FFXIV Will Probably Become One Of The Next Big MMORPGs

Final Fantasy XIV lets you travel through wide and impressive areas, the graphics of the game do not disappoint. On the contrary, Square Enix takes advantage of the dropout of PS3 systems to improve its graphics, more details can be found more at FFXIV4GIL, for instance, greater inventory as well as improved weapons. It should be noted that cheap Final Fantasy XIV Gil for sale at FFXIV4GIL.Final Fantasy XIVThe concept of Final Fantasy XIV is inspired by the Japanese culture, such as the city of Kugane or Gyl Albania, settled at the feet of a giant statue built directly on mountains and surrounded by majestic cascades. The game has since begun to turn itself around and is becoming more similar to Final Fantasy XI. Final Fantasy XIV has come a long way and it will probably become one of the next big MMORPGs.

The game’s class system is even more flexible than it was in Final Fantasy XI. One can now change jobs on the fly without returning to their mog houses. Additionally, crafting skills now have their own classes and the crafting system has gotten more complex, requiring one to pay attention to what they are doing while crafting an item instead of just clicking okay once the ingredients are set.

If you feel like the weather is too warm this summer, perhaps you could immerse yourself into the oceans of Stormblood, which gives you an intense feeling of freedom. Two new classes were added to the game – Samurai, a melee character endowed with two main features, Red Mage, an original character able to distribute both melee and distance attacks. Further information about FFXIV, make sure to keep an eye on this website: https://www.ffxiv4gil.com/.

FFXIV: Robust Features Like Genre-leading Graphics And HD Cut Scenes

Final Fantasy XIV undergone a series of expansion update, along with a variety of key features, at FFXIV4GIL, you can read A Realm Reborn, Heavensward as well as Stormblood details, switch to FFXIV4GIL to read more at here. In this article, we mainly introduce this game’s key features, if you have any ideas, you can make your comment on FFXIV4GIL.

Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV Key Features

Breathtaking musical score by renowned Final Fantasy series composers

All the hallmarks of the Final Fantasy franchise, including an engaging storyline, genre-leading graphics, and HD real time cut scenes.

Cross-platform play on Windows PC, Mac and PlayStation 4, with incredible graphics engine that delivers a high level of detail and quality on all platforms

Challenging trials, dungeons and raids for groups of up to 24, and exciting player-vs-player (PvP) content for groups of up to 72 players.

Access to all expansion content from Heavensward and Stormblood, unlocking additional jobs, areas, story quests and more ways to explore: flying, swimming and diving.

A flexible class system that allows players to switch freely between a variety of classes and jobs, including new additions red mage and samurai, and reach the new level cap of level 70.

Robust gameplay features such as player-managed Free Companies, diverse party finder features to group up with other players with ease, and a variety of fun activities in the Gold Saucer area, all designed to accommodate a dynamic player community.

Final Fantasy XIV is a big surprise for any players. Arguably, this is addictive gameplay, there’s a surprising ammount of things to do in game, such as mini games, dungeons, PvP and so forth. There’s also the fact that each character the player makes can become any class and switch class at will. In an attempt to buy cheap FFXIV Power Leveling, players are still working on doing a lot of things such as look for a professional website.

ESO: Preview of Horns of the Reach

Obviously, dungeons and trials are the most attractive part for most fans of ESO. At the mode of Veteran, they provide most challenging PvE contact and the exclusive items in each dungeon, and the reward is also great. The developer must be of ZeniMax Online, because they’ve lunched a Dundeon Pack in the primary extension. Now there’s a new Dungeon Pack after the release of “Horns of Reach” and I’ve attempted it. Now let me share the preview to you.
Horns of the ReachFirst of all, an explanation of the content of the DLC itself. Buying Horns of the Reach gives you access to two new dungeons: Falkreath Hold and Bloodroot Forge. Both dungeons can be found in the Craglorn area and are accessible to players who purchased the DLC in all regular ways. In addition to the tricks that can be found in the dungeons, there are also some unique achievements, a dye, an emote and a skin free, and as a cherry on the cake you can buy a new home if you know both dungeons on Veteran complete. In addition to the DLC, the additional update adds a number of minor improvements, but later on.

During my play session I had to choose which of the two dungeons I would like to try. With Skyrim still quite fresh in memory, I chose to see how it was in Falkreath. As you do not do a dungeon on my own, I was accompanied by some ZeniMax Online employees during my adventure at Falkreath Hold. My party consisted of Mike Finnigan, Dungeon Lead Designer, Jeremy Sear, Lead Content Designer and Rich Lambert, Creative Director. Besides the fact that the gentlemen helped me to defend the dungeon’s dangers, they also pointed to a number of small easter eggs hidden in the dungeon.

Falkreath Hold begins on the road to the town of Falkreath itself, where you encounter a wounded man who tells you that the city is currently being attacked by Reachmen and Minotaurs. What is immediately noticeable is that your opponents in Horns of the Reach are a lot more ingenious than in most dungeons. The Reachmen await you in obstructions that can only be seen if you keep your eyes open. The bosses themselves make sure that you are well aware of your attention, as they have many AoE attacks that you must avoid (to be a Veteran) to stay alive.

Different boss has different size. In order to against a Minotaur captain, an Bone Colossus ; I can put team in Falkreath Hold. And the the finally we have to face the biggest boss: Domihaus the Bloody-Horned, the Minotaur chief. Comparing with other final bosses, the fighting arena is small and claustrophobic. Even so there’s no impact to you, because you can make full use of your environment to escape his dangerous attacts. In fact most bosses in Falkreath Hold know more then one combat mechanics, so you can learn more if you defeat them.

NHL 18 Features List: An Entire New Competitive Arena

In several years, the graphics of NHL 18 have taken a step forward a bit, including some player faces are also more lifelike, this game made fine-tuning and improvements. It’s worth mentioning that NHL THREES offers the bigger hits, faster action, bigger plays, beautiful dangles and more goals in 3-on-3 experience.

NHL 18

The authentic NHL 18 experience complete with all the brand new features like Creative Attack controls, Defensive Skill Stick, Creative Teammate AI and more. NHL THREES is the Franchise’s newest game mode. Ramjagsingh said: “With the new generation of young superstars like McDavid, Matthews and Laine, it’s an exciting time to be a hockey fan”.

This Following NHL 18’s Features List, More Details Can Be Found More At U4GM

New Dekes
Defensive Skill Stick
Expansion Draft Mode
Arcade-Inspired 3-on-3 Hockey
Multiplayer Options (64 multiplayer combinations)

New dekes and defensive skill stick are gameplay changes. Arcade-inspired 3-on-3 hockey and expansion draft mode both sound fun. Get into 3-on-3 and experience an entire new competitive arena. Gamers can find new three modes of NHL 18 and these are intensity, speed, and space. U4GM can be said to be the best NHL 18 Coins provider.

PC And Mac Users Have Access To ESO Horns Of The Reach Now

One of the two additions announced for E3 2017 for MMORPG The Elder Scrolls Online is now available for PC owners. It’s about “Horns of the Reach”, which adds to the game two new dungeons Falkreath Hold and Bloodroot Forge, unique items and achievements. The DLC is sold in the in-game store for 1500 Crowns, but ESO Plus subscribers do not need to buy it. Owners of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will have to wait a couple of weeks – on these consoles, the add-on will be available only on August 28.


Along with the release of “Horns of the Reach”, the game received a free patch, making some changes, such as improvements to the balance changes and bug fixes. And for owners of the Morrowind add-on, there is also a Chaosball game mode for Battlegrounds mode and a new Arcane University map.

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NBA 2K18 Revealed Los Angeles Lakers Franchise Teams

The flagship NBA 2K basketball game series has promised to revive our memories with an ad that is likely to make many nostalgic.

It was Dwyane Wade who revealed his presence on the Miami Heats All-Time team. Alongside the great Shaquille O’Neal, already present at the Lakers, Wade teases us the team of his old franchise.

2K18 Lakers

We are also entitled to the notes of these two players of legends. 97 for Wade, best scorer (with more than double the points scored compared to the second), the best passer and interceptor of the franchise and 89 for that good old Shaq who spent four years at the Heat. The Miami franchise (1988 foundation) should reform the “big three” that won the three NBA titles in its history with Chris Bosh and Lebron James. But we could also see Alonzo Mourning or Tim Hardaway to complete this All-Time Team.

The long-awaited Los Angeles Lakers have just revealed their first seven players. No big surprise so far, purists will appreciate.

From left to right, Magic Johnson, James Worthy, Shaquille O’Neal, Kobe Bryant, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Wilt Chamberlain and Pau Gasol. A good team that could grow from Jerry West, Elgin Baylor or Gail Goodrich if we believe the players who stand out behind.

For several years the NBA 2K series is eagerly awaited every season by basketball fans. Every year new features come to enrich the already very complete panel of reference in the field of basketball game. Here it is the emotional sector that should be affected. Indeed, the history of the NBA and its legends will make, once again, their appearances on the floor. But they will not be let loose anyhow! The developers of 2K have indeed announced the arrival of the “All-Time Teams” for NBA 2K18.

Each franchise will therefore be entitled to its “Historical Team” with five majors to make the Golden States Warriors blush. We can not wait to play with the Celtics of Larry Bird, Paul Pierce, Bob Cousy and Bill Russell, or with the Lakers of Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant, Wilt Chamberlain, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Shaquille O’Neal!

FFXIV Stormblood Takes Us To The Classic Fantasy Environment

Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood takes us to the classic fantasy environment in the basic game. The game has plenty of fun for long months, which with the new add-on can be deserved to occupy its deserved place among the greatest. We have collected full news and guides for the FFXIV Stormblood, with maps and screenshots, view more at here.

Final Fantasy XIV

From the graphics, the developers made the most of the old-fashioned engine, which is not even shaken even in coarse-moving videos. Sometimes it can be seen that his knife has fallen into the outline of a more complex facial expression, but even this remembers the impeccable sync of our accompanying characters.

The Final Fantasy series has always been strong in spectacle and music. Each new area introduces itself to a wonderful music deposit. In addition of this, Final Fantasy XIV has added two character classes to the game. The Samurai and the Red Mage are level 50 independent jobs, which means they can be added to an existing character of at least 50 characters.

The Samurai melee warrior, a light armor swordmaster who combines three types of elemental power attacks can capture enormous and spectacular strikes against his opponents. The Red Mage is a kind of mage who, unlike the others, does not even shake it if he needs to rub his hand. Both types of characters are very exciting and carry a lot of never seen mechanics while they know the best cast of stories in Final Fantasy XIV. Definitely recommend FFXIV4GIL to anyone looking to purchase Final Fantasy XIV Gil and FFXIV Power Leveling.

Three Videos Of NHL 18 Showcasing The Game’s Threes Mode

If you are a hockey fan like me, the next month will be an exhilarating moment. NHL 18 is scheduled to release on September 15. The game the addition of new Threes Mode, this new mode look awesome, you will be enjoy three videos in this article, also introduced a Stanley Cup match. More and more information about NHL 18 is being revealed by EA. We have been discussed a lot at U4GM, read more at here.

NHL 18

Today, Let’s Watch Three Videos About Threes Mode And A Stanley Cup Match

This following video shows off the Threes Circuit Mode. This functions more as a single player campaign, with players being able to play through five circuits. Players are rated on their performance each match, and can earn new team logos, team uniforms, mascots, and more by getting a good rating.

NHL 18 – Threes Circuit Gameplay

The secondly video reveals a 30 minute traditional Stanley Cup match between and Nashville Predators and the Penguins. Not too much has changed from last year’s entry, though you can see some of the new attack dekes and smarter AI in action.

NHL 18 – Stanley Cup: Nashville Predators vs Pittsburgh Penguins Gameplay

The finally video shows off a traditional Threes Now match, which is the basic quick play option for the mode. The game will also feature online play, allowing one to share this quite hectic mode with their friends.

NHL 18 – Threes Now Match Gameplay

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Albion Online Guide On Building Personal Island

Islands are special separate locations for your character or guild. On the island you can build various buildings from a personal house to a farm. Here we’ll look at what this system is for and what it is like.


Basic Information

A personal island can only be purchased by users with an active VIP status, but after purchasing it, it will remain forever with you even when you run out of VIP. Islands can be improved up to level 6, each improvement costs X silver and takes about two minutes. On the island, as in the open world, you can find various resources to collect.

The island gives the game such opportunities as:

  • Build your home where you can hire special useful NPCs
  • Access to a personal chest
  • The ability to build their own processing machines and become independent
  • You can place special farms on which you will grow various useful plants
  • Collect resources
  • To breed animals
  • Buying and improving the island

To buy your island you need to find in any major city of a special NPC, at this NPC you can buy a personal island, an island for the guild and improve them.

A personal island is basically needed to make your character self-sufficient and reduce its dependence on the rest of the world to a minimum.

To do this, the game has a system of player buildings, the player can build on his personal island almost all the buildings that they see in the cities of the open world. All the same and guild islands, but there is much more room.

Build buildings can be of four main categories:

  • Economy – you can build a variety of processing buildings
  • Military – you can build various production buildings
  • Farming – here you will find everything you need to organize your garden and breeding animals
  • Houses – your personal, guild house, for the owners of the founder’s set there is a special house

To build each building you will need a certain number of several resources. The resources that are required can be either regular or a certain shooting range.


Personal House Hired Workers

Like you, your hero needs a house where he can stop and rest, for this you are offered a choice to build on your island one of several options. In the house you can place a personal chest to which you can customize access, different furniture and most importantly the workers. Here we will discuss the latter in more detail.

Workers, as the name implies, work for you in their specialty. Depending on the specialty, you can order the worker to fulfill your order and after a while he will bring you the finished result. Workers are placed only in the house or guild hall, but they are not stupid dummies and every worker needs a bed where he will rest and a table, a chair where he will eat. For example, if you have 3 workers, you will need three beds, one table and three chairs so that they are satisfied and fulfill your orders.

So how do you give orders to the worker?

For example, you hired a working miner, talk to him and get a certain book that you must fill out and return to him. The book is filled by collecting resources, in our case ore, so we go and dig the ore until we fill the book. After filling the book, we simply return back, give the book to the worker and send him to work, after a certain time he will return and bring the results of his labors. Always see what he wants from you, either in his interface or in the book itself

Workers who bring conventional resources

  • Lumberjack – brings you logs (wood)
  • Stonecutter – brings you stones (stone)
  • Prospector – brings you ore (ore)
  • Cropper – brings you fiber (fiber)
  • Gamekeeper – brings skin (hides)

Workers who bring you recycled resources

  • Mercenary – gives out silver, kill mobs to fill the book
  • Blacksmith – metal, planks, cloth
  • Fletcher – leather, planks, metal
  • Imbuer – cloth, planks, metal
  • Tinker – can issue all four materials

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One Of The New ESO DLCs – Horns Of The Reach

On the Elder Scrolls Online website, the official announcement of Horns of the Reach. If you have not read the previous news about the game, then you will find that it will be another addition to the paid DLC (to buy for a buck or crown) which we will see next month. We do not know when exactly.


What do we get

  • Two new dungeons: Bloodroot Forge and Falkreath Hold
  • A new map for Battlegrounds (4vs4vs4): Arcane University
  • New houses
  • New equipment for homes
  • Currency improvements, new features in the guild and the ability to cancel battle trait

In addition to the Horns of the Reach this year we will be launching yet another DLC – Clockwork City. This “extension” will feature the Elder Scrolls Online (more than 10 hours of adventure), which is the best MMO in the world, which is not really an MMO (“It turned out that ESO is not an MMO game”). Premiere in the last quarter, that is, between October and December.