A always…well, most of changes


I just searched “Nostalgic syndrome” on the website” and I would like to discuss this word in here.
Past is always better than present. I played a lot of games and paid a lot of attention on playing them. I also joined all kinds of game activities. From sports activities to paper game, so I understand it very much. Any change for a game is very bad, even though you only change a name. Humans like static state very much and hate changes. In most people’s mind, change is a bad thing, as it makes familiar things becomes strange, so a lot of peole don’t agree the good side of new things. It is also the same in wow and we must face it, Cataclysm is totally different than before. You can no longer waste your magic to treat without thinkging and make sure the group members’ life; 10 players and 25 players will not leave each other; hero copy no longer can A always…well, most of changes are positive, or we can say it makes games different than before and becomes more colorful.

History repeats continuously
I still remember when WLK came, all people complained the game was ruined and it was the end of wow, as a lot of things were changed. Therefore, a lot of opinions fulled of wow. DK was regarded the bug career which can ruined the whole game. If I sit down and make the memory deeper and longer, it seems that it was also the same when TBC opened. Well, I still remembered those complains. But in these years, wow still goes on well againest these anti-tunes. Everyone rewrites their stories in new expansion and complains again.

The declines of wow consciousness
Of course, those rumors still rings the alarm for wow. They states firmly: every change of BLZ, it makes the game closer to rubbish. A part of players, friends and their families will not buy this game. Soon wow will merge servers. Even some rumor says someone talked with business development of BLZ and said they fall in deep panic for the reducing of players. But all these words are nonsense. Every play who gets CTM finds the game is still full of fun and excitement. People who really enjoy the fun of game are those who still on line, not people who said how bad the game on forums everyday.

Past is past and nothing can “repeat” the past. Remember, the reason why most of people like the old expansion is not for the design, but the memory it left for us, so please be relax and regain yourself. You will find those memories will encourage you to fight more courage just like before.