Actually, he was very happy after seeing

His name in wow is “steel calf”. He goes in to Azeroth under the leading of his father. His father has warrior spirit and hopes he will be a courage warrior in the future. When steel calf was very small, his small taught his how to use mouse to gallop on Azeroth. He regards monsters as friends and drags trains to travel on the map; he changes several times a day. The following is the interview of the young father.

Q: please introduce your wow family.
A: we are in spirestone tribe. My father begun to play wow when wow opened the public test. It was the year when I studied in research institution. Time goes fast. Now I have my own family, too. Until now, game is one of happy sources in my family.
Q: how long does xiaohe(steel calf) know wow?
A: about half a year. He begun to touch mouse in 3 years old. At first, he was enchanted by the beautiful girls’ long legs on TV. He often cried for watching long legs sisters’ MV, so his mother found for him on YOUTUBE. Slowly he learnt how to use mouse. As for the beginning of playing wow, there are 2 computers in my home. His mother likes it better than me. I have to lie to my son and asked him to use one computer with me. As first, I thought he was happy after watching the beautiful scenes, while he caught mouse with me and pressed space, so he begun to touch wow.
Q: what carrer is he? How many levels at present?
A: warrior, 22 level. Actually, his mother created a priest for him, because his mother doesn’t want to relevel the pandaria. But priest is very weak, so I choose warrior for him.
Q: which part does he like most?
A: Goblins tricycle. In real life, his favoriate toys are also all kinds of cars, so he likes to watch the tricycle runs in the game. But out of my expected, he also likes to watch female orc and often says “watch monsters”!
Q: does he join guild in the game?
A: he doesn’t join guild at present. A lot of people invite him in the game, while he is just a kid and can’t communicate and typewriting, so they refuse at last. But on the way, he meets a lot of nice people. One time, he met a druid which becomes a deer. He was very surprised and followed him always, but he didn’t talk to the deer. The druid made fun for him.
Q: are there any words xiao he want to say sisters and brothers in wow?
A: “I like playing wow”, said by xiao he.
I just want to express my feeling to play wow with my son, so I wrote an article. But I don’t think a lot of parents response me. Actually, he was very happy after seeing alliance last time, as his mother said there was a little sister. But when he got closer to her, she became black. Deer friends in alliance, please show mercy to my son, as xiao he hopes to see you often.1. choosing a game according to yourself. What kind of people you are, your playing style likes yourself.
2. please don’t addict into the game. No matter how you are attracted by the game, you still live in real life. You need to breath air, sunshine and water.
3. if you want to earn money in games, you must have special skills. It is very cool to buy game golds with RMB in those naive people’s eyes. But actually, it is not a good behavior and these people can’t enjoy the real happiness in the game.
4. no matter how high level you are in the game, please keep low profile, as there are always players who have higher level and more outstanding than you.
5. if you are failed in the game, you have two choices: give it up, just as you have never known it; change a new game or play it again. Telling yourself it is not a big deal. For girls, there is the third choice: let a man to solve the problem for you.
6. enjoy the fun of your role in the game.
7. when you meet unjustice or unreasonable things, please be relax, as it is just a game and you don’t lose a pound of meat or a cent.
8. in the game, direction idiot is not a proud thing. It is very important to knowing your location at any time, otherwise you have to ask other people or read strategies. People will regards you as a fool and don’t want to do task or copy with you.
9. go to sleep in the right time. No matter you and your role, both of them need to have a good rest.
10. spending too much time on playing game is not a goo