Maplestory Pets Skills And Notes

In MapleStory, players have the option of buying Pets (monsters that follow behind you and respond to commands) from the Cash Shop.

There are numerous different types of pets. Pets have levels, which are raised by “Closeness” instead of “Experience.” Closeness is gained by feeding the pets and talking to them.


Here is the guide on how to utilize pets and pet skills:

Where Can You Find A Pet?

Pets are sold often in the cash shop, either as a permanent pet or an expiring pet. Pets that expire will last their given number of days before reverting into a doll in your inventory. To revive an expired pet, purchase a Water of Life item from the cash shop and use it on the pet to revive it for 90 days.

Note: A pet must be expired before Waters of Life can be used. Permanent pets do not expire in this way. However, permanent pets are not available in Reboot world.

You can also find a temporary pet called “Blackheart” from the Hilla boss. Blackhearts can drop from both normal and hard Hilla, but are more common from hard Hilla. They are, however, free, and fairly common.

You can purchase a temporary Ursus pet from the Ursus shop for the following:
40 Ursus leathers
20 Ursus claws
15 Ursus paws
20 Ursus leg accessories
10 Ursus shoulder accessories
5 Ursus horns
Pets are also given out during special events, so keep an eye on the event tab!

Equipping Pets
To equip a pet and let it roam free, double-click the pet in your inventory underneath the “Cash” tab. To turn off the pet, double-click the pet in your inventory again.

Multiple Pets
Players can equip up to 3 pets at once by learning the “Follow the Leader” skill. This skill can be learned by accepting the quest labeled “Trainer’s Command” and purchasing a Pet Snack from the cash shop (2,500 NX).
Pets will appear in the order in which you equip them. Meaning the pet equipped first will move in front of the pet equipped second, and the pet equipped second moves in front of the pet equipped third.

Pet Window
To access the pet window, open your equipment tab and click on the tab labeled “pet”.
The pet window is fairly straightforward; you can have up to 3 pets out at once, each pet can wear one accessory. The third slots are used for the auto-potion skill, which we’ll discuss later.
There is also a more basic pet window called the Pet Info window is located beneath your character window. To open, double click on a pet, or double click on your character to open your character window and select the “pet” button.

Feeding Pet
If your pet starts feeling down, that means it’s hungry. A pet will visually display an animation similar to begging or looking exhausted, which means their fullness is low. Pets can only eat pet food, which can be bought in numerous general shops or the pet shop NPCs in Heneseys Market and Leafre.
If you do not feed your pet, it will eventually retreat back into your inventory until you decide to feed it.
Pet food is an item in the use tab. To feed your pet, double-click on the food. When a pet is hungry, it generally takes about 2 boxes of pet food to completely fill its tummy.
To view a pet’s given fullness at any time, double-click on the pet to open the Pet Info window.

Item Pick-up
All pets (regardless of whether you bought it in the cash shop, found it from Hilla, or got it from an event) possess the ability to pick up items when they walk over them. This is the primary benefit of owning a pet, as it makes looting mesos and items significantly easier.
Items will be picked up immediately when your pet walks on top of the item. If your pet cannot reach the item, it will not be picked up.

Pet Skill: Auto-potion
Pets have a skill that allow them to give you potions whenever your HP or MP is low, or whenever you have a status effect. By placing a particular potion in the third slot of the pet window, your pet will use the potion depending on how you configure the potion to be used. To configure these options, press “Potion Use” at the bottom of the pet window.
Auto-potion is split into three specific skills (Auto-HP, Auto-MP, and Auto-Cure), and each skill costs 1,000 NX each.

Pet Skill: Auto-buff
Pets have a skill that allow you to assign a particular buff skill of your choosing. Hyper skills, however, cannot be assigned.
The Auto-buff skill costs 3,500 NX

Pet Skill: Auto-move
Auto-move is a skill that lets pets move around to collect nearby items and mesos, rather than requiring them to follow your character.
Auto-move costs 1,000 NX

Pet Skill: Expanded Auto-move
Expanded Auto-move increases the range in which pets will move around to collect items and mesos by 3 times the original Auto-move skill.
You must have Auto-move equipped in order to use this skill.
Expanded Auto-move costs 1,000 NX

Pet Skill: Auto-feed And Movement
It sounds like a weird combination, but the Auto-feed and movement skill allows your pets to:
Feed itself whenever it gets hungry as long as food remains in your inventory
Navigate multi-level terrain to pick up items
It should be noted that in order to use the movement part of the skill, you must have the Auto-move skill equipped. The Auto-feed does not have such a restriction
Auto-feed and movement costs 1,000 NX

Pet Skill: Expired Pickup Skill
Expired Pickup allows your pet to pick up items left by other players. It takes 110 seconds for ownership of an item to be released.
Expired Pickup costs 1,000 NX

Pet Skill: Item Ignore
If you don’t want your pet to pick up every item you find, then use Item ignore. Item ignore lets you set exceptions for what your pet picks up. This can be configured from the pet window.
Item ignore costs 1,000 NX

All skills are permanent once applied, even if the pet itself expires. However, you must use the skill on a pet within 90 days, or you will have to purchase it again.

Other: Evolving Pets
Evolving pets are special kinds of pets which will evolve as they become closer to you. After completing the quest “The Evolution of a Pet” and purchasing a Rock of Evolution from the cash shop (1,000 NX), your pet will evolve into its final form. The color of the final pet is random, and you must purchase a new Rock of Evolution and repeat the quest in order to try for another color.

Other: Pet Buffs And Bonuses
Some pets have physical stat boosts or special skills when equipped in groups, such as the Pumpkin pets. If you find yourself wanting one of these pets, please be aware that these kinds of pets are never permanent, and the stat boosts themselves are not available in Reboot world.