FFXIV Stormblood: An Unexpectedly High Volume Of Players

The second expansion for Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood have been launched on June 20th, 2017. Due to the new expansion was unveiled, and the game introduces many changes, new and beautiful areas need to be explored. Nevertheless, owing to an unexpectedly high volume of players, during the Early Access period, the game suffered many glitches, as a result of that, a beautiful expansion all but unplayable.

Final Fantasy XIV

Stormblood added two new classes, Red Mage and Samurai. Most importantly, there are game of thrones references in the story since one of the characters in the Red Mage storyline is named Arya. Additionally, Stormblood brought a unique perspective by exploring occupied countries and attempting to incite a revolution to free those provinces. It is noteworthy that cheap Final Fantasy XIV Gil for sale.

For the new expansion Stormblood, compared to Heavensword Early Access two years prior, it wasn’t anywhere near as problematic as Stormblood Early Access was. This may have been attributed to the North American data center servers being moved to California. The new hardware just wasn’t prepared for the sudden influx of players.

Even if 4.0 is done, the story is far from over. Just like Heavensword, the next two years will be filled with patches that expand the story of Stormblood. In expansions, we faced the ultima weapon and the knights of the round. For Stormblood, we faced the dragon Shinryu, who was summoned at the end of Heavensword. FFXIV4GIL have collected full news and guides for the Stormblood, with maps and screenshots to better help you out, source from FFXIV4GIL.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind Is Now On Extremely Deep Discount

The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind is an online game that was deeply discounted and most worth buying at this time.

Yes, the Steam Summer Sale ‘nightmare’ is raging and the series of games are deeply discounted causing the gaming community to sweat. Of course, besides offline games, the MMO will also be offered up to 50% off the price. Of these, one of most notable names in the online game list is The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind.


Produced by Zenimax Online Studios, The Elder Scrolls Online is a combination of the offline exploration of the offline tradition with the scale and social aspects of an MMORPG online game. Players will discover a whole new chapter in the history of The Elder Scrolls.

The scary expansion of The Elder Scrolls Online, called Morrowind, will cost only $ 30, or nearly $ 700,000, if you buy the whole set is over $ 40 a little, or about $ 900,000. To 43%) and become a better opportunity for gamers never experienced this blockbuster.

The Elder Scrolls Online has not been as successful as it seemed, and it seems like it will soon be in the business of paying for hours of play. Fortunately the game was quickly converted to buy-to-play this year (gamers pay only once) and became a huge success.

Morrowind is here on The Elder Scrolls Online! Just fill your bank with enough money and get the necessary weapons and gears to benefit the most from Elder Scrolls Online. Make sure to gather enough cheap ESO gold to enjoy yourself in the new content.

Albion Online: Character Builder Is Planner For Your Hero Career

How do you want to develop your hero in Albion Online? What equipment should he wear? With what others are running around like this? Answers to all the questions are given by the Character Builder.

Albion Online, Sandbox-MMORPG by the developer and publisher Sandbox Interactive, has been released for over a week now.

albion character build 1.fw

Unlike most other MMO genres, this game is mainly driven by players’ willingness and self-drive. Questlines, which point you a path through the world of the game, does not exist in Albion. As you advance in this title, you are left entirely to yourself. However, this does not mean that you have to do this completely without motivation and path-finding assistance.

Clothes Make Classes

One of the basic motifs of Albion is “You are what you wear”. Without a fixed class system in the game, your equipment and its effects determine what role you play in the game.

You prefer to play healers, but you can not see any more waving cloths? No problem, just carry platearms. Which combination you’re dressing for is up to you. Since you can ever lose the overview of mutually influencing effects and the appropriate buff food.

In order to counter this and at the same time to get a few new inspirations for future equipment builds, Albion Online has a Character Builder.

Your Desire Build – Equipment And Abilities

In this you can combine any theoretically available equipment objects and their possible skills as desired. So you can easily find out which combination of skills and effects you like most.

This is possible for both solo and group builds. So you already know in advance which paths you should focus on in the destiny tree in order to be able to use the items you have selected.


Tool Shows What Others Wear And Why

In addition to the builds you have created, the Character Builder also gives you access to the equipment builds created by other players. You can sort these via some quick selection categories.

This will show you only the builds that are really interesting to you.

Furthermore, the tool has an Article area. Here you can find helpful guides and tips on the different sections of the game, such as Farming, Housing or a list of the best resource points for resources.

Find the Character Builder on the official site of Albion Online.

In order to create and upload your own builds, you also need an account in the official forum of the game and you must be a Founder or Starter Pack owner of the game. Stay tuned at our site for latest Albion Online news.

NHL 18 Is All About Capturing Everything That’s Great About The New NHL

The NHL 18 is planned for release in 15th September. The NHL 18 delivers the creativity of today’s young NHL with new Creative Attack controls and the first-ever Defensive Skill Stick. In NHL 18, the new Creative A.I. will leverage all the same creative tools as you do for beautiful, intelligent decision-making all over the ice, including board passes and through-passing into space. The top quality gaming experience, let’s buy now NHL 18 Coins.

NHL 18NHL 18 will be available for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Fans who pre-order one of the special editions of the game will gain access on September 12. The special editions are the Young Stars and Young Stars Deluxe. Both editions offer additional content which gives a nod to the up-and-coming stars in the league, which obviously includes McDavid.

It can be said that NHL has been one of the most consistent sports series for a decade. NHL 18 is all about capturing everything that’s great about the new NHL. NHL 18 adds a new NHL three mode that’s described in a press release as an arcade-inspired experience with fast-paced, over-the-top action that features faster gameplay, bigger hits, and high-scoring action.

NHL 18 is now getting its time in the spotlight. NHL 18’s cover will feature 20-year-old Oilers center Connor McDavid, who won the Art Ross Trophy this past season. NHL 18 is built to deliver the speed, skill, and creativity of today’s young new NHL through Creative Attack controls and the all-new Defensive Skill stick. Further information about NHL 18, reference from here.

Top 5-Rated Rookies Revealed In Madden 18

EA Sports in this year’s game released the top 5 rookie. Those who list on the list should not be surprised. The first finals and Cleveland Brown’s latest savior, Maryles Garrett, scored a total of 83 points.

He should be an instantaneous manufacturer of virtual scene with 84 speed, 90 acceleration and 96 intensity. Here is the rest of the top five.


In all the top five rookies, the Leonville Fournette of the Jacksonville Jaguar has the highest popularity. If you control the player, that category is not important, because when the staff by the CPU control, the player will play a role, but the interesting is that the highest level of running back to the highest rating.

It is also very pleased that these ratings have not been ranked second, but ranked first in the first place. As a fan of the Chicago Bears, I hope No. 2 Mitchell Trubisky becomes a star, but he is not worth the second highest scoring rookie.

Howard Howard is a better choice. His speed and passing ability can make him a powerful candidate for the annual offensive rookie. Fournette will obviously have that way.

On the other hand, Cincinnati Bengal “John Ross did not score” Top Five “as a rookie list, but was the fastest player in the game. After breaking the NFL Combine record of 40 yards, Ross’s speed was recognized in Madden 18. He will be rated 98.

It is expected that in the next few days, with the August 25 release date, the player rating will be more. So if you want to buy these five players, it is better to prepare enough Madden mobile coins in advance, you can go to madden-store to buy, you will get the cheapest madden mobile coins.

Resource From: https://www.madden-store.com/news/Top-5-Rated-Rookies-Revealed-In-Madden-18-32437

TESO: Different Experiences Between New Players And Existing Players

Bethesda Softworks has announced The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind, the new chapter of the acclaimed role-playing game The Elder Scrolls Online.

Morrowind is the Land of the Dwemer and heroes fight in front of the ruins against the nanic balls. The expansion added Vvardenfell territory with over 30 hours of additional gameplay, a new class for players (The Warden, the Warden: is the first ever class to be introduced in ESO since its release) and a new mode PvP 4v4 at three teams, called Battlegrounds.


Bethesda, through a press release, also unveiled the different treatment that “will endure” the players on the grounds that they are old or not:

New Players: New Players Will Play The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind Creating a New Characters Without Complying With Existing ESO Content. And as the original ESO game is included in The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind, new players will have instant access to hundreds of hours of adventures for the Tamriel lands.

Existing Players: ESO veterans will be able to explore Vvardenfell right from the start and start a new and epic adventure. Thanks to the features introduced by the One Tamriel update in October, existing players will find content that is right to their level when they approach Vvardenfell regardless of the level. Existing players will also have the ability to create a new character and start head-on on the island.

Do not you play ESO for a while? The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind is a great opportunity to go back to playing with existing characters or with a new character. ESO does not charge a subscription, so you just have to re-install the game, log in and start playing again.

The expansion of The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind is available on PlayStation 4, XboxOne and PC, even in physical version. More news about The Elder Scrolls Online will be posted on ESO-GOLD.

The Developer Of MU Legend Focus On Providing Unforgettable OBT Experience

With the reputation of MU Legend, the game has attracted a large community of players. Meanwhile, it can not be denied that MU Legend also possesses the attractive features and experience as superior to other games. If you buy MU Legend Zen and MU Legend Power Leveling in the best shop like U4GM, not only can you ensure safe transaction, but also help you to save more money.

MU Legend

The Global Open Beta will be available in September, this OBT version will also feature some deep, new content which will be explored in crispy detail in several dedicated spotlights. According to developer of the game, understanding your impressions about MU Legend is very important for everyone involved to make our game a success.

MU Legend’s developers are enthusiastic gamers, and providing the very best OBT experience to players is their top priority: their constant, unyielding development work is forged by their natural love for games and their professional involvement. As of now, the developer point out that they will ensure the release of Global OBT as soon as possible without compromising on the quality of the game.

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ESO News – PvP Event Midyear Mayhem Will Come On July 20

The online roleplaying game The Elder Scrolls Online is achieving since its launch a large influx of players. To celebrate this success, developers ZeniMax Online Studios have organized the event “Midyear Mayhem”.

During the time that the event is active all players will be able to get rewards that will only be available on this occasion. Some of these rewards are the Midyear Victor’s Laurel Wreath, rare crafting items and double Alliance Points.

eso 12

All these rewards will be available in the different PvP modes of the game. We will be able to enjoy all the content of The Elder Scrolls Online with Cyrodiil’s different campaigns, the street fighting in Imperial City and the massive fighting that will take place in the Morrowind lands.

This event “Midyear Mayhem” will start this week, specifically next Thursday, July 20. The kick-off will take place at 4:00 p.m. and the event will be extended for a total of 11 days, ending on July 31 at the same time.

To know more in depth the details of the event you can visit the official website of the event here. If you need gold while playing in The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind, you can buy ESO gold on ESO-GOLD. You can get 2% discount with code “teso” if you buy ESO gold on www.eso-gold.com.

Veteran Starter Pack Owners Can Join Albion Online Now

Access to the game can only be obtained by purchasing a Starter Pack.

albion game

On July 17 at 15:00 PC, Mac and Linux debut Albion Online – MMORPG from Sandbox Interactive. Access to the first game was provided by those who invested in the most expensive Founder Pack or Starter Pack ($ 99.95). Yesterday will be joined by fans who bought the Epic set ($ 49.95), and today, people who bought the cheapest pack ($ 29.95) can join the game.

Albion Online is a sandbox MMORPG, where players decide who they are and write their own stories. Only they depend on how cities and buildings will be arranged, how the economy is formed, or the influence of individual factions. There is no division into classes, just change the set of armor and equipment to eg change from a knight to a wizard.

The game has been available for a long time in beta tests, which lasted about half a year longer than originally planned.

Kugane Is Definitely The Primary Hook Of Stormblood

It’s said to that Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood at 28,731 units sold on PlayStation 4. Keep in mind that it doesn’t include digital sales which had plenty of incentive for the expansion. In Final Fantasy XIV, if you want to experience the main quest of Stormblood, you have to participate in instances or even boss fights. Continue reading to find out more here.Final Fantasy XIVNaoki Yoshida explained that he’s been in talks with the upper management of Nintendo about Final Fantasy XIV coming to the Switch, and he’s also had conversations with the head of Xbox, Phil Spencer. Yoshida mentioned that he’s been very tenacious in trying to push the cross-platform compatibility given the nature of Final Fantasy XIV’s design.

Many hours into Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood, your character, the Warrior of Light, steps off a boat onto the pier of Kugane. This medieval Japanese-style city is the only port on the island of Hingashi, allowing citizens from around the world to come and trade. It is a city of merchants, of power struggles behind the scenes. Kugane is every bit an ornate masterpiece and it’s definitely the primary hook of Stormblood.

Since Square Enix knows their audience cares about the game’s plot, to the point that many laud the game as the best Final Fantasy title in a long time, they can tackle Stormblood differently than many other MMOs. However, FFXIV4GIL knows fans’ needs, in an attempt to buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil & FFXIV Power Leveling. Welcome to FFXIV4GIL, cheap, safe and fast.