Dev Diary Reveals PvP SystemDev Diary Reveals PvP System

Today, we’re super excited to unveil details about the Rusty Hearts PvP sytem with the second Developer Diary video and a blogpost that will give players everything they need to know about the multiplayer experience in the game.
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Rusty Heart’s full-fledged PvP system will allow competitive style gamers to create rooms to face off against friends, trade PvP points for gear and in-game items, try out exciting battle modes including death match, solo and team survival, tag team, VIP mode and more. 

The feud between night elves and trolls and tauren dated back centuries

The midday sun fixed its unflinching gaze upon the sands of Silithus, bearing mute witness to the multitudes forming ranks outside the Scarab Wall. It continued its passage, though to the masses gathered below, it seemed as though the orb had stopped to cast down unrelenting waves of heat until the vast armies simply collapsed from exposure. Amid the restless formations a lone night elf stood in quiet contemplation. Her companions eyed her with admiration; some, almost reverence. The others who were gathered–an assortment of representatives from every race in every land in the known world–viewed her with their own racial prejudices. After all, the blood feud between night elves and the likes of trolls and tauren dated back centuries.

No matter their affiliations, however, all who had come to battle that day shared one sentiment for the night elf: respect. Shiromar was like the sun above–impassive, unwavering, and unflinching. These qualities had served her well in the recent months, providing her with the strength to continue when all seemed lost; when the quest seemed neverending; and when her companions had simply given up. There had been the watcher, and the Caverns of Time; there was the bronze dragon and the Broodlord and the squirming insect hives; then there were the shards and their keepers, the ancient dragons, none of whom would give up their charge easily. Coercion, ingenuity, and sometimes outright violence, all were employed to accomplish the task.

And all of this for one item, the item gripped in Shiromar’s hands even now: the Scepter of the Shifting Sands, reformed at last after a thousand years. In the end, all roads had led here, to Silithus, and to the gates of the Scarab Wall. Here, where the Scepter was shattered. Shiromar looked up at the sky and remembered a time when the sun had been eclipsed by dragons; when the Qiraji and silithid flooded over the legions of night elves in seemingly eternal waves; when hope seemed but a shadow. It seemed as if none would survive those terrible months; yet here she was, standing before the sacred barrier that saved their lives all those years ago, during the War of the Shif 

Ashes of History Live EventAshes of History Live Event


The newest Rift Live Event has been announced as starting on Wednesday, October 12th. The Ashes of History live event will pit players against the slaves of Laethys and Maelforge (Wanton & Golden Maw) and see an increase in fire and earth rifts across Telara.

Ashes of History will feature new daily quests, new rifts that reward players with Magma Opals (the event’s currency) that can be used to “purchase scorching rewards, including rare and epic weapons, a glittering oreling companion, and the fearsome Ash Strider mount.”
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Find out more about Rift.

The first new zone to be added to Rift is now live on the public test server. Called the Ember Isles, the area is set to give level 50s a run for their money with more difficult mobs and bosses. YouTube user “LyricalBrit”, aka Warb, has posted a nice video of the Ember Isles from a Defiant’s perspective in the game. 

Birthday Celebration Event CalendarBirthday Celebration Event Calendar


Thursday, April 23
Indulge your Sweet Tooth when Birthday Cupcakes start dropping from creatures across Tyria, Cantha, and Elona.
See awesome hourly fireworks displays over Lion’s Arch, Shing Jea Monastery, Kamadan, and the Great Temple of Balthazar.
Friday, April 24
Test your luck and skill at the Shing Jea Boardwalk! Starting at Noon Pacific (-7 GMT), this popular venue will once again open to the public in the Shing Jea Monastery.
Challenge yourself and others in Rollerbeetle Races and the Dragon Arena. Starting at Noon, these mini-games will be accessible from Lion’s Arch, Shing Jea Monastery, Kamadan, and the Great Temple of Balthazar.
Tuesday, April 28
Starting at 12:01 AM Pacific on Tuesday, April 28, characters turning four will find a gift in their inventories that has a new miniature from this year’s birthday series. Characters turning one, two, or three will receive a wrapped miniature from that corresponding set of past Guild Wars birthday presents. We give birthday presents year round, so each of your characters will receive gifts on their personal birthdays (creation dates).


Cataclysm: Path of the Titans be the biggest change for top level players


The slacker inside of me jumps for joy at the news that the material component costs have been reduced for easier leveling, making Enchanting a more appealing profession by far. Tank balance overall seems good at this point in time. This is just part one, to know more about the new expansion World of Warcraft Cataclysm, let’s look forward to the part two tomorrow. The registration has not opened yet (as soon as it does, you will find information right here) so when it does you can go directly to the register your name and email address – but be quick! This news is huge, as it will affect every aspect of the Hunter’s game and also a lot of other things (such as wow gold and drops).

WoW Cataclysm Path of the Titans will be the biggest change for top level players in World of Warcraft for years. All classes will be equipped with weapons from the beginning of the game, as well as the ability to use. If you like using addons, make sure to always check what you’ve listed the item at afterwards. Each existing character on every World of Warcraft account associated with the Authenticator protected wow gold will receive the Core Hound Pup pet. But what are these questlines? Blizzard has used racial talents to influence professions, but this seems like a strange choice (as worgen can themselves be skinned!).

And the reason they bought was the “instant delivery” in the first place. So we know Blizzard’s aim and goal — hard to attack but worth it, and defenders who feel threatened when those attackers storm across the bridge. Each of the paths has an interesting name, which I will list here simply for information’s sake. As a new player it is generally just important to understand what they do. There will be big changes surrounding the talents of pets, especially those which affect their abilities etc. We try every means to offer you the most reliable customer service and convenient payment methods. Start buying the cheapest wow gold from the leading wow gold provider.


Like what you see? Give it a spin! Like what you see? Give it a spin!

if  you want to make that criticism, you’re more than welcome to do so, but SW:TOR is really the only MMO I’ve ever seen receive that criticism and then repeatedly find itself constantly labeled as a singleplayer RPG as a result. Nothing requires me to group in World of Warcraft from 1-85 and this is often true for just about any AAA MMO that has come out since WoW, but I don’t see anyone calling WoW a singleplayer RPG. Curious, isn’t it?

To set the record straight, Star Wars: The Old Republic does feature a significant amount of designated group content. There are myriad heroic area quests on each world, over 15 Flashpoints (group instances), and three raids presently in the game. By the numbers, there’s a decent chunk of group content there. Can you churn through it in your first month of play? Absolutely, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Does the game force you to do this group content to progress? No, but what modern MMO does? In the interest of increasing accessibility to the genre, MMOs have certainly become more solo friendly over the years and SW:TOR is not remotely alone to that end, nor is it the worst offender by any means. You can be unhappy with that trend, that’s perfectly fine, but SW:TOR deserves no more ire for it than any other game of its ilk.

There’s a larger issue here, though. SW:TOR is just the latest themepark MMO to incur the wrath of MMO players who are really disappointed because they feel games like SW:TOR don’t aspire to what uniquely makes MMOs great: the ability to interact, cooperate, collaborate, or even compete with other players in an online world. You’re frustrated that most MMOs these days are cakewalks that can be soloed from level one to cap and I get that. Having begun my MMO journey in one of the genre’s most renowned sandbox games, Star Wars Galaxies, I feel I’ve experienced firsthand what the heights of the MMO experience can truly be. Yet, here I am, enjoying games like Star Wars: The Old Republic, City of Heroes, The Secret World, and so on. And none of these necessarily force me to play with others.

I recently came upon a thread in our SW:TOR forums where the original poster explained that he had hit level eight in the game and had not come across any group quests yet (there are at least two, if not more, on each starter world, by the way) and that’s where I saw the “singleplayer” nonsense being thrown around yet again and what ultimately became the straw that broke the camel’s back for me. This is important to my previous point as this simple and singular thread illuminated to me the real issue at hand: 

Hell is for Heroes, and Inferno is not a place I want to still be ‘trying out’ new skillsHell is for Heroes, and Inferno is not a place I want to still be ‘trying out’ new skills

In Diablo 2 stuff would unlock at a reasonable rate, and by the end of normal you had your build and were just getting the extras. Under this system, it’s entirely possible that you will be waiting until you have finished Hell to unlock the skill effect you want. I don’t know about you, but by the time I hit Hell I really want to have my build down and be working on gear and technique.

It’s weird how on one hand we’re asked for limitations, add more limitations, we really want to be punished and forced to level new characters and just be beaten about the face and neck with punishing game mechanics… and then it almost feels like there’s a fear that you won’t have a perfect character to take on the challenging areas of the game. 

Pet Battle System

For years, your faithful companion pets have followed you on countless adventures. They’ve provided you with comfort, company, sometimes even with entertainment and hours of fun. Maybe you only have a handful of pets you really love, or maybe you have made it your quest to capture as many of them as you can. The fact remains, heroes love their little companions… and in Mists of Pandaria, they will take the spotlight in a brand-new way.

You can teach your pets unique abilities and attacks, and they will use these abilities when battling other pets. As they fight and win battles, your pets will gain experience and level up, which makes them tougher and may even unlock new abilities.  Venture out into the world, collect pets wherever you find them, and train your pets to help them reach their maximum potential!
    What’s more, you will also have a brand-new way to add more pets to your collection. In addition to purchasing pets or getting them as item drops, you can now also encounter and capture pets in the wild. If you run into one of these pets, you can have your own pet challenge it; if you manage to defeat the capturable pet, you will capture it and add it to your collection! Those capturable pets have stats that vary, so you may end up catching an exceptionally powerful pet. Keep your eyes open! 

Blizzard Cinematics Wins Award for “The Black Soulstone” Blizzard Cinematics Wins Award for “The Black Soulstone”

The Visual Effects Society has announced the winners of its 10th Annual VES Awards, which recognizes outstanding visual effects artistry in 23 categories of film, animation, television, commercials, special venues, and video games. The Blizzard Cinematics team won the “Outstanding Visual Effects in an Animated Commercial or Video Game Trailer” award for the Diablo III: The Black Soulstone video, which was presented to Nick Carpenter, VP of art & cinematic development; Jon Lanz, VFX supervisor; Chris Thunig, 2D art director; and Taka Yasuda, producer.If you are still finding a legit WoW Gold Seller which can offer you Cheap WoW Gold. You really need to check our company. Buy WoW Gold from here can save your money a big time, as well as give you a chance to win Free WoW Gold. 

The Next Big Thing


Shooters are absolutely huge right now, but are they as huge as they used to be? Of course, we can’t go a year without seeing a Call of Duty release, and then there’s Medal of Honor, Battlefield, Spec Ops: The Line, Splinter Cell, Far Cry, Crysis, Gears of War, and about a million other shooters either recently released or about to launch. It’s safe to say that shooters are the most popular thing in the gaming industry right now. But, judging by past trends, it doesn’t look as though this will be the case for long.

Every year, E3 shows us what the face of the industry looks like, and for the past several years that face had “SHOOTERS” written across its forehead. Last year, every company under the sun had a shooter they wanted to push. Alongside the mainstays like COD and Battlefield, we also saw things like Inversion, a shooter based on gravity mechanics, and Binary Domain, a shooter based on robots and team synergy. Go back even further and you’d see the same sort of atmosphere for the last three or so years, if not longer. However, this year was a little different.

There were still loads of throwaway shooters, but they were actually a lot harder to find. And even the big boys have been falling out of the public spotlight as of late. Modern Warfare 3 did not have as strong a reception as Black Ops, and Black Ops 2, while causing quite a bit of buzz, did not draw crowds nearly as big as Modern Warfare 3’s crowds at last year’s E3. Then, during the later days of the SNES and early days of the PlayStation, the Japanese RPG was king. We saw Final Fantasy greats like Final Fantasy IV, VI, and VII release, of course. Then other franchises like Breath of Fire followed until eventually even American companies were making J-style RPGs like Legend of Dragoon. Come on, join us!