Final Fantasy XIV Patch 4.2 Is Right Around The Corner With Changes

The Final Fantasy XIV 4.2 update is currently being rolled out by Square Enix, and the servers will be offline for 24 hours. Final Fantasy XIV Patch 4.2 comes out on today. The patch looks great, though I would say that it still feels like something’s missing without Eureka. There’s a lot happening in the new Final Fantasy XIV 4.2 update, so be sure to click here to know all the changes on the official website.

Final Fantasy XIVNow, Let’s See What Are Some Additions For The Update

Main Additions Include:
Subaquatic voyages have been added
The number of experience points received from crafting and gathering class quests up to level 60 has been increased
The difficulty of certain recipes required for Ixal beast tribe main quests and daily quests has been reduced

In Addition To Some Big Changes, And Let’s See Other Changes On Housing Incoming, These Include:

Wards 13 through 18 have been added to all residential districts
The number of vendor NPCs allowed in an estate has been adjusted
Furnishings from the FFXIV Furnishing Design Contest have been added
Exterior and interior fixtures will no longer be lost when remodeling an estate
Individuals will be restricted from purchasing plots for personal use for a limited time
Players can now teleport directly to a friend’s free company estate, private estate, or apartment building
To discourage the resale of plots, any plots relinquished by owners will be unavailable for purchase for a limited time
Players will be permitted to own only one private and one free company estate per World per service account.

Today, the highly anticipated update is now available on official website, new content amounts to end-game raiding, and further information about this new update, visit here to know more news or buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil.

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Correct Locations For PoE Grinding

In Path of Exile, the important aspects of playing it is grinding. You can kill the same creatures on a continuous basis to gain as much experience and poe items as you desire. The specific locations spawn repeated enemies to yield experience points and even the chance to earn some decent gear. There are three best areas for Path of Exile farming.

The first location is The Ledge in Act 1. The Ledge is the best place for you to start farming for Act I. Towards the end of the first Act, you’ll find The Ledge inhabited by Cannibals, Rattling Bones and Ancient Archers for you to kill repeatedly, and they are pretty easy to do so. Not only that, but killing them will also earn you an impressive amount of EXP. As far as gaining new equipment is concerned here, you can also find Rare Mobs with useful equipment for your character at such an early stage.

Path of Exile

The second location is Fellshrine Ruins in act 2. Going forward into Act II, you’ll want to find Fellshrine Ruins to continue grinding. The several enemies here shouldn’t cause you too much trouble bar the Hulking Titan, and that is only based on its high HP and strength, which shouldn’t be that hard to deal with if you’re a melee character. Ultimately, your goal is to kill blue and yellow mobs throughout, and it will be especially relevant in this area, so prepare for your inventory to fill up pretty sharp here. For access to the Fellshrine Ruins, you will need to enter the Church Portal. While you’re here, you can raid The Church given that the two are connected, just for some additional EXP.

The third area you’ll want to head to is The Docks in Act III, which can be found via the Battlefront exit. Here, you will find a location that has both higher and lower paths which you can check out. However, this area houses the Voidbearer, who presents a rather difficult challenge. Therefore, you may want to hang on until you reach level 60.

Act III in particular is a great place for farming, and there are honorable mentions to other places such as Marketplace and Lunaris for all your farming needs. But if the base need of experience and gear is what you require, then The Docks is your best bet.

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Path Of Exile’s Leagues Always Add Additional Mechanics And Expansion

Path of Exile takes a healthy dose of inspiration from classic action role playing games. There are seven different classes for the player to choose from. Class selection has no bearing on the equipment or abilities available to the player. Path of Exile’s approach to character abilities is similarly flexible. Skills, spells, and abilities are not tied to specific character classes. Path of Exile’s Leagues always add additional mechanics which last for the duration of that league. Players begins to go to website to know more news and tips.

Path of ExilePath of Exile takes place in a post-apocalyptic grim fantasy world in which the player plays the role of an outcast who has been exiled from their home continent of Oriath to the corrupted continent of Wraeclast. Path of Exile is not pay to win game. Path of Exile has an advanced skill tree, if you are a beginner do not feel intimidated. Until now, Path of Exile launched their new expansion War For The Atlas.

Since Path of Exile is an online game, it requires a high speed internet connection that is stable for a smooth gaming experience. Path of Exile is an online action game which lets you indulge in a medieval fantasy world. The game has undergone tremendous amount of fixing and polishing in the past few years, and thus it’s safe to say that the chances of a bug affecting gameplay are extremely low.

Grinding Gear Games announced The Fall of Oriath and War For The Atlas, huge content expansion and more. War for the Atlas is a new expansion, and it introduces a wealth of new content to the game including 10 new skill gems, 48 new unique items, 32 new maps and more. The game will now include a total of 10 acts. Along with this content update, the game was released on Xbox One bringing in a whole new audience. Many cheap path of exile items can be sold at U4GM, and action now.

How To Use PoE Berserker Shaper

In Path of Exile, if you don’t know how to use berserker shaper, the following post you should view seriously, there are some berserker shaper tips you must know.

When you are able to go into the portal towards the Shaper’s arena. Zana fights in your corner there. You’re able to fight the Shaper 3 occasions: to 50%, to 25%, and lastly towards the kill. At 50% and 25% he banishes you and also Zana to some large maze area full of random trash, and you have to get where you’re going in the bottom to the top maze and kill a small-boss (in charge from the Temple map) that utilizes Frost Secure, Vortex, Spectral Throw along with a special ‘Vortex Slam’ (having a very slow animation). Killing the small-boss opens a portal to the world. The Shaper gradually regenerates existence when you are returning to him. He gains a brand new harmful ability in every fight.

Path of Exile

The Shaper has 4 attacks, the first is Melee physical hit, it is weak. The second is Golden beam of fireside + cold + lightning damage. Preceded with a short animation. Targets where you are at the beginning of the animation. The tired is Barrage of golden projectiles that deal high cold damage with 25% resist transmission. 3 barrages are fired, each targeting where you are at that time. Only used as he cannot hit you with melee. The fourth is an enormous physical AoE hit. Preceded with a slow animation. Targets where you are throughout the animation.

After each attack, the Shaper at random decides to make use of another attack or do among the special abilities:

Portal: the Shaper becomes invulnerable for twenty five sec and opens a portal that spawns random adds that attack Zana. When they get Zana to hp, she would go to ‘rest’ at the end from the map for 30 sec.

Bullet Hell: the Shaper becomes invulnerable, teleports at random 16 occasions between 8 spots in the edges from the room and fires 12-projectile novas each and every place. Those are the exact same projectiles as with the Barrage attack, however with a crimson graphic. If Zana isn’t ‘resting’, she results in a red protective bubble in the center of the area to help you avoid the projectiles. After firing the final nova, the Shaper immediately initiates his next attack from that random location (which may be off-screen!) as the projectiles continue to be floating. This is actually the most harmful moment from the fight. This ability can be used only within the second and 3rd fight.

Shadow Clone: a rather faded mirror picture of the Shaper pops for 10 sec and attacks you at random using in POE 3.1, the beam or even the ball barrage. It’s invulnerable and can’t be leeched from, but does less damage compared to Shaper themself. This ability can be used only within the 3rd fight.

Balls of ice spawn at random round the room. When they help you (their awareness radius is all about 1/three of the screen) they begin chasing you. When they touch you, they are a Vortex on the floor that deals cold damage with time and chills. These balls spawn more often within the second and 3rd fight.

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Path Of Exile Is An Online Action RPG Set In A Dark Fantasy World

In Path of Exile, created by hardcore gamers, Path of Exile is an online Action RPG set in a dark fantasy world. Customization and free choice of character development are two huge themes. I was giddy with excitement and just wanted to load up Path of Exile and play. Path of Exile’s class system is – regardless of my class choice persistently appearing half-naked – surprisingly flexible. More guides will point you in the right direction, click for souce.

Path of Exile

Our game will launch with six classes, and though each class has single attribute, or set of attributes it prefers, no class in constrained to any one specific set of skills or to a specific playstyle. You can make a Witch (our pure intelligence class) who wears heavy plate armor, and fights with a bow. You can make a Marauder(our pure strength class) who casts summons, and uses wands to fight.

You are an Exile, struggling to survive on the dark continent of Wraeclast, as you fight to earn power that will allow you to exact your revenge against those who wronged you. Our passive tree allows for nearly infinite builds, and because skills in our game are itemized and interchangeable, you really can never run out of choices. It’s clear that Grinding Gear Games are passionate about their game and The Awakening will change Path of Exile for the better.

Path of Exile is free to play. It doesn’t take an expert to figure this means the game supports itself, or will support itself, from microtransactions. For the game, the graphics aren’t the fanciest compared to Diablo 3. The environment is still very well crafted though. Path of Exile has a rather unusual substitute for a monetary system that I quite like. I’m used to buy POE xbox currency and PoE Exalted orbs from U4GM.

What Improvements You Can Find In Path Of Exile

Path of Exile is a free to play 3D RPG by Grinding Gear Games, which presents some very well designed, fresh game mechanics and an excellent atmosphere with hack and slash gameplay reminding some of the best “dark” RPGs of the past years. Offering huge customization options and multiple random elements, replay-ability seems clearly to be at the game’s core.


Superb, highly detailed graphics and “dark” art design create a unique setting reminding some of the best action RPGs of older times that used to favor such environments blending in successfully the “dark” storylines with the game’s general atmosphere. And this is exactly the case with Path of Exile, which has created a coherent ambiance pulsating at the beat of classic RPGs while at the same time resembling some of the most successful recent RPG games and introducing significant and innovative elements to spice up the experience and provide tremendous replay-ability value. With its itemized maps for new locations, that carry random properties and its extended randomness throughout the vast game regions, new surprises always await even into previously explored areas.

Path of Exile offers the players seven different character classes to choose from (Marauder, Ranger, Witch, Duelist, Templar, Shadow, Scion). The player begins his journey at the shores of the dark fantasy world Wraeclast which is divided into three different acts.

A completely fresh approach is chosen for the game’s skill system, which relies completely on discovered gems and provides nearly endless options for customization. Gems are items that carry specific random abilities, can be socketed into the character’s equipment and their behavioral aspect can be altered through the use of “support” gems which are also looted in-game. The passive skill tree, which is common for all classes, includes 1.325 passive skills and looks like a giant web of extended interconnections with multiple possible selections. Each class start from a different point of the tree and can select from multiple options their levelling path, focusing on core skills or exploring exotic alternatives.

A vast and complex skill tree will allow you to choose your desired skill path and make your hero truly special or explore new possibilities by leveling up different characters. Randomness is also supported by the itemized system of gems that are used to power-up your gear, and the end-game maps, that they can be discovered, with each one carrying its own rarity level and special affixes making rewards even more special.

Combat wise, the game offers a fluid, bloody, nearly hack and slash, experience that is greatly entertaining and rewarding full of piles of loot. However, you won’t find any gold here. And this is because the trade economy is centered around orbs which can be used as equipment modifiers or traded with other players and NPCs. PVP is also available through the game’s League system with each League having its own ladder rankings and its own economy. Your League is chosen upon character creation process and serves as the mechanism for the online competitive play modes.

Path of Exile is an RPG gem that clearly deserves one of the top ranks, excelling at many aspects. You don’t want to miss it out! We have plenty of promo activities, and now you can gain up to 8% free bonus if you buy PoE orbs from us. Feel free to contact our 24/7 Live Chat if you have trading problem.