swordsman battlemages Archer warrior, mage. This might be all the information we have so far on Mu Legend, but make sure to keep an eye on U4GM and go to website as we’ll be updating with any new information.