Ashes of History Live EventAshes of History Live Event


The newest Rift Live Event has been announced as starting on Wednesday, October 12th. The Ashes of History live event will pit players against the slaves of Laethys and Maelforge (Wanton & Golden Maw) and see an increase in fire and earth rifts across Telara.

Ashes of History will feature new daily quests, new rifts that reward players with Magma Opals (the event’s currency) that can be used to “purchase scorching rewards, including rare and epic weapons, a glittering oreling companion, and the fearsome Ash Strider mount.”
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The first new zone to be added to Rift is now live on the public test server. Called the Ember Isles, the area is set to give level 50s a run for their money with more difficult mobs and bosses. YouTube user “LyricalBrit”, aka Warb, has posted a nice video of the Ember Isles from a Defiant’s perspective in the game. 

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