Albion Online Guide On Building Personal Island

Islands are special separate locations for your character or guild. On the island you can build various buildings from a personal house to a farm. Here we’ll look at what this system is for and what it is like.


Basic Information

A personal island can only be purchased by users with an active VIP status, but after purchasing it, it will remain forever with you even when you run out of VIP. Islands can be improved up to level 6, each improvement costs X silver and takes about two minutes. On the island, as in the open world, you can find various resources to collect.

The island gives the game such opportunities as:

  • Build your home where you can hire special useful NPCs
  • Access to a personal chest
  • The ability to build their own processing machines and become independent
  • You can place special farms on which you will grow various useful plants
  • Collect resources
  • To breed animals
  • Buying and improving the island

To buy your island you need to find in any major city of a special NPC, at this NPC you can buy a personal island, an island for the guild and improve them.

A personal island is basically needed to make your character self-sufficient and reduce its dependence on the rest of the world to a minimum.

To do this, the game has a system of player buildings, the player can build on his personal island almost all the buildings that they see in the cities of the open world. All the same and guild islands, but there is much more room.

Build buildings can be of four main categories:

  • Economy – you can build a variety of processing buildings
  • Military – you can build various production buildings
  • Farming – here you will find everything you need to organize your garden and breeding animals
  • Houses – your personal, guild house, for the owners of the founder’s set there is a special house

To build each building you will need a certain number of several resources. The resources that are required can be either regular or a certain shooting range.


Personal House Hired Workers

Like you, your hero needs a house where he can stop and rest, for this you are offered a choice to build on your island one of several options. In the house you can place a personal chest to which you can customize access, different furniture and most importantly the workers. Here we will discuss the latter in more detail.

Workers, as the name implies, work for you in their specialty. Depending on the specialty, you can order the worker to fulfill your order and after a while he will bring you the finished result. Workers are placed only in the house or guild hall, but they are not stupid dummies and every worker needs a bed where he will rest and a table, a chair where he will eat. For example, if you have 3 workers, you will need three beds, one table and three chairs so that they are satisfied and fulfill your orders.

So how do you give orders to the worker?

For example, you hired a working miner, talk to him and get a certain book that you must fill out and return to him. The book is filled by collecting resources, in our case ore, so we go and dig the ore until we fill the book. After filling the book, we simply return back, give the book to the worker and send him to work, after a certain time he will return and bring the results of his labors. Always see what he wants from you, either in his interface or in the book itself

Workers who bring conventional resources

  • Lumberjack – brings you logs (wood)
  • Stonecutter – brings you stones (stone)
  • Prospector – brings you ore (ore)
  • Cropper – brings you fiber (fiber)
  • Gamekeeper – brings skin (hides)

Workers who bring you recycled resources

  • Mercenary – gives out silver, kill mobs to fill the book
  • Blacksmith – metal, planks, cloth
  • Fletcher – leather, planks, metal
  • Imbuer – cloth, planks, metal
  • Tinker – can issue all four materials

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Albion Online: Character Builder Is Planner For Your Hero Career

How do you want to develop your hero in Albion Online? What equipment should he wear? With what others are running around like this? Answers to all the questions are given by the Character Builder.

Albion Online, Sandbox-MMORPG by the developer and publisher Sandbox Interactive, has been released for over a week now.

albion character build 1.fw

Unlike most other MMO genres, this game is mainly driven by players’ willingness and self-drive. Questlines, which point you a path through the world of the game, does not exist in Albion. As you advance in this title, you are left entirely to yourself. However, this does not mean that you have to do this completely without motivation and path-finding assistance.

Clothes Make Classes

One of the basic motifs of Albion is “You are what you wear”. Without a fixed class system in the game, your equipment and its effects determine what role you play in the game.

You prefer to play healers, but you can not see any more waving cloths? No problem, just carry platearms. Which combination you’re dressing for is up to you. Since you can ever lose the overview of mutually influencing effects and the appropriate buff food.

In order to counter this and at the same time to get a few new inspirations for future equipment builds, Albion Online has a Character Builder.

Your Desire Build – Equipment And Abilities

In this you can combine any theoretically available equipment objects and their possible skills as desired. So you can easily find out which combination of skills and effects you like most.

This is possible for both solo and group builds. So you already know in advance which paths you should focus on in the destiny tree in order to be able to use the items you have selected.


Tool Shows What Others Wear And Why

In addition to the builds you have created, the Character Builder also gives you access to the equipment builds created by other players. You can sort these via some quick selection categories.

This will show you only the builds that are really interesting to you.

Furthermore, the tool has an Article area. Here you can find helpful guides and tips on the different sections of the game, such as Farming, Housing or a list of the best resource points for resources.

Find the Character Builder on the official site of Albion Online.

In order to create and upload your own builds, you also need an account in the official forum of the game and you must be a Founder or Starter Pack owner of the game. Stay tuned at our site for latest Albion Online news.

Veteran Starter Pack Owners Can Join Albion Online Now

Access to the game can only be obtained by purchasing a Starter Pack.

albion game

On July 17 at 15:00 PC, Mac and Linux debut Albion Online – MMORPG from Sandbox Interactive. Access to the first game was provided by those who invested in the most expensive Founder Pack or Starter Pack ($ 99.95). Yesterday will be joined by fans who bought the Epic set ($ 49.95), and today, people who bought the cheapest pack ($ 29.95) can join the game.

Albion Online is a sandbox MMORPG, where players decide who they are and write their own stories. Only they depend on how cities and buildings will be arranged, how the economy is formed, or the influence of individual factions. There is no division into classes, just change the set of armor and equipment to eg change from a knight to a wizard.

The game has been available for a long time in beta tests, which lasted about half a year longer than originally planned.

Sandbox Interactive Has Released An Introductory Video Of Albion Online

Sandbox Interactive has released an introductory video of Albion Online less than a week after its official release. The video is a summary of the history of the game and is meant to prepare the players for what they will find in it.

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Lest’s See The Anciemt Giants In Albion Online – Guardians

They are there, they are back. Awakened by a long sleep by an ancestral magic, the Protectors of Albion will once again cross its lands. True guardians of the world’s resources, they will be an unrivaled source of these resources. Let’s look at the details of these ancient giants.

To the number of 5, the Guardians are gigantic opponents protecting large quantities of resources. Like most other creatures in the game, these Albion Guardians will turn into a resource node when they die. The difference is that they contain no less than 2,560 Tier 6 resources (not counting the yield bonuses at harvest). So they are a very important goal for any farmer group or guild.

However, defeating them will not be so simple. First, they are very powerful opponents. The developers recommend raid groups (at least 10 players) in order to defeat them. Each has a different strategy, which means that one group can be strong against one and weak against another. Then, each Guardian can appear in any red or black zone whose biome matches. This means several things:

  • It will have to be found, so scout the area to hope to find it before the others.
  • As soon as it is found, it will be necessary to quickly set up a group to defeat it. It will also be necessary to take care of the smaller monsters that will not fail to accompany the Protector.
  • You will have to fight it while taking into account that other groups can take advantage to ambush, attack in the back etc…
  • It will be necessary, at best, to create a group to defeat the Guardian according to the strategy.

Note that its reappearance time is random, between 12 and 48 hours. It will therefore be difficult to find it without a bit of luck and a lot of organization. A last important detail: Guardians are protected against concentrated fire. Basically, the more people who type it, the more individual damage is reduced. It will therefore be necessary to make the share of things in strike force and limited group.

The Different Guardians Of Albion

There are 5 of them, each linked to a particular resource, and to the corresponding biome.

Old White

  • Hitpoints: 904,849
  • Auto-attack damage: 3,000 (physical) to everyone in front of Old White.
  • Avalanche: Old White uses its trunk to throw a number of rocks. Everyone hit will receive 2,750 magic damage and be knocked back 15 meters.
  • Spirit Stampede: The massive mammoth gets on its hind legs and brings down a stampede of three spirit mammoths that damage everyone in their path, dealing 3,750 magic damage and knocking them back 15 meters.

Ancient Ent

  • Hitpoints: 922,591
  • Auto-attack damage: 2,892 (physical)
  • Piercing Roots: Thorny branches sprout under every player, appearing every 1.3 seconds for a total of 8 times. Avoid them, or you will not only receive 1,250 physical damage, but will also receive 375 damage over time for every time you got hit. With these nasty branches appearing everywhere, you have to be extra careful not to run into a teammate’s path!
  • Nasty Roots: The Ent rampages on the ground, rooting and dealing damage to the tank and nearby players. Every tick deals 1,000 magic damage, with a total of 10 ticks. This spell can only be interrupted with the Interrupt skill!

Rock Giant

  • Hitpoints: 878,236
  • Auto-attack damage: Ranged attack, 3,750 physical damage to everyone hit.
  • Earthquake: The Rock Giant lets out a tremendous roar, after which it starts stampeding the ground, hitting everyone in a 20 meter radius for 2,500 physical damage. If you are 10 meters or less away from the Giant when he starts stampeding, you will be hit for an additional 6,250 damage! Once hit, you get knocked back 28 meters.
  • Rock Prison: All players with a ranged or magical weapon are trapped in a prison of rocks, stunning them completely. Damage the rocks to get them out fast, as they will receive 500 true damage (meaning armor is ignored) every 3 seconds (for a total of 15 seconds). Everyone who is within 1 meter radius of the rock prisons receives the same amount of damage.
  • Giant Kick: The Rock Giant kicks the main tank, massively reducing the already generated threat. On top of that, the target and everyone in a 3 meter radius around the target receives 2,500 physical damage and is knocked back 15 meters.

Enormous Dryad

  • Hitpoints: 860,494
  • Auto-attack damage: 3,818 (physical)
  • Eroding Swamp: Initially dealing 2,500 magic damage, it also places a deadly debuff on its target. M speed is reduced by 20% for 20 seconds, threat generation is reduced by 10% for 20 seconds and it deals 250 damage per second for a total of 19 ticks, for each stack of the debuff. Consider bringing multiple tanks!
  • Pulsing Thorns: Spiky thorns spiral around the Dryad, in an outwards direction. When hit, you will be silenced for 15 seconds and suffer 1,250 magic damage every 3 seconds, for a total of 6 ticks. Especially healers should be very wary of this skill!
  • Double Cleave: All players in front of the Dryad receive 2,500 magic damage. This attack has a range of 15 meters!

Ore Colossus

  • Hitpoints: 895,978
  • Auto-attack damage: none (no auto-attack)
  • Giant’s Punch: The Colossus slams his fist into the ground, dealing 3,800 physical damage to the tank and will inflect them with Crystal Resonance. This debuff pulls players closer to the tank every 8 seconds for 4 ticks, with more stacks of Crystal Resonance increasing its range by 5 meter (maximum of 5 stacks). On top of that, the Giant’s Punch has a 50% chance of spawning four exploding crystal in a straight line, with each explosion dealing 3,000 damage.
  • Crystal Swarm: Every player in a 30 meter radius around the Ore Colossus receives a crystal bomb. This crystal explodes after 2.5 seconds, dealing 3,000 magic damage to its target and everyone within 4 meters. Spread out, if you want to stay alive!

Here is the summary of the 5 Guardians of Albion who came to defend the resources of their land. Be careful when confronting them, think carefully about the strategy you will use and especially, pay attention to pks! And take advantage of the resources you have earned! If you need gold while playing in Albion Online, you can buy gold on UpAlbion. You can get 5% discount with code “minalbion” if you buy albion online gold on our site.

Albion Online Introduces The Black Market To Hector

With “Hector” the last big update of the MMORPGs Albion Online was released in June, before the game starts officially in July. Numerous new features are introduced, including changes to the Hellgates and the Outlands. In addition, the Black Market comes into play.


If you are already looking forward to the release of the MMORPG Albion Online, you will get an insight into the finished online game with the last big content update.

Hector, according to the name of the update, introduces among other things the Black Market. About an NPC in Caerleon, you will receive a dealer who will take everything you want to get rid of. However, the amount of goods he is willing to buy is dependent on the number of monsters killed in the entire world by Albion. In addition, the PvP-heavy core doors are experiencing some changes. This includes a new map layout, three different difficulty levels, as well as various improvements to the actual game mechanics.

In addition, all cities and ports are removed from the black zones of the Outlands. As a substitute, a portal in Caerleon links the different areas of the Outlands. Watchtower territories are also being upgraded within the Outlands and the resources are spared at the beginning of the respective prime time. New Hector Update for the Undead, the disciples of Morgana and Keeper faction, a revised tutorial, also provides you with training possibilities beyond the beginner island, and adjustments to the User Interface, including the destiny board, are also part of the Hector update.

Last but not least, a new, medium-sized mob camp will complete the update for most of the solo dungeons, new maps with a group dungeon, and a rework of armor visual. In addition, many minor changes and bug fixes will find their way into the MMORPG Albion Online before it officially appears on July 17th. Whenever you are in need of gold to make the journey of getting new items smoothly, UpAlbion(click here) must be your best choice. We offer cheap albion online gold with reasonable price, fast delivery and best services!

The Introduction Of Albion Online Two New Features

Albion Online will have a play-driven economy, in the meantime, there is no class restrictions. Focus more attention on claiming, defending and laying siege to player territories. Making use of albion online gold and then exchange some necessary items. A vast new medieval world, unique class system that depends on players’ outfits, player-driven economy, player-built cities, fearsome monsters and more.


Currently, according to Sandbox Interactive, two new features(Fast Travel And Respawn Locations) was detailed, let’s take a closer look at the two new features details. How to get cheap and safe gold, recommend you can visit here:

Fast Travel
This is a recent addition based on tester feedback, but even if it was implemented to lower the time needed for long-distance travels across the world, it won’t be an easy way of getting around. Initially this system will be limited to safe cities and hubs.

Respawn Locations
Initially, the system allowed players to respawn at the starting city, King’s Market, but now they will be able to choose a number of locations where they want to respawn. These respawn locations will ease the ‘reclaiming your corpse’ runs.

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Albion Online: Update Hector & The Hellgates Will Change

On Albion Online, you have the classic PVP and balanced, the PVE very present and all the mechanics that revolves around the trade. As we see in the course of the articles, Albion is a very complete and very well finished game, which returns to convince those who swore by the ancient World of Warcraft. But what makes Albion unique for players having paced a lot of MMORPGs is undoubtedly his unique system of Hellgates.

A Hellgates is a demonic gate that opens up on a map and through which you can swoop if you feel like it to participate in a skillfully combining PVE and PVP.


Until now, the Hellgates were a bit of a beast of players who did not necessarily appreciate the PVP, because these portals were all linked and made one. For example, when a portal opens in Dark Zone, a Yellow Zone, and a Red Zone, the players in these maps, if they enter the portal, find themselves face to face. Needless to say that at this level it is a bit of butchery and that for a poor player who starts in PVP it is clearly the cold shower.

Interactive Sandbox, anxious to bring a unique experience adapted to all, offers to completely review the Hellgates starting with the internal Map.


On this map, this plan of the Hellgates, it is clear that one of the problems has been solved, that of the campers and the fugitives. Because you have to know that in Albion, as in many MMOs, there are ruthless people who have fun attracting mobs, generating aggro, leaving them, and finally killing you while you are busy with your mobs. Fair play level you can still do better. This new map aims to correct certain points. Already each team will arrive in one of the angles, which excludes from entering one of the outings, as it will be random.

The minibosses will also be present and relatively easy to kill. They will let loose a lot of loot and will unlock the final boss, because as said above, a Hellgates is a mix of PVP and PVE. Once the boss is defeated, a portal will appear and you can leave the Hellgates quietly.

But Sandbox did not limit itself to changing the interior of the Hellgates, they were also balancing them and what a great idea to propose to cut them by level.


As said above, initially it was a little brothel in the Hellgates, you could meet teams from all horizons, including the most dangerous (Dark Zone). Also to rebalance a little the deal, Sandbox decided to cut them by three-step. From Hector’s exit, you will be able to access Ashen, Ignited and Infernal Hellgates. Three levels of difficulty therefore, depending on the areas where these Hellgates are.

Ashen Hellgate

  • Teams: Two teams of two players each.
  • Entrance: Green zones.
  • Death Penalty: Knockdown and teleport out of the Hellgate.
  • Hostile counter: On.
  • Mobs: Trash mobs, minibosses and a chest in the center.
  • Mob Tier: Tier 4.
  • Loot: Low amount of Souls and Runes.
  • Fame value: x1.5 (slightly higher than yellow zones).
  • Power cap: Soft cap at 700 Item Power.

Ignited Hellgate

  • Teams: Two teams of five players each.
  • Entrance: Yellow zones.
  • Death Penalty: Knockdown and teleport out of the Hellgate.
  • Hostile Counter: On.
  • Mobs: Trash mobs, minibosses and main boss in the center.
  • Mob Tier: Tier 5.
  • Loot: Low amount of Souls and Runes. Chest have a chance to drop level one (soul) artifacts.
  • Fame value: x1.5 (slightly higher than yellow zones).
  • Power cap: Soft cap at 800 Item Power.

Infernal Hellgate

  • Teams: Two teams of five players each.
  • Entrance: Red or black zones.
  • Death Penalty: Death and full loot.
  • Hostile Counter: Off.
  • Mobs: Trash mobs, minibosses and main boss in the center.
  • Mob Tier: Tier 5.
  • Loot: Artifacts, Souls and Runes.
  • Fame value: x2.5 (same as in red zones).
  • Power cap: No.

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Albion Online Would Be Best Realized Using An Isometric Perspective

Albion Online was made use of an isometric perspective, its aim to closely zoomed-in 3d set-up. It would allow for more strategic combat and would create a significantly better gathering experience. In addition, the game would use an isometric view, and would use a graphic style that is compelling and looks awesome. What are you looking for more changes details? welcome to visit here:


Albion Online could only become successful by having a great gameplay, different and much
better than that of other MMORGPs in the market. Albion Online is first and foremost a PC
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tablet or smart phone, so our vision was that people will actually play across multiple

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The Albion Online game, set in an open medieval fantasy world, features a fully player-driven economy. This does not only mean that nearly all equipment, like armor and weapons, in the game are crafted by players from resources gathered by players, but also that every player action in the game has an impact. Thus, players can immerse themselves more in the world and game.


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