At GDC Online Roberts also announced a program to bring his devotees At GDC Online Roberts also announced a program to bring his devotees


“We are taking this approach to fund-raising for several reasons,” said Roberts. “For one, this route takes the traditional game publisher out of the mix and enables us to take the millions of dollars normally used by publishers for a triple-A title and plow them right back into developing the game. Secondly, using our own crowd funding mechanism allows us to reach out to our international fans, who have been devoted followers of my games in the past. Thirdly, going direct gets us much closer to our fans and allows us to focus more on the community side, create more updates for our fans and directly interact with them as we are making the game.”

The game is being made as a “Buy-to-Play” game (akin to Guild Wars 2).  While players will be able to play in the universe for free, virtual items will be available via in-game credits to customize their ships and experience.  It’s also going to be a mix of offline and online play.  The single-player version will be fully-supported with downloadable updates, while the online version will be a massive multi-player universe shaped by players’ actions.  There will even be user-made content and mods.  The whole thing is really sounding like a dream come true, but Chris’ team needs the funding to get the project really going forward.  

Oh, and did we mention that it’ll be PC only? Darn right, it’d better be!



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