Swtor Master of Crew Skills

Creating a special crew skill build that only aims to make money isalso another way to create SWTOR credits without difficulties. (If you don’t know what are SWTOR Crafting, Mission and Gathering Skills yet, you can refer to this SWTOR Crafting Guide). Some players try to become “Mat Farmers” by learning only gathering skills and mission skills in order to get the rare items that they can sell for cash. Others try to mix things up by learning all CREW Skills, but the problem in doing this build is that your earnings might not be as big compared to those who only focus in gathering raw materials. (You can craft your own items and gears though, which is an added advantage that pure Mat Farmers don’t have).


Again, this relies on the current server economy. If, for example, most players in your server and faction are Sith Warriors, then raw materials needed by Sith Warriors will definitely go higher in price. Thus, learning Crew Skills that focus in acquiring Mats for Sith Warriors will be the key to making you more SWTOR Credits.

Swtor the Galactic Trade Network

The Galactic Trade Network of SWTOR is similar to the Auction House of World of Warcraft. This is the economic hub of the whole game server and this is where most of the money-making happens. If you want to create massive profit and accumulate millions of SWTOR credits in a surefire way, buying items low and selling them high is a tried-and-tested method for all MMO games (it even applies in real-life situations!). The problem here is that you have to know which items can be sold for higher than its purchasing price and you have to be a gamer who thinks “out of the box” if you want to profit from this.


You have to visualize the status of your server in order to know which items to buy low and sell high. You will have to rely sometimes on gut feel in order to pull this one off and if you do it wrong, you might instead end up buying items priced higher than what it is worth. If most of the players in your server are Jedi Knights, then it only makes sense that Jedi Knights items might go higher in the market, right? So if you can buy high-level Jedi Knight items, raw materials and gears for a lower price, then you can definitely make a killing.

SWTOR dormant characters

If you are are a former SWTOR player and wish to avoid this happening to any of your dormant characters, then you need to log in to the game before the 11th November. After the deadline, if any of your alts are flagged for renaming, then there is the risk that they could lose your name, if an active player wishes to use it . Personally I think this is a perfectly acceptable move by the developers who are focusing quite rightly on the needs of  of current, active customers. I’m sure there will be those who will think this unfair or will cite extraordinarily convoluted scenarios to explain why they couldn’t log in to the game. Unfortunately, BioWare cannot please everyone, nor should they attempt to.


I believe a similar situation arose recently in Rift with regard to names and dormant accounts. Ultimately both these situations open up a wider debate on the entire mechanics of player names in MMOs. How long should an inactive player expect to be able to retain their alts name? Should games adopt the more flexible systems that Guild Wars 2 and Star Trek Online use, which negate this somewhat old school problem of duplicate names. Such a problem as the one BioWare is currently addressing will hopefully never arise with such forthcoming titles as The Elder Scrolls Online or WildStar.

One of the biggest sources of frustration for MMO players is trying to secure the right name for your alt. Popular names are snapped up very quickly and as the game progresses through its lifespan, the list of those currently in use get’s bigger and bigger. Server merges can also present naming problems, as duplicate names means that someone is going to have to change. What makes the situation more frustrating is that there are a lot of accounts that are dormant, tying up a lot of names that otherwise could be used by active players. Well BioWare have decided to do something about the latter.

SWTOR Galactic Starfighter

Starships will be available in multiple classes designed for multiple roles. So far three specific types have been announced. The fast Scout, the offense-heavy Gunship and the Strike Fighter. All can be customised via a variety of unlocks. Player can choose from a variety of unique new weapons, powers and abilities as they advance. I would not be in the least bit surprised if this aspect of the new system is monetised via the Cartel market. It would also seem that the new system is not solely PVP orientated as the press release describes the chance to “travel to multiple space locations and fight through exciting battles with different gameplay modes”. This seems to infer a wider variety of game modes and will hopefully retain the current PVE elements of space combat, just without the restriction of being on rails. Further details are available for both the Republic and Empire on the official SWTOR website.


As expected BioWare’s Super Secret Space Project is to be a major overhaul of the space combat system. The new game mechanic will constitute the second expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic. Titled Galactic Starfighter, it will be offered free of charge and will usher in open space combat, via player versus player dogfights for groups of up to twenty four. How soon you’ll be able to join in the action is dependant upon your player status in the game. As ever the current scheme favours those who subscribe and once again we see the introduction of new content as an inducement to do so. Non-subscribers will be required to buy a Starfighter Pass from the cartel market to partake of the starfighter  progression system in the same manner as subscribers.

As a player who has recently returned to SWTOR and is pleased with the ongoing improvements that BioWare are making to the game, I am cautiously optimistic about the Galactic Starfighter expansion. Sure it may not be a cutting edge space combat simulator but then again it is not meant to be one. This is an additional sub game to the central MMO and it most certainly seems like a step forward to me, over the existing system. If this then paves the way to a further expansion of the space travel aspect of SWTOR, such as wider exploration and travel, then so much the better. If these sorts of changes continues over the months to come, then I think there is potential for SWTOR to be a credible product by December 2014.

Swtor Character Name Renewal

Star Wars: The Old Republic is the only massively-multiplayer online game with a Free-to-Play option that puts you at the center of your own story-driven Star Wars saga. Play as a Jedi, a Sith, a Bounty Hunter or as one of many other Star Wars iconic roles and explore an age over three-thousand years before the classic films. Become the hero of your own Star Wars adventure as you choose your path down the Light or Dark side of the Force.


The “Character Name Renewal” program will take place in November and, according to a newsletter from BioWare, will “offer [players] the benefit of more character names” to choose from in the future. “We are currently in the process of identifying accounts that have been inactive for prolonged periods,” said BioWare. “If those accounts do not login to each of the potentially impacted characters within the required timeframe the attached Character names will be released back into the general pool.”

The Renewal program will have no effect on Subscribers or characters that are in active play. “[Subscribers] will keep [their] names throughout this process and benefit from the increased options released back into the pool post program,” said BioWare.

Swtor Galactic Starfighter Development Diary

Before I get into the details of this diary entry, let me say thank you to all of you, our incredible fans. Your enthusiasm over the last couple years and leading up to the announcement of Galactic Starfighter has inspired the development team and been critical in crafting the vision of what the digital expansion has become, as well as what it will evolve into in the future. You may have assumed we weren’t listening, but I promise, we were reading every post… and taking copious notes.
So, with that, let’s talk about Galactic Starfighter, or as many of you have been calling it, the Super-Secret Space Project (SSSP).


Let me welcome you to what will be the first of many Developer Diaries delving into the background and development of Galactic Starfighter? and its place within the Star Wars?: The Old Republic? experience.

The Star Wars: The Old Republic site has been updated with the first part of a multi-part developer diary about the creation of the Galactic Starfighter, soon to arrive with the free expansion arriving.

Swtor Companion Characters for updated

Companion characters are no longer defeated when you use the quick travel to go to the Repulic or Imperial Landing zone form certain areas of CZ-198. It is a good news for players too. At the end of the initial conversation, Treek will unlock in all cases now.


There are many changes. Obviously, these new contents will bring players new experience, meanwhile you may need more Cartel Coins and SWTOR Credits for supporting the new items or new service offered by the NPC in-game. Fortunately, safeswtorcredits offers the safe and cheap SWTOR Credits for sales to our clients with fast delivery and sweet live customer service.

SWTOR has updated to 2.4.1, what is new in this version? Some bug has been fixed. First, Priority Transport Terminals on the Republic Fleet have been adjusted and no longer fail to transport players in some instances. And the Area Loot Preference now functions as intended when looting mission items while in a group. We are grateful to see BioWare fixed these bugs which bored players.

Swtor Guide for Kill Credit

Others like Signet of Air are nice, but the gap closers you already have should make it mostly redundant. Cleansing Fire can also be a nice pick up if you get sick of some of the enemy conditions, and it applies burning which can combo nicely with Fire Grab for extra damage. But I would use your utilities to flesh out how survivable you want to be. Large groups typically make worrying about death a mute point, but keeping some stun breaks handy may be worth your time. They lack a lot of the gap closers some other classes have, but they can get high swiftness uptime to make up for it. We would love the opportunity to be your provider of quality SWTOR Credits. That said, you still have plenty of options to improve your RC output and get those mob kills to count. Any of the Engineer’s main weapons really fail to do the job compared to some of the kits. If you forced me to choose, I would say Rifle, but that’s just because Jump Shot is a decent gap closer and Blunderbuss is passable.


Below is a breakdown, by profession, of ways you can help improve your RC output. They really do drop the shiniest of loot. The choice of weapon here is easy. You want to focus on multiple target damage that isn’t condition based. The high mobility and gap closers of this weapon combination helps you stay in the fight more often, and ensures you get to the fight before it’s over. Spend most of your time in Fire, although you may find starting a fight in Air isn’t a bad bet. It gets you in range and does AOE damage. A trick with spells like Drake’s Breath is make sure auto targeting is off, and then you can sweep the camera side to side and the spell will move with your view. Stay on the edge of the mob groups, this way you can maximize the number of enemies in your conal attacks. Between conal attacks, your Fire attunement auto attack will suffice. If you want you can hop to earth and cast Earthquake, but that’s unnecessary. The only utility skill I feel is a must have is Arcane Wave since it gives you one more AOE direct damage spell.

Both of those are too high of a cool down to be useful in drawn out skirmishes however. Flame Blast is good for the same reason Napalm is, you can fire it at enemies that are not directly by you to get some RC while you focus on another group. I tend to use this off cool down since it has a pretty low cast time and puts out good damage in a fairly large radius. If you choose to run Grenade Kit you can get by. The vanilla Grenade attack is typically fine, but some of the other attacks actually have larger radius, so in cases where the enemies are a little less tightly packed, they tend to be better. It’s not a complicated kit to play, and provides a nice mental break to torching everything down with Flamethrower. As for other utilities besides kits, Elixir B is a must have. If the fighting will be in one location for a long period of time, Rocket or Rifle Turret isn’t bad either. But if you are on some sort of escort mission, leave the turrets behind.