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New role story final fantasy 14: reborn new NPCS background details set

Final fantasy 14: reborn V2.0 in mainland greatly improved Eorzea original content, exploring new Garlean empire of the story at the same time, also added a new character set of details. The role of the following blue word part is the latest related setting, from the related description in words we can have better understanding on the new role. Minfilia: women of a keen interest in the supernatural, gentle appearance, inner strong determination, her mission is to seek salvation hero and helping them to bring back peace. Thancred: a man claiming to be poets and dreamers, often found in Thanalan wilderness areas. Under his glorious appearance hides a lot of secrets, the most good at using dagger skill. Yda: a young female boxer, often Papalymo appeared together with your partner. Her naive frivolous carefree, once the fighting will always stand up to protect our friends. Papalymo: cynical youth, although the shape is petite, knowledgeable, have a bright and cheerful disposition, and Yda are close friends. Y ‘shtola: beautiful and mysterious women, often in La Noscea area activities, she mastered the ancient language of unknown, is by no means an ordinary ordinary people. Louisoix: a respected leader, he is from the far north of the island Sharlayan, mysteriously disappeared for guarding temple to prevent disaster. Urianger: he is scholar and a prophet Elezen race, predicted the coming of the disaster, the master has a mysterious words. Alphinaud & Alisaie: a pair of young twin sisters, one is full of self-confidence, a strong will, they have a steadfast determination on target. Cid: prestigious engineer, living al hereby created named after their iron works, and to share his knowledge and skills with the locals, to fight once played for the threat of the empire.

Part a screenshot:

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FFXIV International clothing tips

After two weeks of testing, in general the 2.0 version done a good job, there is no difficult place, even beginner can be started smoothly and don’t speak Japanese. Task location in the game had obvious hints, also has a convenient transfer system, there are lovely ostards help mobile. In general, in addition to a team without any not convenient place (will, of course, a team of Japanese English can be very convenient). Talk about the game there is no other character level, only the class level, for example now career is spell division, for example, the current level 20, illusionists rank 1, switching careers to illusionists then your grades will only have 1. First talk about the task for system, the task is divided into three categories, the main line and branch line, professional tasks, task CARDS (should be able to separate a class = =). Done really take care of the couple, the task of the system of every task will tell you in the game of a system using the method, such as crystal transmission, transmission, wild night at home, the servant and so on. And task to obtain accurate calculation, after the experience value is the task of each level are just will allow you to ascend to the next level, and task in a couple of FATE on the way to upgrade faster.

For now, said several difficult task strategy method.

One, the main line, 14 task, everybody should be here the first encounter difficulty. Mainly is to make all of the game have a basic grasp of the battle, if you just make a basically pass away. Why is the basic is not absolute, the following task strategy will say 1 to o (╯ / ╰) o Task in two parts, the first part is ou, no difficulty, the second part is the beginning, mainly makes a summoning, then the man in a mask. Summoning HP to about one 5 of reinforcements. Then could easily. Strategy 1 – equipped suppressed, why is the equipment not level? Because this kind of task would limit level, but it will not be affected, equipment with high-grade equipment in with a few antidote what medicine can easily. 2 – this strategy depends on the degree of understanding of the game. 10 career after the completion of the task can make, if not, the countries will lease the land a ostards ran the sen, here to change your job illusionists, illusionists level 2 can be learned response prevention, physical damage in a lower grade 8 can be acquisition of magic (the duration is 30 minutes, with future missions strategy is also very helpful), with this magic the task is little difficult, antidote, of course, let’s take one or two. Second, the vocational level 15 task, because we play the spell so only speak this said. The task need to let everybody understand the class and related skills to use, the correct use of words is no difficulty.

Strategy: the first step is the purpose of this task to the designated location specified items, therefore have extra needless fight. In front of the enemy is archer 4 people, two people can kill one by one. Note if the enemy to their increased after the attacks and crit BUFF with magic to let him sleep sleep, and then give yourself with blood. Behind both archers use magic to sleep the sleep, ran to get things directly. And then began to fight in the second stage. The second phase to avoid fighting himself alone in the face of the enemy. At first the lucky E gave he went to sleep, put an NPC that his aborted. Then there would be no difficulty, less blood NPCS will help you. Third, the main task level 20, inflammation yves god. This is a copy for 4 people team, the difficulty is not high, the key is to look at the coordination and operation. Strategy: the first is a team. Can rent to others, also can let other people set themselves. Because team only has four people, so suggest team members, 1 t and 2 DPS, 1 reply. One phase is very good, playing without difficulty. BOSS HP50 % the following begin to enter the second stage, the BOSS will look in the eyes of the first call to a pact, this must give priority to abort, if the time limit not abort, BOSS of the flame will seconds off all hell, wipe directly. After the abortion, hell fire should be about a quarter of the blood, the milk will give T reply, other three drugs monthly bleeding. This process must be fast, because the BOSS is range skill set on to the next. Range skill damage is very high, largely in the dying, also good attack the ground attack range, must quickly escape, do not increase the nurse pressure (props h. CD for a long time, about 1 minute or so = =), otherwise it is easy to wipe. Avoid attack several times after the BOSS and will continue to recruit, or it is good to avoid attention, repeated several times, you can see the dawn of the victory. Four, finally, ostards task, the task is to get its own exclusive ostards task, don’t miss oh. Strategy: this task is very simple, yves in later, will let you choose to join an alliance, to join the league of later will appear next to a straight line task, let you give a ostards, ostards vouchers need to use for a vote of 1000 army, there are two main ways get way of the vote, is a kind of scheduling tasks (like that name). This to get the ticket is less, the second is to FATE, this can get a the army of more than 200 votes, will soon be able to raise 1000. Then say FATE system. FATE is the random events on the map, generally have submitted items, mixed weapon in qing dynasty, the BOSS this several. Participate in time can get a good reward, including experience value, game currency and the ticket. In FATE must pay attention to the FATE level don’t and your level of plus or minus above magnitude 5, otherwise there is no reward. Location of FATE, type, rating has prompt information map. Finally, career. Professional is divided into combat career and life two clock each contain more than one job. Combat professional include: sword warlock, bow warlock, dragon knight, such as life career, including: the alchemist, tailor, gardener, etc. Professional just as its name implies is to combat the relevant professional combat, a strange upgrade, dozen copies on the career. Life career mainly production, mining career, can be advanced production equipment, advanced props, can let you don’t have to have fun and professional equipment. These are your initial career after 10 levels, the corresponding professional task finish can be turned.

Of course some senior career in the game, transfer method is as follows:

ナイト     剣術士レベル30以上 幻術士レベル15以上
モンク     格闘士レベル30以上 槍術士レベル15以上
戦士       斧術士レベル30以上 剣術士レベル15以上
竜騎士     槍術士レベル30以上 格闘士レベル15以上
吟遊詩人   弓術士レベル30以上 幻術士レベル15以上
白魔道士   幻術士レベル30以上 剣術士レベル15以上
黒魔道士   呪術士レベル30以上 格闘士レベル15以上
召喚士     巴術士レベル30以上 ???レベル15以上
学者       巴術士レベル30以上 ???レベル15以上

Now that’s all, a reference to haven’t played, countries should also have access to.

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FFXIV:A bucket list before 2.0

Final fantasy XIV2.0 version has been released, let’s look at what are the new changes in the content and details.

Doom approaches Eorzea. It’s nice to think that we as players won a temporary victory and a brief respite from that oncoming destruction, but let’s face it: We all know from trailers and outside sources that it’s just a momentary win. Cities will burn, lands will be razed, and the best we can hope for is that when we emerge once more, the world is a better place. Final Fantasy XIV is getting a lot of upgrades in version 2.0, but a whole lot of the game is going to be flushed away first.

How long do we have? The rest of the month, certainly. Most of September, probably. More than that? Dubious. So it’s time to start making a bucket list for Eorzea-that-is before it becomes Eorzea-that-was, since we all know that a lot of things are changing by then. I’m not talking about finishing out the storyline missions; if you haven’t already done that, then odds are you’re not too concerned about doing so. I’m talking about the things you need to do in order to prepare for the end, stuff that you should start knuckling down and doing. Maybe some of it won’t be necessary after all, but it’s better to assume that the clock is running for you to take a last look.

Explore Shposhae

Kitty convention!More than likely, the current instanced regions in the game will still be there after the version change, but Shposhae is a little less certain. It’s not instanced like the others; it’s really more of an extension of La Noscea, and it’s easy to skip over as you rise in levels. So it’s very possible you’ve never been, and it’s also very possible that after the version update, it won’t be around to check out any longer.

This is a shame because while it’s not the most interesting dungeon, it’s still got some interesting scenery and neat little notorious fights. By your mid-30s, you can safely explore it without any issues, and if you’re at 50, you can definitely search through the whole area and kill anything you want while you’re there. So go ahead and prowl around, check out some of the coffers and notorious monsters, and take some pictures. It’s well worth the look.

Pick up some dated gear

Odds are good that “dated” gear will still be craftable until the changeover, but once 2.0 hits, it’s gone for good. This is especially worth noting for roleplayers because there are some things that you can do with several pieces of dated gear that you can’t do with other equipment. Only dated heavy armor can be slapped on Lancers, for instance. Most dated equipment just has optimal classes and levels rather than required ones. The list goes on, and it all boils down to the simple fact that there’s some neat stuff to be had if you get it before the cutoff.

Roleplayers should put forth the effort to find some of the unique gear that’s good for costuming and not so good for actual stats. Non-roleplayers have less to worry about, since you need to worry about stats more than looks, but there still might be a couple of neat pieces for ambling around town. Depending on the skill levels involved, some of the components needed for dated gear can be nabbed for a song right now, so it’s worth doing the research.

Raise one class of each Discipline to 50

Ah, good, more behemoths.Depending on where you are, this may be less desirable or even not doable. But it’s worth the effort because there are going to be a lot of new things worth exploring once the update hits… and nothing helps exploration like having a nice safe class for exploring. Raising one of each to the level cap gives you plenty of space to learn the new high-end of the game rather than re-learn the leveling march.

If you somehow have all of your classes to an equal point and need advice about which to raise, I’d aim for Conjurer, Botanist, and Culinarian. Food is bound to be useful after the patch, healing is always desirable, and trees seem to be slightly more plentiful than mining points. That having been said, if you’re a 39 Miner, you would be really dumb not to push along to the last few levels.

Pick some classes not to level

Look, there’s going to be a whole lot of new stuff to explore when the update hits. And while you could just go through from the top and blow through everything as a Level 50 Gladiator, that would also be really boring (and annoying to anyone competing with you for quest targets). No, you want to also experience the game from the bottom up, and that means picking out certain things you’re just not going to fool around with right now.

Sometimes, that’s not really possible. I don’t have a single class in War or Magic at less than 20, but I can avoid leveling anything that low. You might have a whole lot of classes at 50, but you can at least steer clear of the handful you don’t have maxed. And if you’ve gotten everything to the level cap already… well, odds are good you’re already in the Legacy program, so you’ll be able to make more characters to patch that hole.

Get your house in order

If you’ve got a lot of superfluous junk in your inventory, I recommend ditching it, crafting with it, or just selling it. We know that we’re losing some space with the update, so you’ll want to pare down to what’s actually important. Selling stuff also nets you some additional cash flow, and I can’t imagine that walking in with a full coin purse will be a bad idea.

Get your jobs unlocked if you’ve been waiting, grab some artifact armor if you can, and generally batten down the hatches. There’s a storm coming.

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New FFXIV 2.0 screenshots released

FFXIV new version will be open beta let’s look at the new version what are the changes in content and style.

Gamescom maketh the good things flow. Today saw Square-Enix releasing a double helping of new FFXIV screenshots and artwork as a preview of what awaits fans in the game’s 2.0 patch. The long-anticipated update, known as A Realm Reborn, is bringing some pretty significant changes to the game.

The new images show off everything from skill effects and mounts to architecture and NPC dialogue. They serve as a mightily shiny glimpse at what’s to come when the patch hits and brings a nearly universal graphical update with it. And chocobo-raising, because what good is a world without chocobo raising?

Artworks are so good! They are from Hiroshi Minagawa who directed artwork in FFT: War of Lions! He is hand-picked by Yoshi. Great choice!Click here FFXIV Gil to learn more about the game’s content and services.


FFXIV:Consoles and the online

Final fantasy XIV new version has been released,you could be forgiven for losing faith in the prospect of Final Fantasy XIV ever coming out for the PlayStation 3. Yes, it had been a promised platform, but it wouldn’t be the first MMO to abandon console promises. Heck, the development team is still working on fulfilling some of the promises made by the original team; it could be forgiven for putting that one on the back burner.

But it’s a real thing. We’ve seen the screenshots, and we know that two years after the game’s initial launch, we will finally get to play around in Eorzea on our televisions. (The “we” in this case refers to fellow PS3 owners.) This is sort of a mixed blessing.

This isn’t a column about console gaming compared to PC gaming; I really don’t care which platform you prefer, and it’s also not the point. This is a column about the fact that Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy XIV are both going to be console games as well as computer games, and that introduces some interesting wrinkles. Final Fantasy

Interface woes

This is what I'm basing the number on, if you're wondering.I’ve mentioned in the past how Final Fantasy XI has suffered in no small part because it’s tied to the PlayStation 2. This isn’t because the PlayStation 2 is a bad console, nor is it because you can’t upgrade the hardware in a PS2 without bringing it out of designer specifications. No, a lot of that weakness is because of the limitations to what you can do with a console game, starting with the interface.

One of the complaints that many people had about FFXIV right from the start was that its interface seemed to assume you had a controller hooked up to your computer. I think it was just a case of an interface designed to serve both computer and console and succeeding at neither, but there was definitely an element of making sure that things were streamlined to the point that your controller could do all the work. Some tasks, like switching pages on your action bars, almost seem as if they’d be easier with a controller than a keyboard.

There’s no real way around this. Yes, you can hook a keyboard up to a console or a controller up to a computer, but in the latter case, you’re adding a third peripheral when your hands are designed to handle two at most. In the former case, you’re adding an accessory to your console for use in an exceptionally small number of games, possibly just the one.

FFXI was designed from the start for play on consoles, which is part of the reason the game has menu-based combat and an inelegant control schematic. FFXIV clearly has caved to some of the ideas of more modern design, but therein lies part of the problem. A glance at the interface screenshots suggests you’ve got about 16 action buttons on speed-dial. That means that fights have to be designed around playing with 16 abilities on tap because otherwise console players literally won’t be able to compete.

You can say that it doesn’t affect you on the PC, but part of the reason FFXIV was designed that way was to ensure that console and PC players were on equal footing for using abilities.

Then you’ve got issues like modifiable interfaces (a plus, but difficult on a console and yet expected if it’s in the PC version) and display issues (televisions don’t have the resolution of a good monitor, even HD ones), and just playing the game on two systems concurrently becomes a hassle. A manageable one, yes, but one that requires at least twice as much testing. Every update for FFXI has to work on three completely separate systems, and that adds more steps to the testing process and more failure points into an already complex system.

That would mean a lot more if the listed parties didn't consistently fail to deliver any sort of protection.

A new order

Introducing the console to the FFXIV playerbase is going to bring some development issues. But it also has at least one major benefit for the game as a whole: making the relaunch stick.

I’ve talked for a while about how FFXIV needs to win the hearts and minds of many people who have sworn off the game for good. There are a lot of people who have never played the game, but the title is still synonymous with all manner of negative adjectives. It takes some sort of external force to counteract that, something like the launch of the game on a new platform with a whole lot of new and pretty-looking screenshots. You know, the sort of relaunch that really crystalizes the idea that this is a completely new game.

Right now, fantasy games of the sprawling baroque style have a bit of traction with the console audience. And while there are other MMOs available for the PlayStation 3, they’re currently all rather niche titles that don’t have the brand name visibility of a new Final Fantasy game. Even though the console version alone won’t repopulate the game, it will bring in new people, including those who had never paid much attention to it prior to the launch on the console.

That may mean driving more development toward appealing to console players, which means a trend toward more flexible gameplay, but I don’t consider that a bad thing. And it’s going to mean that there will be a lot of extra hurdles for the development team to jump through with the addition of the new platform, but that was always going to be the case.

Please don’t be all that good, please don’t be all that good.

While I wish that every game would be a success, my wallet and my schedule can’t take anymore good stuff now.

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A look at FFXIV’s new character creator

Final fantasy XIV new version is more, what is the improvement on the characters created?Final Fantasy XIV players already knew that the game’s character creator is being overhauled when the game’s relaunch goes live. Now, the development team at Square-Enix has finally given us a clearer picture of what to expect from the creator in A Realm Reborn with five new screens showing off some of the options within the new tool as well as the overall interface players will be experiencing. It’s not the full picture, but it’s enough for fans to start getting a feel for what’s on the way.

Several of the options appear to be returning from the current version of the game, while still others are being added or expanded (no doubt some players will be happy to see that a character’s bust size is now freely selectable, for example). The overall look is far more streamlined and straightforward compared to the current version. There’s no hint of new hairstyles, but you can take a look at the full preview in the gallery just below.

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Another ‘mistake like FFXIV’ could destroy Square

Yoshida - Another 'mistake like FFXIV' could destroy Square

Final Fantasy XIV producer Naoki Yoshida says Square can ill afford another disaster like the game’s late 2010 launch. Speaking with Kotaku in a wide-ranging recent interview, Yoshida says that his misgivings started as early as FFXIV’s beta.

“When I heard that it was going to go on sale as planned, I thought, that will probably be a big mistake,” he explains. He also points out how Square’s pre-cursor Final Fantasy XI MMO was influenced by EverQuest and posits that a mish-mash of FFXIV and World of Warcraft would have worked out better.

Regardless of all the hindsight, though, Yoshida concludes that A Realm Reborn is on the right track. “We won’t make a mistake like FFXIV again,” he says. “If we did, it would be like at the level of destroying the company.”SO we are looking forward to the success of the game, if you want to join click FFXIV Gil to understand in detail.

FFXIV producer letter addresses alpha questions

FFXIV producer letter addresses alpha questions

Although the curtain has fallen on Final Fantasy XIV as we know it, the story is not over; soon, the next act will begin in A Realm Reborn. But during the intermission, players have plenty of questions. What’s going on in alpha? Why are tester numbers restricted? When can we see and test for ourselves? And what has become of Bahamut and Louisoix?

In the latest producer letter, Naoki Yoshida set about answering the many alpha questions that have been pouring into Square Enix. (Sorry, but you’ll have to wait for the launch to find out about Bahamut and Louisoix!) Yoshida explained why more testers aren’t necessary, emphasizing that the alpha is currently locked at level 20 and focuses on simulating stress conditions for the lower-level areas.

Folks still hoping to participate in the alpha might get invites for the fourth phase which will start December 3rd and go through mid-month. Additionally, a third testing world will be opened at this time to allow for even more testers than originally planned. For more details, check out the producers letter.

Only one question:Did they overkill on the co-dependence like the rumoured design of FFXI?I’ve always wanted to try an online final fantasy, but every friend I know that ever tried XI said it was made in the EQ style of “have friends or die.”I have one consistent gaming partner I try many games with, I’m not interested in forming lasting partnerships with guilds or large organizations.  I like to know I can enjoy the game alone if I have to, since I’m purchasing it alone.  I play MMOs, but I need them to support me before it supports any would-be teams I’d form or join.  You are ready, click the FFXIV Gil to learn more about the game data.


FFXIV: A Realm Reborn announces beta signups

Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn announces beta signups

Final Fantaxy XIV: A Realm Reborn is coming. In preparation for joyous occasion, it’s about time for beta testing to begin. The time to apply is now!

Phases one and two of beta testing will be PC only, while PlayStation 3 testing will begin in phase three. Players will need to begin beta testing with new characters, which will be wiped at the end of phase three. From phase four onward, characters and such will continue on into the official game (barring the need for data wipes for unforeseen reasons).

Folks who applied for the alpha test don’t have to reapply but aren’t necessarily guaranteed access to the beta. Legacy campaign members can participate in the beta from phase one without application but should apply specifically for the PS3 beta tests if they want to go that route.

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