Which is more popular,FIFA 15 or PES 2015?

Every year for football fans, there is this dilemma which leads to a passionate debate, whether Pro Evolution Soccer is best or FIFA is best. These two football games back their rivalry to ten years, where PES and its near-perfect gameplay was the popular title.
Moving on these years, FIFA made changes to their gameplay and made their game better and better for the fans making it to overtake and far exceed the quality and success made by PES. Now, every year these two giants of video game football go head to head, attempting to win over fans for their game.
Earlier in those days, EA Sports FIFA provided more of an arcade experience of the game and Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer was praised for its proper game of football, even though it lacked all the player names and teams from FIFA.
For any football game the gameplay, tactics, graphics, team licenses and the game experience decide which is the best. So, to decide which is best among these two, we have compared both these games under these given criteria.
It is to be noted that both these games are released for the next-gen consoles for the first time.

#1 Graphics

PES 2015

In FIFA 15, the next-gen graphics used by EA Sports looks stunning. The presentation of the game looks like we are watching a football game in television. For instance, the player’s jersey’s movements and getting covered in dirt during the matches feel more natural and realistic.

EA have also updated and tweaked more details off field like on the sidelines, you’ll see LED ads, ball boys throwing the balls back to the players, cameraman, coaches, and lots more. Also, the audience looks dynamic and alive throughout the game.

The goal celebrations are also taken into account, as the players are given a special customization of controls to celebrate the goal they just scored. The replay system was overhauled by EA as they look realistic with the movements and camera angles, making us feel like watching the match in front of TV.

In PES 15, the player resemblance looks amazing and beautiful as we can see the players faces and guess their names correctly without seeing the profiles. Thanks to their new FOX engine, almost all of the famous star players are easily recognizable to their every detail of expressions, scars, hair cuts and beards.

The stadiums in Pro Evolution Soccer have always been a step ahead in atmosphere and setting and always improves better every year. The way the fans cheers changing from team to team, tells us which team is playing in their home stadium, even their banners give the impression of watching a real game.

The player celebrations are realistic in this game unlike FIFA, as the players original celebrations are carried out, after scoring a goal, Gareth Bale shows his trademark heart symbol for fans. The replay system may not be spectacular as FIFA, but the manual moving of the  camera allows you to watch the goals from every angle and zoom the camera in on every player’s face.

#2 Gameplay

图像 1

The animations in PES 2015 are really impressive this year and consists of several high quality moves. The players can now make better chances of the less space with their skills and the return of PES ID, where individual players have their own style and animation, makes PES even more realistic.

For example, Ronaldo’s gameplay is easily identifiable from the frame and motions, almost as if we are watching in the TV. Mainly, the goalkeepers are tweaked to more realistic in this version, they have improved significantly, now its even harder to score past them after the opponents equalise. The gameplay looks more natural in PES.

The animations in FIFA 15 have also improved, the players react more emotionally in the field, they will look angry if things go wrong, just like in real life. FIFA doesn’t offer the ID like PES, but we can surely feel the fast dribbling of Messi, Ronaldo and the typical ball stopping control of Aguero when we are controlling them.

However, in FIFA 15, the goalkeepers are more responsive and have 50 new animations, created by digitizing the movements of Everton’s and USA’s goalkeeper, Tim Howard. The punching away shots, touching the ball with fingertips, and much more looks extraordinary in the game.

#3 Tactics

图像 2

The renewed tactics menu in FIFA 15, makes it easier to customize your formation and possible in giving the instructions to each player.

Like, for instance you can give freedom of movement to your superstar player, by getting the wingers to help out in defense or have the center backs push up and play as strikers if you’re in the dying minutes of the game when you desperately need a goal. This new system allows to do all this strategies.

But in PES 15, specific adjustments and improvements have been made to the tactics and strategy system. They have always been fantastic and these new improvements make them feel better.

Konami provides a complete range of dynamics in the field as changing the behaviour of the team based on the situation of the game increases the simulation aspect of this game.

#4 Original licenses

图像 3

The major drawback of PES series, is it doesn’t provide the original team names and licenses. However, there are always fan made mods and patches available for this game in internet.

But, PES offers the official competitions like UEFA Champions league and UEFA Europa League, even European Super Cup and the Copa Libertadores.

When you play the Champions league in PES, an introductory video plays with the official Champions league theme with the banner unveiling the champions of the year, it just gives goosebumps. PES can try to obtain licenses for all the major teams, stadiums, and European competitions in the future.

Comparatively, in FIFA, all the teams, leagues, stadiums, players names are provided correctly. There are over 25 championships all licensed in this game and you also have the complete Premier League, along with all the stadiums from the first division.

But, FIFA 15 doesn’t offer those official competitions, so you’re forced to play the standard championship or made up tournaments over and over.

#5 Game experience

图像 4

In FIFA 15, EA have significantly improved the terms of gameplay, animations and responsive controls. It gives the impression of watching the match live in TV and the playing is fun and entertaining.

On top of that the skill games, endless game modes and FIFA Ultimate Team (the mode that enables players to create their own fantasy teams by purchasing packs of player cards using in-game currency has been FIFA’s main selling point in these last two years) will keep you occupied with this game.

But this PES 15, with it’s use of FOX engine, have improved the game a whole lot compared to it’s previous versions. The gameplay, animations, players realistic graphics have been significantly improved, and the specific movements of the players and their control touches are truly exceptional in this game.

The transitions, the players movements, the team play, the AI teams, and its different playing styles gives you the real experience of football simulation compared to FIFA.

In conclusion, FIFA 15 have introduced many new features, animations, the renewed tactics and graphics, but PES 15 have also managed to catch up with many of these aspects with their new game engine, which makes the players resemblance more realistic and have pretty much improved from its previous versions giving the game new value.

It’s really difficult for fans to make a choice of which is the best, but come the end of the day, each game offers it’s very own experience, and is always offers more entertainment and fun for the players.


The share of skillful players shoot experience in fifa15


Just as you know,the defense of goalkeeper have been more and more tighter.Certainly,the scoring rate will drop a lot if you are shoot like before.so today I would share our skillful players shoot experiences to help you solve the problem of low scoring.

You should know the feeling of shooting are not the same with different players, different ball position, different moving speed or different defensive pressure, but they all have a common characteristic is that Flair Shot, set it in Basic Controls. Using this skill to make a wonderful and unexpected action if you are a shot player and you will find the success rate of shooting improved than usual, what’s more, you can enter the ball before you can not. Xavier Hernandez Creus ever been to the ball with restricted line inclined 45 degrees to the inside of the far goal post, and the Messi has been to sign his goal, cut inside on the right lateral, long shots from outside the area into the hanging dead. What’s more, the other pole or a good scoring opportunity with this method rate increased significantly.

With more and more operational in FIFA 15, short biography of LT + A is more precision than a short pass of directly, the players through some simple key combination to achieve some tactical coordination and get goals. So the push shot of RB + X also did not like the before just used only to spin the far post, and cut inside the penalty area with small-angle of RB + X push shot also has a good scoring rate. Another is the RT + X for long-distance shot burst and so on.

In short, these are our suggestions about FIFA 15 shooting.you can read this article carefully and Hope you get benefit from this article . By the way, cheap FIFA 15 coins are provided on fifa15-coins.com.

FIFA15 Tips from a world champion


If you hope the guide about fifa15 games from a more professional people?Now you have the chance.Patrick Hadler, 19, a teaching assistant from FRG, has the Guinness record for achieving the best score of 321-0 on FIFA tourney 2014. He additionally holds the planet record for Highest margin of triumph against a pc on FIFA thirteen and Highest margin of triumph against pc on FIFA fourteen.Of course he can content your request.

Mix it up
Do not let your game be certain otherwise it’s too straightforward for your opponent to defend your attacks. Play through the center, play over the wings, centre additional typically or shoot from a distance…

Stay targeted
No matter however sensible you play you’ll concede (ridiculous) goals. you have got to remain targeted subsequently otherwise your play can deteriorate AN you’ll concede even additional.

Keep possession
It is necessary to stay possession, particularly for beginners. defensive may be terribly arduous, thus you don’t need to possess to try and do that too typically. Play bound passes and provoke your opponent to create miscalculation in his defence.

Be attentive
You always need to keep an eye fixed on your line of defense. If a striker tries to create run through your defence you have got to hide him as quick as you’ll be able to. quick players with sensible propulsion skills may be terribly dangerous during this approach.

Use skills
Of course it’s harsh to use skills, however it may be terribly effective if you employ them within the right things. particularly oversteps and ball roll may be effective.

Shoot bound
It is higher to play a trifle bit slower to maximise your probability to attain. 17-22 meters from the goal is that the best spot. the other distance is simply too risky. each save from the goalkeeper prices plenty of your time, and after you get a corner nearly each player on the opponent team is within the box and then it’ll be a lot of tougher to attain.

Choose the proper opponent
It doesn’t need to be the weakest team within the game. it’s important that the strikers of your opponent play a pass back to their associate outside of the centre circle nearly when each start, thus you have got enough time to urge the ball. Otherwise they begin to stay the ball and you have got to tackle them. That prices longer and typically your opponent gets a place-kicking.

Tips on obtaining the planet record:
Efficient passingDon’t waste time passing, simply try to get to the goal as shortly as potential.

Time the tackle
After each goal at start check that you’re patient thus you don’t tackle them and concede a place-kicking. The temporal arrangement is essential for the tackle.Formation is essential Choose the proper formation therefore the best player is striker – the quickest and one with best distance shooting skills. The Guinness World Records Gamers Edition is out on six Gregorian calendar month.

FIFA15 EA and Origin login difficulties now


What would happen when EA and Origin login difficulties?Maybe they are generally now investigating specifically what’s taking place at the moment. Now we are almost an hour into this outage, it seems some people are getting very frustrated.We have also seen confirmation that it’s not only FIFA 15 servers that are down today, but also other games from EA are not working, though the problems seem to be directed at Origin and EA confirmed this themselves earlier today.

This includes NHL, Madden 15, Battleground 4, plus more that see a huge number of tweets asking why the servers will not be operating, as well as software that will not sign in.You can see one of the primary tweets from EA Sports activities FIFA that proved these people were “investigating” . The amount of tweets stating “FIFA 15 servers are down”, or EA server issues, has hit a high for October. This seems to be one of the biggest outages for the franchise this month, although it’s understandable when you consider this looks like an attack directed at the gaming company.

If it’s Lizard Squad, is very hard to stop even for a multi billion dollar company like Electronic Arts, it is worth pointing out to our readers that this type of attack. This is why if so, did you notice it was EA server issues right away, you might just have to put up with the FUT app, FIFA 15, and the games not working online until this attack stops, or the company find a temporary fix.Is FIFA 15 down for you right now and? The final upgrade from EA arrived just a couple moments ago, plus they reported “Our crew remains to be investigating”. It is obvious a little more clarification could be accepted through the gamers.

Whatever,we can easily forgive the problem in fifa15,because we really love it!(perhaps is the reason that you have had not spend out your fifa15 coins,isn’t it?)

FIFA15 tips about dribbling, passing and shooting


What’s the ultimate goals in fifa15 games?It’s score!Therefore,you need master at least three vital parts of effective attacking play – dribbling, passing and shooting – and what you can do to create more chances and bag more goals.Maybe you know,there’s no guaranteed way to score in FIFA 15, which is great and attacking play in general feels very varied and exciting this year, but the tips here are working well for me so hopefully they’ll help you find the net more often too.


Players are much more agile and responsive with the ball at their feet in FIFA 15, so it’s that bit easier to get past a marker and create space using a few simple but effective dribbling techniques. I’m taking players on in the final third of the pitch more in the new game than in any other version I can remember and – as well as being a very exciting way to play – it’s making a big difference to my attacks; I’m regularly creating good chances by dribbling past opponents and moving into space.

Improved control over the ball definitely helps with dribbling, but for me the key is being able to read a defender’s movement. If you can spot where the defender is and where they’re likely to be in a second or two then it’s often possible to use their own momentum against them with a well-timed change of direction, a burst of pace or even a short but complete stop – especially if they press the ball aggressively or sprint into tackles.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to use the left stick on its own, so without holding down sprint at the same time, to sharply change direction just before the defender gets to you. Then, as soon as you’re facing the way you want to dribble, a quick burst of pace can often be enough to take you out of the defender’s path and into space. If you have lots of space to move into then you can hold down the sprint button and push the right stick in the direction you want to go to nudge the ball further ahead of you. That’s especially useful if you’re using a fast player who isn’t as physically strong as the defender, as you should be able to accelerate away quicker and avoid contact.

Another dribbling move I use regularly is the stop and go. Again this uses the defender’s momentum against him but instead of changing direction you completely stop for a very short space of time, just long enough for him to overshoot your run path slightly, before sprinting in the direction you were running originally. This change of pace is really effective against opponents who defend by trying to predict where you’re going with the ball, as that quick stop is often enough to throw their timing off and clear the way. To do it, hold LB or L1 on its own while running with the ball then, when the defender has moved past you, sprint into the space or use sprint and the right stick to push the ball into it.

I think it’s also worth having a couple of effective skill moves in your locker, too. I’m not the world’s best at skills but I find the Ball Roll to be really useful for quickly shifting the ball to dodge a tackle or beat a defender, and I use the Stop and Turn move to protect the ball while spinning past a defender and on to my player’s strong foot. The Ball Roll is a two-star move you can do by holding the right stick up or down when dribbling left or right, and you’ll need a four-star skills player to do the basic version of the Stop and Turn. Push the right stick the way you’re facing then flick it up or down to head in one of those directions. Both are really useful at the right times and will quickly become instinctive once you’ve used them a bit more.


Changing the pace of your passing is a good way to unlock a stubborn defence in FIFA 15, especially when the other team has plenty of numbers back behind the ball. Keeping the ball moving around your team with simple, patient passes while steadily trying to advance should encourage the opponent to come out and press eventually, which can leave gaps for you to play into, and I’ve found that using a faster passing style every so often can really help too.

Team-mates make smarter runs off the ball into space now, so it feels like there are more options when you have possession and that makes a faster passing game a little easier, especially if you’re using players with good passing attributes. Moving the ball quickly doesn’t give your opponent much time to settle into position, so they can end up chasing the play and that usually leads to spaces opening up somewhere. Play the way you’re facing to keep the ball moving at a good pace, use low-power through balls to play short passes to team-mates making runs around you and look for one-twos, especially with your strikers. A quick one-two between your front players will often bring a centre-back out of the back line, leaving a gap for you to receive the ball back in a dangerous area.

Switching between the two passing styles will make you less predictable and much tougher to defend against. Just be aware of not advancing too quickly when using a faster passing style. For example, if you spot a striker up front on his own and rush a pass to him then he’s going to be isolated with defenders all around him. Unless he’s quick and has space behind the defence to move into, it’s better to pass elsewhere and give your forward a chance to get support before looking for him again.


There’s a lot more variety to shooting in FIFA 15 and goalkeepers are definitely better, so finding the back of the net can be a bit more challenging, but there are a few things you can do to improve your chances.

Getting the basics right consistently will make a big difference, so always check out your strikers to see which foot they’re dominant with and whether or not they have a good weak foot rating. Where possible, try to work the ball on to their strongest side for the best chance to score and be careful with power and direction. FIFA 14 was perhaps more forgiving with over-powering shots, but in my first ten games of 15 I was regularly launching the ball over the bar or hitting it wildly wide because I was striking it way too hard or from the wrong angles. Since then I’ve had more joy going for less power generally when close in, and concentrating on accuracy rather than flash outside-of-the-boot finishes.

That said the ball does fly really well and I have seen some worldies so far – both for and against me – so I don’t want to discourage speculative efforts completely, but when I need to score in the last minute of a game or any other situation when it really counts, I go for less power and more accuracy.

When one-on-one with the keeper I find that moving the ball a little to the left or right just before shooting can help to create more of a gap to aim for, because the keeper may need to re-position slightly. GKs are more responsive and reactive so it’s definitely not a guaranteed way to score by any means, but a Ball Roll or small nudge of the left stick followed by a quick, well-aimed shot can be effective. I also really like trying to take the keeper on using the right stick to burst past him, or by faking a shot then bursting past, which you can do by powering up with the shoot button and cancelling with short pass. For these two the idea is to use the GK’s momentum in coming out to the ball to create space for you to dribble into.

Finally for shooting, expect more rebounds. Goalkeepers tend to get their hands to more shots, so be ready to react with a nearby player once you’ve had an initial attempt on goal.

All in all,that’s all on attacking for now.we hope the tips here help you hit the back of the net more often.see more at fifa15-coins.com.

Improve the skills in defending corners in fifa15


What can you do to improve your chances of keeping the ball out of the net when defending them?There are some tips we prepare for you.

Assistance settings

Before kicking off your next online match and facing corners, head to the Customise menu and have a look at your Gameplay Assistance Settings. Here you can choose if you want the game to help you with player switching and, if so, how much assistance you’d like.

When the ball is on the ground I want total control over when to switch and who to, but when it’s in the air I find it handy to let the AI help – especially when defending crosses or corners – so I have Auto Switching set to Air Balls with Move Assistance on low. This means the AI will automatically give me control over the player closest to where the ball is going while it’s in the air, and will keep that player moving for a short
period of time so I can take manual control without there being any delay in his movement, which can prove vital when you’re trying to get to the ball before your opponent.

Personally I find this the most effective setting for dealing with corners, as there have been hundreds of times when that auto switch has helped me get to a header that I would otherwise have missed. It’s also great for defending lofted through balls, but that’s something we’ll cover in the near future. For now, let’s take a look at what else you can do to improve your chances of keeping that ball out of your net.

Player selection

With the corner conceded your next job is to take manual control of your player who’s the best in the air. This will often be your tallest defender but it’s worth having a look through your squad before kick-off if you’re not especially familiar with the team you’re using, so you can spot and select him quickly while your opponent is setting up their corner kick. You’ll typically get only a few seconds to select the player and move him where you want him unless your opponent takes longer to aim the cross, so you’ve got to be quick.

Remember that, as well as the player change button, you can also select players by nudging the right stick in their direction, which is often more accurate so again saves you a moment or two.

With the best player selected, you now have to choose whether to try to man mark the opponent’s biggest aerial threat or defend a danger area.

Man making

If I notice an opponent taking that extra bit of time to aim corners, rather than quickly whipping them into the box as soon as the whistle has gone, or if they’re controlling the receiver in the box, then I go for the man marking method.

If I can spot the attacker with the biggest aerial threat and get my tallest or best defensive player close to them before the cross comes in then I increase my chances, even if it’s just ever so slightly, of preventing a free header at goal. More often than not I manage to get close enough to
make a difference.

If you do go for the man marking method then keep in mind that you always need to stay between the attacker and your goal, so take care not to run past them as you sprint out.

Defending danger areas

The alternative to man marking is a strategy similar to the zonal approach that we’ve seen highlighted so many times in analysis on TV. You can do something like this in game by selecting your most appropriate player as above then – instead of running toward an opposition player – positioning him to cover the danger areas, which in FIFA 15 are usually the front corner of the six-yard box closest to the corner taker or the area between the penalty spot and the six-yard box. If you have a tall defender with good jumping, strength and heading abilities then you should find you’re often able to clear the ball by taking up a position in these areas.

This is a good strategy to try when defending your first corner as you can get to those danger areas pretty quickly, so you’ll be prepared if the cross comes in straight away, and it’s a good idea to stick with it if you find the crosses always come in soon after the whistle has gone. This more zonal approach is also a good option if no opposing player really stands out as the biggest aerial threat.

I try to use the man marking approach when I can, as I feel that I win more headers with it, but that’s just personal preference. The zonal strategy may work better for you overall so give both a go.

Winning the header

When the cross comes over and you’re about to take off to battle for the ball, ALWAYS use the shoot button to head it. This tells your player to just clear it as far away from danger as quickly as he can, which doesn’t sound pretty but is much less risky than trying to nod the ball to a nearby team-mate by hitting the pass button.

If you only take one tip away from here today, make it this one, as it really is a very effective method of defending crosses and corners.

You can also use the shoot button to clear the ball away from danger with your feet, which again doesn’t exactly sound like total football but means you’re less likely to end up with your GK picking the ball out of his net. I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve defended the initial cross from a corner only to pass the ball straight to an opponent, but over the years it must be in the thousands. That doesn’t happen any more, because if I get possession in my box and I’ve got any doubts about being able to keep the ball, I hit shoot and clear it away.

Three quick tips

Firstly, concentrate on defending the corner first and worry about your attack once you’ve got the ball back. I often notice that, when I win a corner, my opponent will take control of a player that was in the box and run off towards my goal in anticipation of launching a counter. I don’t think this is a good idea as it just means the attacking team has more space in the most dangerous area of the pitch and, most likely, a spare man.

If your opponent uses a short corner tactic like the one we looked at last week, don’t automatically run towards the ball with the player you have selected – especially if he’s your best header of the ball. Keep your most effective defenders in the box and apply pressure on the ball with someone closer who perhaps isn’t as good in the air. When defending short corners it’s better to direct the opponent out towards the edge of your area than into it through the side closest to the corner, so hold your position there and be a barrier. If the attacker gets into your area from the near side then it’s much easier to create a scoring chance.

Finally, I hardly ever rush my keeper out when defending corners. I think it’s just too risky as you can never be sure you’ll get to the ball first and, if you do miss it, the attacker has an unguarded net to head the ball into. Personally I leave my keeper where he is and use the above methods to have a good go at getting the ball to safety.

These advices are much complete,I hope they would be useful to defend corners ,see more at fifa15-coins.com.

Ten scout reports about future players in fifa15


Do you know how to build club with less budget?Here are ten scout reports for you now, it’s focusing on stars with a potential of 85. then you’ll find out how much of your budget you’ll have to spend to sign them up and what kind of players they are, so you can quickly decide if they’re right for your club.

LW * Ajax * 19
Now I’m sure the first thing you’ve noticed about Krishna is that I actually paid MORE than Ajax asked for. That’s not a typo – whenever I’ve come close to signing him I’ve always been outbid by other clubs and had to pay more to seal the deals. If you can get in with an offer without anyone else noticing then you may be able to pick him up for around £3 million, but I’ve tried that a few times now and haven’t managed it yet. The first time I spotted Krishna in action was when he popped up to rip through my defence and bag two goals against me online, and since then I’ve bought him for pretty much every Career Mode team I’ve managed. He’s very quick, brilliant on the ball and can do four-star skills, but his finishing attribute is comparatively low – despite the two great goals I mentioned a moment ago – so I tend to use him more as a creator than goalscorer.

ST * Anderlecht * 19
Mitrovic is a forward who definitely IS a finisher. He’s not a particularly quick or skilful striker, so don’t sign him if you’re looking for someone to consistently burst away from a back four or go on mazy dribbles, but he’s big, powerful, good in the air and knows how to hit the back of the net. Anderlecht have never been too keen to sell when I’ve tried to sign him, but should eventually accept bids around the £10 million mark.

CB * Borussia Dortmund * 20
Centre-back Matthias Ginter joined Dortmund in July so isn’t available until later in the game – I managed to pick him up towards the end of the January window the first time I bought him. He’s not a fast centre-back but does have very good physical and ball-winning attributes as well as excellent potential to improve. If you partner him up with Aymeric Laporte – who we looked at last week – then you’ve got a very solid centre-back partnership for many seasons.

CM * Derby * 19
My top tip for Will Hughes is to sign him very quickly. I first bought him at the start of one of my saves for £6 million, but when I made a similar offer in season two of another save Derby weren’t interested in anything less than £10 million. He’s left-footed, feels comfortable on the ball and has good passing ability but isn’t really a ball winner, so Hughes is definitely a more attack-minded CM than a defensive one.

GK * Genoa * 21
You’ll need a big budget to persuade Genoa to sell Perin – I’ve signed him a number of times but never for less than £14.3m. Although he’s expensive he does start with a relatively high Overall rating, so could fit into almost any team you start with, and he’s a very solid all-round goalkeeper with excellent reflexes. If you’ve got the spare cash, go for it.

ST * Juventus * 21
Highly-rated striker Alvaro Morata joined Juventus from Real Madrid over the summer, so Juve will make you wait until at least January before they’ ll consider selling him. He’s more of a target man or a finisher than a forward that will burst past defences with pace, although he isn’t slow – his acceleration and sprint speed attributes are in the high 70s. He’s not a bad dribbler but doesn’t have the agility or balance to match, so I don’t use him to run at players very often, preferring instead to get the ball to him in the penalty area where that high finishing attribute can really make a difference. Keep in mind though that he only has a three-star weak foot, so try to get the ball on his more dominant right before you shoot if you can.

LW * Lazio * 19
While I rarely dribble with Morata, I can’t stop running with the ball when I’m using Lazio winger Keita. He’s got fantastic acceleration and sprint speed that – combined with good agility, balance and a dribbling ability in the low 80s – makes him perfect for taking defenders on. That’s definitely his main strength and, being right footed, I play him on the left and head infield to make things happen through the centre rather than
hugging the touchline and looking to cross. He also has four-star skills, again helpful when dribbling, as well as the flair and finesse shot traits.

LW * Lille * 19
Following an impressive World Cup, Belgium wonderkid Divock Origi joined Liverpool at the end of July and was immediately loaned back to former club Lille, which is where you’ll find him when you start a new Career save. That means you won’t be able to buy him for a whole season, and even then you may have a job convincing The Reds to sell. They barely budged from their original asking price, but £11.5m is still a good deal for a young player with such high potential. The forward, who can also play as a winger, is very quick but I feel his speed is better used to run into space rather than to dribble past players. I try to play him in behind the full-backs and drive for the box, before looking for a team-mate – he’s a good passer – or going for goal.

CM * Southampton * 19
Southampton star James Ward-Prowse is an energetic creative midfielder who instantly feels good on the ball from the start of a new game. He has excellent vision, short pass and long pass ratings so picks up a lot of assists in my team, but he’s more than just a passer. He’s good with the ball at his feet, quick enough to burst away from markers and he can whip great crosses into the box thanks to a very high crossing attribute and the early crosser trait. He’s also a capable free-kick taker too, and that can be very useful in FIFA 15. You can sign him straight away, which I recommend before his price soars.

ST * Valencia * 21
Talking of soaring prices, Valencia asked for £10 million from me when I first approached them about Alcacer, but bumped that up to £14 million after my first offer to open negotiations. They eventually came back down to £8.8m, which is a fantastic price for striker who will feel great for pretty much any team in the game from the very first window. He’s got brilliant acceleration and feels very responsive with and without the ball, he’s strong, has plenty of stamina and he’s not bad in the air, but his standout stat for me is definitely his finishing ability. I always feel like Alcacer is going to score whenever I go through on goal with him, and most of the time that’s exactly what happens. If you’re looking for a goal machine to put into your team from the start and stay there for plenty of seasons, he’d be a top signing.

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FIFA 15 Selling Tips :Sell items better at FUT 15 Transfer Market

Wonder why your items don’t sell on FUT Transfer Market? Here we have some tricks for you to get rid of that ‘No buyers found for this item’ message in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team. With these FUT selling tips, you will have more chance to improve your sales and rate up your Ultimate Team transaction benefits:

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Add Value to Your Item
Sometimes, you need to add some values to your card to make it special. For example, by applying a right chemistry style to your player, you can give your card a better chance to be sold. The number of contracts is also a big deal for the player cards. Depending on the player and its market price range, you might be able to sell your card more expensive by applying a contract card to it. Other consumables such as player boosts could be also sales effective and be adding value to your price. To some people, the fitness value is also an important fact. These things are technically important when people compare your card to the other ones.

The Right Price
Make sure the price you are setting for your item is right. If you set the price slightly lower than the market’s range, you probably get more buyers to bid on your item. Cards with lower price than their market’s usual price, will motivate people to buy them.

But, don’t forget to check your bought price for the item you’re selling. You don’t want to lose coins, do you? One of the mistakes people make when selling their items is to do not calculate EA tax beforehand. Keep in mind that EA will take 5% of all selling transactions happening at FUT transfer market. That means, your selling price should be at least 5% higher than your purchase price in case you don’t want to lose coins on a trade.

The Right Time
It is important at what time and on which weekday you’re listing your items on the market. Remember, FUT players are coming from around the globe. This is an important factor especially for the player cards and some other items such as managers and stadiums. Here is an example, a turkish player card whose club is playing in Turkish Superlig, will have more change to be bought by a turkish FIFA fan who is living in Turkey. So, if you put such a player card on the transfer market during the Turkey’s peak hours, you will definitely have more chance to get buyers.

Check out the time difference in Europe, UK, US and Asia to your location. Find out what time is good for your card if you’re targeting a specific geographic location. Also, weekdays are important. Apparently, Friday nights and weekends are the most busiest days at the transfer market. Wednesday nights are busy too.

FUT Transfer Market is too active at the time before and after the real football matchdays. That means, on weekends and on UEFA Champions League matchdays (Tuesdays and Wednesdays) FUT transfer market is experiencing heavy traffics made by sellers and buyers.

Keep it Alive
Your auction time on the transfer market is limited. What you need to do after your auction time is up, is to re-list your items. Make sure you’re re-listing your items back to back, because this will give your items more chance to be seen.

Do login to FIFA Ultimate Team on your mobile or using the web app to check out your selling items and to re-list them quickly once they expired.

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