Month: June 2012

Healing in guild wars

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If you have played enough Guild Wars, or any other MMO with healers, you’ve sat around waiting for the right mix of professions before being able to continue. That feels an awful lot like preparing to have fun instead of having fun. Instead of the traditional trinity, every Guild Wars 2 profession is self reliant–not ….  Read More

World of Warcraft – Professions and Tips

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Eventually, you’ll be able to choose between a number of professions. There are two types of professions, Secondary Professions, and Primary Professions. Primary professions are the main professions you’ll want to work on. These include Alchemy, Enchanting, Blacksmithing, Leatherworking, Engineering, Herbalism, Jewelcrafting, Mining, Skinning, Tailoring, and Inscription. These professions will be the ones that make ….  Read More

to read and enjoy diabo 3 powerleveling. to read and enjoy diabo 3 powerleveling.

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Now let me show you the runes tone. In the Diablo 3, you needn’t punctuate on the skill to increase the effects. The runes tone bring  you the promotion exceed the skill、 harm、 the effects of elements、precise、scope、slow down、swim and so on. These new controlling may change over the skills themselves. On May the 14th 2012 ….  Read More