Another screenshot video surfaces for FFXIV

Not appearing in the video, but still awesome.

So you want in on the Final Fantasy XIV beta, but you weren’t invited. That’s a shame. But it also means that you can’t really see what the game is like, and that’s even worse. Despite the release of most of the embargo, there’s still no video allowed, so no one who enjoys the game is going to be making video of the gameplay. Is there no way for a fan not in the beta to get a nice little video?

As he did last week, YouTuber 2pixelwide has tied together screenshots and narration about the beta into a 15-minute video covering the beta, both the experience on the PlayStation 3 and the fun of returning to an old character with all the advantages that entails. If that sounds right up your alley, check out the video just past the break!

The Beta is fantastic. The gameplay is smooth, it looks great, and the music is awesome. The combat system is easy to get into and learn, but it looks like it’ll be difficult to master because you can play on one character and level up everything, from there you can mix some of your abilities together from other classes to be more effective.
What really stood out to me the most is the main story, so far the best in the series from what I’ve played so far.Click here to learn more FFXIV Gil.