Rangers rely on a keen eye, a steady hand, and the power of nature itself. Unparalleled archers, rangers are capable of bringing down foes from a distance with their bows. With traps, nature spirits, and a stable of loyal pets at their command, rangers can adapt to any situation.


Rangers are accompanied by their pets, fierce animal companions who fight at their side. Rangers can have up to two pets at their call, and they can switch between the two animals during combat. Rangers can command their pets to attack specific targets, assign their pets a behavior mode, such as “passive” or “active,” and activate the special skill that is unique to each pet type. To recruit a pet, rangers charm juvenile animals in the wild such as giant flightless birds, loyal dogs, fierce monsters, and even undersea creatures like sharks.

Special Skills

  1. Traps

    Rangers can punish enemies who dare to approach them with traps, skills that are placed on the ground nearby. Traps remain active as long as rangers stay nearby or until an enemy triggers it. For example, Spike Trap cripples and bleeds opponents that pass through it.

  2. Spirits

    Rangers can summon spirits of nature to their side during a battle. These powerful spirits influence the area around it. For example, Sun Spirit grants any allied attacks within range a 20% chance to cause burning


Server Maintenance Oct. 16th to Pave Way for 1.05

The Diablo III forum has been updated with the announcement that server maintenance will be conducted on all regional servers on Tuesday, October 16th. The express purpose of the maintenance is to bring patch v1.05 to live status.


We will be performing scheduled maintenance for Diablo III starting tomorrow at 3:00 a.m. PDT in order to deploy patch 1.0.5. We anticipate that maintenance will conclude and that all services will be available by approximately 1:00 p.m. PDT.


Important: Please note that you will not be prompted to download patch 1.0.5 until the patch is live in your home region. If you are logging in from a European or Asian client, you will need to wait for this patch to release in that region before it can be installed. Additionally, if your home region is the Americas, you will be unable to log into Europe or Asia using Global Play after patch 1.0.5 is live until those regions have also patched.


For reference, here are the scheduled maintenance times for each region:


The Americas: 3:00 a.m. PDT (10/16) to 1:00 p.m. PDT (10/16)
Europe: 6:00 p.m. PDT (10/16) to 4:00 a.m. PDT (10/17)
Asia: 1:00 p.m. PDT (10/17) to 11:00 p.m. PDT (10/17)



The Devil’s Advocate : On MMOs Going SoloThe Devil’s Advocate : On MMOs Going Solo



According to our latest Devil’s Advocate, there is an increasingly prevalent trend for many MMOs to incorporate solo experiences into what is supposed to be a social experience. Whether or not this is a good things will be left to you decide so keep reading! Add your voice to the conversation in the comments.

There is a subtle but distinct trend in the MMO industry towards the “solofication” or “single-playerization” of the MMORPG. MMOs are still generally social experiences, but there are design choices and tweaks to how certain things work that make it easier to think of an MMORPG as a sort of expandable single-player experience. While it’s not exactly a topic of scholarly or philosophical study, it doesn’t mean we can’t shine a light on this shift in the MMORPG. Today’s Devil’s Advocate attempts to look at the main reason people think MMORPGs are becoming Massively Single-Player Online Role-Playing Games… and then throws another idea into the mix for some extra tidbits of thought.

Read more of Victor Barreiro Jr.’s The Devil’s Advocate: On MMOs Going Solo.


Star Wars: The Old Republic : Player Feedback Integral to Update ChangesStar Wars: The Old Republic : Player Feedback Integral to Update Changes

BioWare has left a new post on the Star Wars: The Old Republic forum indicating that they will be making changes to the next update which will bring the free to play model on board. The team indicated that community feedback was integral to the list of changes that will be implemented. Additionally, several bugs have been identified as priority issues.
We’ve found some crucial bugs that needed stomping, which is good. These changes will make their way to you probably early next week.

There are a couple of key concepts that should be kept in mind as you review free to play changes. The first is that, to be honest, all of you are looking at a gameplay mode that you will likely never see. Subscribers who choose to cancel their account will typically revert to something that we refer to as preferred status. My fellow designer Nathan Emmotthas a post up describing the ins and outs of Preferred Status. Originally, the second quickslot bar was part of preferred status, but this morning based on feedback here and what they were seeing in the community we decided to give it to everyone.



Personal StoryPersonal Story


Your story begins the moment you create your character. The choices you make, such as race and profession, determine which of the five massive starting areas you’ll begin your tale in, and what manner of skills, weapons, and abilities you’ll have access to. But Guild Wars 2 goes beyond race and profession to a deeper level of character creation—the biography.

When you create your character, you’ll choose from a range of biographical options that develop your character’s personality, their history, and their hopes and dreams. The choices you make in your character’s biography set you down a particular story path which branches off into new directions with every fateful decision you make.

Your personal story is told through private, instanced chapters that are specific to your character. If you need a little help, you can always invite friends along to experience your personal story with you. As “guest stars” these players can help you, but it’s still your story and key decisions are yours to make. These key decisions not only determine the story’s direction, they also change and update your home instance, a personalized home area located in your character’s racial capital.

Guild Wars 2 provides players both the social, fully interactive feeling of a multiplayer game as well as the customized, choice-based story one expects from a personal role-playing game. Whether the stakes are epic or personal, we want players to tell their own story within the game environment, so we’ve provided them the tools to do just that.

We’ve brought to life a massive world of events, storylines, and characters—all we need is you.


At GDC Online Roberts also announced a program to bring his devotees At GDC Online Roberts also announced a program to bring his devotees


“We are taking this approach to fund-raising for several reasons,” said Roberts. “For one, this route takes the traditional game publisher out of the mix and enables us to take the millions of dollars normally used by publishers for a triple-A title and plow them right back into developing the game. Secondly, using our own crowd funding mechanism allows us to reach out to our international fans, who have been devoted followers of my games in the past. Thirdly, going direct gets us much closer to our fans and allows us to focus more on the community side, create more updates for our fans and directly interact with them as we are making the game.”

The game is being made as a “Buy-to-Play” game (akin to Guild Wars 2).  While players will be able to play in the universe for free, virtual items will be available via in-game credits to customize their ships and experience.  It’s also going to be a mix of offline and online play.  The single-player version will be fully-supported with downloadable updates, while the online version will be a massive multi-player universe shaped by players’ actions.  There will even be user-made content and mods.  The whole thing is really sounding like a dream come true, but Chris’ team needs the funding to get the project really going forward.  

Oh, and did we mention that it’ll be PC only? Darn right, it’d better be!



World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria : Review in Progress – Part ThreeWorld of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria : Review in Progress – Part Three




This week’s Review in Progress for Mists of Pandaria covers the new Pet Battle System… and why it just might be the best part of Blizzard’s latest WoW expansion.
The Pet System overall is a testament to WoW’s new direction: give player’s new stuff. I think it is a great system in Mists and adds a lot to the game even if it’s not for everyone. I say this because I was very much one of the doubters. I thought it would be silly and more annoying than anything else. Well, Blizzard proved me wrong. The idea that I can name my Mechanical Chicken was just funny, and I still have a soft spot in my heart for the Mechanical Yetis, two hysterical aspects of the game which WoW has now given a clear purpose outside of bragging rights.




Guild Wars 2 : ‘Shadow of the Mad King’ Event Teased with New VideoGuild Wars 2 : ‘Shadow of the Mad King’ Event Teased with New Video



ArenaNet is teasing the upcoming ‘Shadow of the Mad King’ Halloween event for Guild Wars 2 with a new trailer released this evening. The team has also launched a mini-site giving players a peek at the event’s schedule, which will consist of four separate acts, beginning on October 22 and concluding with Act 4 on October 31.

The Shadow of the Mad King event centers on the gruesome story of the tyrannical Mad King of Kryta, who met his end at the hands of his own people hundreds of years ago. The king’s body was dismembered and his spirit cast into the depths of the Underworld. As the story goes, the Mad King can return to the mortal world but once a year, and as one might expect, that single day falls upon Halloween.

Check out the teaser below and head on over here for a sneak peek at the full event schedule and other details.


Design Goals for NullsecDesign Goals for Nullsec


The bulk of that blog was about defining things that should be true – in an ideal world – for everything that goes on in nullsec. That gives us a general framework to work within, but doesn’t do a lot to explain where we’re going with the different parts that make up nullsec today, and the things we’ll be adding in the near future.
In the latest developer blog on the EVE Online site, CCP Greyscale continues the discussion of how the team is going about redesigning Nullsec. As the discussions got underway, the dev team met with the CSM to discuss exactly what the goals were for nullsec redevelopment

For this next bit, we had several brainstorming sessions, both internally and with the CSM, to define both what major areas of gameplay should exist in nullsec, and what the guiding principles for those individual areas or features should be. Again, we harvested the results, analyzed them, broke them down, built them up, and tried to pull them together into a unified vision of where we want to go. This all coalesced into a whiteboard covered in text, which I have reproduced below for your viewing pleasure. 

Chronoscrolls introducing will unleashed vicissitudinous truthChronoscrolls introducing will unleashed vicissitudinous truth


 Have you ever gotten frustrated by gold farmers hawking their wares and spamming game chat? Had to listen to a guildmate’s story of woe about a hacked account and stolen identity? Or submitted a petition and been told that you’ll have to wait because the customer service team is busy cleaning up the mess left behind by keyloggers and spyware left on people’s computers after they tried a game “add-on” that contained a trojan?
These problems plague online games because there are people willing to destroy the play environment in order to make money selling gold. They’re called real-money traders, and they’re willing to commit online crimes like identity theft, account theft, and credit card fraud because collectively they earn billions of dollars each year. That’s right, billions.
There’s no way for En Masse alone to win the war against the gold farmers and real-money traders. They have strong financial motivations to commit crimes, and most live in places where they can’t be prosecuted for those crimes. So we’re going to change the rules. We’re going to take steps to limit that kind of problem in TERA by enlisting you, the community. We’d like your help to make life difficult for real-money traders.
It all starts with a new type of item we’re adding to the game: chronoscrolls. Players use these items to extend their game time. Each chronoscroll is the equivalent of a one-month game subscription payment. Chronoscrolls are purchased directly from our website and delivered to your character’s inventory. You can use them to extend your play experience for another month or trade them in the game with other players for gold.