Azshara Zone Q&AAzshara Zone Q&A


The World of Warcraft team  has published another zone preview for the upcoming expansion, Cataclysm. Well-known areas of the game will be changing dramatically when Cataclysm debuts and Azshara is not exempt. Blizzard has published an in-house interview with game designers Craig Amai and Dave Kosak about the new look of Azshara.Our team provide professional wow gold, Power Leveling service and services for many other online games .It’s not wrong to choose us to buy wow gold. we would do our best to help you enjoy your game,our company  is the professional and efficient which leading MMORPG service company. We has been engaged in online game virtual items exchange for 6 years and has gained a lot of experiences

Q. How has Orgrimmar’s relentless expansion altered the lands of Azshara?
A. Orgrimmar now has a massive gate leading north into Azshara, and the canyon that winds into this gate will give players a brief look at the war machines being wrought from goblin ingenuity and technology. The rest of the zone expands further on this promise of destruction. The middle of Azshara includes the new Bilgewater Harbor, which acts as a naval port for the entire Orgrimmar fleet, launching boats and zeppelins to carry out Garrosh’s vision for the future of Kalimdor and beyond.