A festival event will keeps for wow gold

Value of life, once the role of the player’s life created to 100. Life reaches 0, it died, and death wills be sent to the resurrection rebirth point. Summon the use of the monster as foreign aid. The comprehensive struggle Level is the only other players to see the level. This level is automatically calculated by the system. You can pay 2,000 RuneScape gold for a package. Most high as 138 and free membership is 126. Any occupation players in the defensive when the struggle grade is calculated, prayer, life, summon will be included in the wrestling level; soldiers, plus attack and strength, master with magic, the shooter plus archery. Summon for fairness in the free world and will not be counted as the comprehensive struggle level. You can pick up RuneScape gold in game. Some paying members, paying members world and free world, there are two different wrestling skill levels. You can fish in the certain place where showed you on the map. And you can eat it while less blood point. You need promote your cooking level at the same time, or you can’t cook the fish.

You need use pickaxe to mining in the certain place, usually you need choose a place where close a bank, then you can save it to your bank fast. There are many kinds of stone, such as tin ore, iron ore and gold ore. You need different level to mining the different ore. There are huge amount of trees. The trees re-grow every few minutes. You can sell the wood to RuneScape gold or just fire it. You can cut the tree by an axe. The axe can be picked up in any main store. Sometimes you need to pay 1 RuneScape gold for it. You can also build a house by the wood. There’s a funning farm in the game. The players can plant on the farm. They can farm foods or medicinal materials and so on.


Random event is an action random occur for all the players in game. For example: an automatic player, suddenly appeared beside you and takes you to another place, to ask you to complete the assigned task, and then will take you to return to the original location. The NPC will give you some RuneScape gold, too once you complete the task. There are also some defunct random events is there will be a monster higher fighting level than you suddenly appear and attack you, you can choose to leave at once, or killing it. Usually the random task is very short and easy to accomplish. The benefits of random event is stop the players who farming RuneScape gold. Jagex refresh the random events of the system on March 27, 2008, because it was discovered that more and more players to use a plug-in automatic operation; 魔兽世界图片壁纸,1920×1200,#148141 plug reductions had also finishing off, because the battle will hurt innocent players.

Festival event is designed in order to cope with the festive atmosphere. The festival event was start from Halloween 2001; Jagex was designed festival event for Easter, Halloween and Christmas only. As I know, most prizes from the festival event value much RuneScape gold, even over 2-3 billion sometimes. Festival event request players to complete a task about the festival (for example snowman puzzle, looking for Easter eggs, etc), and the prize will be an action, an ornament. You can search the prizes like a Christmas party hat in Grand Exchange; you will find it’s so much RuneScape gold. A festival event will keeps for around two weeks. The festival event will not able to do once the event was finished and there are no more prizes. In another words, the prizes is out of print after the completion of the festival event.


In order to competed the ancient magical artifact with a vast reservoir of power in prophecy, Horde and Alliance outbreak of the conflict in the Kou magic temple. There are four artifacts in Kou magic temple, it can obtained one time points (not the same) scores every five seconds when the player controls an artifact based side team and the artifact back automatically bit. Thus, the war both goals as long as control of the artifact and activities in the different scoring areas. It help you get much more WOW gold. There are 4 energy Orbs in the battlefield, the location of the four energy orb are just the four corners of the venue. Energy Orb has a beam of light of different colors, blue, green, orange and purple. Cemetery in the four points of the peripheral position (black circle), the cemetery is not located on high ground, and hostile camps can kill you near the cemetery. Once you are win you will get WOW gold. Energy orbs are the main target which players competed, it is a burning orb. After player clicks energy orb, the small ball will go to the player’s head, it will always follow those players till player was killed then return to the original position.

The play who control the energy orb will obtained a DEBUFF called “energy orb”. It makes your size becomes larger, the damage is increased by 50 percent, increases the damage done by 30 percent, the treatment reduced by 10 percent. This DEBUFF will gradually increase, control time is longer, the higher the likelihood of your kill. You will see other’s WOW gold more and more. It is easy to see the battlefield to control the energy of the pearl of the players. Because once you control the energy orb, corresponding to the color of the light beam will always be hanging over you, and the head also marked a great camp emblem stay teammates around is most secure. You will lost WOW gold if you were killed by other player. Every five seconds when the player controls energy orb, the party ranks meter time points, the main attention is energy is not the same as the score obtained in different count subregion. Hid in security in remote places away from the center of the battlefield is not a wise choice, want a quick win, best or as much time as possible to stay in the center area. 

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