Diablo III Will Ship Without PvP ContentDiablo III Will Ship Without PvP Content

As we’re counting down the days until we’re ready to announce a release date for Diablo III, we’ve come to realize that the PvP game and systems aren’t yet living up to our standards. Today, we wanted to let you know that we’ve made the difficult decision to hold back the PvP Arena system and release it in a patch following the game’s launch. After a lot of consideration and discussion, we ultimately felt that delaying the whole game purely for PvP would just be punishing to everyone who’s waiting to enjoy the campaign and core solo/co-op content, all of which is just about complete.

While we work on making sure PvP lives up to its full potential, we hope you’ll find some consolation in the fact that soon, you’ll be having a blast leveling characters, finding items, learning the classes, and perfecting builds… and that when the Arenas do arrive, you’ll be all the better prepared for battle.

When the PvP patch is ultimately ready, it will add multiple Arena maps with themed locations and layouts, PvP-centric achievements, and a matchmaking system that will help you and your team get into fairly matched games quickly and easily. We’ll also be adding a personal progression system that will reward you for successfully bashing in the other team’s skulls.

We know a lot of you are looking forward to PvP, and we’ll be focusing our post-launch efforts on making sure the Arenas are as brutal, bloody, fast-paced, and awesome as we know they can be. In the meantime, we’re in the process of putting the finishing touches on what we think is a truly epic campaign and co-op experience for launch.The most competitive Price. By using a special price searching system to check the diablo 3  Gold prices of our 150 major competitors.We are able to maintain the most competitive price for players to buy diablo 3 gold,We guarantee 100% safe delivery method and take full responsibility for it, our company  have been completed thousands of transactions and meet over 1000 orders everyday, we successfully make all our customers delighted and satisfied.

We’ll have a lot more info to share on the PvP system in the future, and we look forward to the moment we can get the game into your hands 

What is there to do at end game?What is there to do at end game?

Well, one of the things we focused on with Diablo, these have all been cooperative games; they’ve always had a server/client architecture. For Diablo 2, its end-game was always about adding multiple difficulties, but the problem is that player power eventually overwhelms the challenge of the game, to the point where the only point of going on was sheer tenacity. A player good say ‘Look, I’ve made it to level 99!”, which is, like, crazy dude… It was a time investment, but one without any real challenge or fun.

So one of the things we focused on for Diablo 3 – and we weren’t interested in making super long gruelling levelling up process – what we wanted was, the fun stuff, searching for gear, and fighting against monsters who are challenging. So we created a fourth difficulty that we call Inferno that is ALL max-level. Max-level for a player is level 60, and so all the monsters at the start of Inferno are level 61, in Act Two they are level 62, in Three and Four they’re level 63. And there are items that ONLY drop at level 61, at level 62 and so on; and they’re not small number! There’s a whole tier of armour in each one.

So even to be able to play viably in Inferno, you’re going to have to play and fight in Hell for a little while, to get your items up to the quality so that you’ll be able to fight through. And then to move from Act to Act you’ll need to do that. We just wanted to take the idea of what was fun about Diablo, and make it challenging so that it would stay fun, and put the the time investment into more combat and loot-hunting, and less into meaningless time-investment to prove that you’re more committed than your friends.

There’s been a lot of backlash from the community in regards to the need for a contact internet connection during gameplay, which Blizzard have explained is purely so that Character / Item building is done in a legit fashion, but many have claimed is more so for DRM control. Is this Blizzards direction for all future releases? And will LAN play ever be part of another Blizzard game ever again? (This was an epically long question, so we might have paraphrased it a bit…)

You know, every project is different – and for us, we’re focused on trying to solve some of the issues that Diablo 2 had. The reason why we’ve moved away from LAN play towards online was that we felt the experience that we could provide for players would be FAR better if they were online. We see it as a natively cooperative game, and we had a lot of problems with people in Diablo 2 playing the game offline and not realising that there even was an online component; or, once they discovered there was an online component, not being able to transfer their character over to the official Battle.net. That was a break-point for a lot of people, and they just left the game. Those are bad problems that we wanted to fix.

Diablo 2 also had a lot of security problems, and a lot of them were related to the fact that it’s a server/client architecture where gave players the server; so it was very easy to hack that server. It’s a lot harder to hack a server that you don’t have.

Security’s probably one of the biggest criticism’s of Diablo 2, so we felt it was one of the things that it was important to try and fix.

Cows – where are they?

There’s cows in there I think… somewhere…

Actually, there is a REALLY big easter egg in the game, but I’m not going to tell you what it is…

There have been a number of comments made about the skills interface. Could you provide some clarification on Blizzards thoughts on the interface design? Some have suggested it was done to make the interface easier to navigate for the future console port.

The interface has been changed so players can understand the combat system more. One of the things, or criticisms, that we had on the skills system from our more dedicated players really comes from the fact that they ARE more dedicated, or more savvy, players; they’ve really learnt a lot about the game’s structure. What we found time and time again, internally, when we put even very hardcore players in front of the game, was they would not know how to interact with all the systems. They’d say ‘It feels like there’s a way that you want us to play, but you’re not giving me any hints as to what that is.’ It’s almost like they’re saying ‘If I could put the skills in categories I’d be able to understand them.’

Well, hey, we have those; when we designed the classes and the combat model, every class had these different categories of skills. Some of them were really hard categories, like defensive skills, or movement skills, or AOE skills; some of them were more soft, like single target versus area damage. So when we showed people internally our backend categories, a lot of people were like ‘Oh, now I get what you’re trying to do – why aren’t you showing that to the player?’

It comes back to this kind of core philosophy that we have at Blizzard; what we really want to get away from is what we call ‘the test’, which is putting a skill, or putting anything in a system in front of the players, that there’s a right answer for… but where we’re not going to help them find it. I think some of our more dedicated, more hardcore users say that that’s alright, that’s where the fun is. But I actually don’t think that’s the case; I think the fun is in playing the game, not working out how to play it.

That said, I think there’s an enormous amount of capacity in the game for crazy builds, to try and actually break the conventions of the combat model. We’ve given a lot of power to the player to strain it, and test it, and to come up with whacky combinations.

To me, that’s what’s fun. There’s nothing wrong with understanding the categories to begin with; so you take all that, and take all the challenges of making a game that is… you know, we make games that are very hardcore, but we still want them to be approachable, and it’s one of those situations where you’re never going to make both camps completely happy.

But I think that’ll change once people can actually play the game. There’s a lot of stuff going on right now on the forums where our community members will say we’ve really got to address this problem, or whatever, you know… they’re just excited. They just want the game to come out, and they’re looking for anything to talk about, or to debate or argue; anything they can, because they just want to play the game.

In fact, one of the great things about Blizzard is that it’s really easy for us to put is in our customers shoes (stage whisper) because we ARE them (/stage whisper). We’re right in the same situation when one of our favourite games is about to come out, we’re the same ones, pounding on forums, saying ‘You’ve ruined the game!’, and then it comes out, and we’re all like, ‘Yay!’ and all’s forgotten!

You’ve got to remember, as a developer, that all that feedback comes from love.

Do you believe that the cash shop will wind up dragging the best items out of the economy? There seems to be little reason not to sell your ultra rare items for cash rewards. Won’t this lead to a model where those who spend the most will be the best geared? Does Blizzard see this effecting the game long term?

I don’t think it’s a big issue, and here’s why. So let’s say you are… if you don’t have any time invested into the game, or money, well, you’re probably not going to be very successful. I’ll admit that.

But let’s say you have a situation where you can invest a lot of time, but have no money, or you don’t want to spend a dime… well, you’re gonna find good items. It’s mathematical – you WILL find good items. It may not be the items you want, but you will find them. You can put them on the Auction House, and earn currency to buy whatever items you want, without putting a single dollar of your own currency into the system.

Originally we planned to have a listing fee, and we struggled to find ways to remove it, and finally did – so that players don’t have to invest money into the Auction House if they don’t want to. We thought that was essential – being able to trade with virtua; currency should not mean you have to open your wallet.

So I don’t t think anyone needs to worry.

And you know, if you look at Diablo 2, there were lots of traded items, and they traded in the essential equivalent of a an Auction House, even with money changing hands. They’d trade with friends, or with random people, and I think that now we have the Auction House, I think people will trade there too. I don’t think it’ll hurt the game at all.

Is there any particular reason you stuck with the Diablo 2 style controls, instead of having a traditional KB+M option?

Like a WASD setup? I’m going to assume that’s what they mean… and yes, we played around with it, and we thought it felt awkward. When you are trying to take direct control over an isometric character… if you think about an FPS, where you use WASD, you have an analogue input, which is the mouse. When you think about in terms of the Diablo-style, your mouse becomes your aim, not a control mechanism; so you have no analogue input. You’re literally talking about a character that can only move on eight axes – it works, but it doesn’t feel awesome.

So when we looked at games that did it, and we played around with it a little, we thought it felt kinda clumsy. To us, that’s not Blizzard-quality; so we said, no, we’re not going to do it. We even had some people who said, ‘Well, how about we support it?’, and I would say that the hardest thing you will do, to get right in a game, is controls, and the worst mistake you could ever make is to have two control schemes; you’re basically taking the hardest thing in your game, and doubling it.

Any particular reason they removed the ability to loot dead player corpses in hardcore?

Yes – it was done for two reasons. Well, there’s also a technical issue, to do with how we designed the game, but that could have been overcome if we wanted to go that way. But I’d say the two main reason are we didn’t want people to find ways to exploit, or to steal items from other people. We just didn’t – we have a prime directive of ‘do no harm to the co-op game’; anything that can essential create these instances where players benefit from the downfall of others… is a bad thing.

We already think there will be problems with people trying to get Hardcore players killed, if they think it’s funny – you will have some griefing like that. That’s stuff we can’t help, but the thing I would tell people is to be real careful going through Waypoints and player Portals when you’re in Hardcore. Unless you can trust that other player, you need to be careful where you’re teleporting! But to some degreem, that, also, was the choice for Hardcore; we’re not MAKING anybody play like that, and I’m actually in favour of things that Hardcore MORE hardcore. I think having player corpses NOT be lootable makes it MORE hardcore, because what would happen in D2, is that you could play with your friends, and if you died you wouldn’t lose your items, because they’d loot them for you and give them back – that doesn’t sound very hardcore to me.

I think as a designer, you’re trying to make a game, y ou very rarely get to be evil; but this is the one case where, you know what? If you don’t like it, you’re not hard enough – and I get to say that and people will cheer! (I did – Ed)

And I say that as a person who probably won’t play Hardcore, becuase I don’t want to lose my character! 

Hell Hurts Hell Hurts

One of the most anticipated features in Funcom’s The Secret World is running through dungeons with other players, dungeons that literally take everyone to hell (and hopefully back again). Our team got some hands on experience doing just that and we’ve got the full report. Read on!sometimes you can use the coupon code to enjoy a discount for your wow gold. All we do is to make the players enjoy more benefit of their buy wow gold and can enjoy more funin the wow game. Then lets talk about Payment methods. We receive the paypal and the credit card and also western union. You can choose which you like to pay for the order.After you order the cheap wow gold you should go to contact the live chat immediately. Then they can help you with all the questions and also send you the order in 15 minutes.What a quick speed! YES?

The Secret World can be extremely hellish. Punishing. Brutal. Full of fire, demons, and pain. Also, it’s oddly exciting and fun… okay, maybe that last part isn’t what hell would really be like, but we can dream. Last night, Rob “Grakulen” Lashley, Mike “I Mod You” Bitton, and myself were able to partake in the first of three dungeons set in the literal Hell with Tor Egil Andersen of Funcom leading the way. This was the first time I’ve been able to taste a dungeon in TSW outside of mere gameplay videos, and I left feeling a great deal better about what Funcom is trying to accomplish in their upcoming MMORPG. Hell was an extremely challenging experience (even with GM cheats) and it’s plain to see that dungeon-lovers will find a lot to love in The Secret World.

The Disgruntled Pony: Path of Exile Edition!The Disgruntled Pony: Path of Exile Edition!


Our resident pony, DarkPony, returns with another blog entry, this time focused on the action-RPG Path of Exile.We are a specialized, professional and reliable online supplier for guild wars  2 gold selling. We have been supplying fast and cheap guild wars  2  gold to our loyal and reliable customers for 7 years. If you want to buy guild wars  2  gold or get the latest news of cheap guild wars  2  gold, please come here. We provide not only the most competitive price but also the safest delivery and the best service for your cheap wow gold. Hope you enjoy buying guild wars  2  gold.

Despite the huge differences in resources, funding and man power somehow PoE has much more in common with Diablo 2’s core values than Diablo 3. And the things it does different … are actually improvements on the formula. It transcends the hack & slash model at times and has some aspects in common with games like the original Guild Wars.

Of course, the PoE beta is a bit rough around the edges and there is a distinct indie odor to it; a smell you pick up as soon as you visit their website; “Eew … 90’s style frame borders!”. This also is prevalent ingame with a similarly retro’ish UI design which feels a bit oversized and clunky at times. Also there are no voice-overs for the few npc’s which can be interacted with and some minor bugs and glitches here and there, but none of those things really got in my way of becoming very compelled by this game and playing it non-stop for hours.


Battle of the Immortals : Our Official BoI ReviewBattle of the Immortals : Our Official BoI Review



Perfect World Entertainment’s Battle of the Immortals opened in 2010 and has been making steady improvements ever since. We’ve been putting BoI through its paces. See how it measures up and then leave us your thoughts in the comment
The world of Motenia is a hot mess. The main players in Motenia lore include The Dragon Emperor, a merciless dictator who was sealed in stone by the Witches of the Millennium; the Goddess of Fate, who had a vision which led her to believe that the Dragon Emperor would find a way to free himself; the Immortals who search for Odin, the God-King; and Demitrios, High Priest of Motenia, now corrupt and seething with hatred. Atop Mount Olympus, Demotrios offers his own blood as a sacrifice to wake Cronos, who in turn wages war upon the Immortals. The future of Motenia depends on the brave few (that would be you!) who will take arms against Cronos, the God of Kings

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Club Neverdie Announced Club Neverdie Announced

A new virtual world called Club Neverdie has been announced as an upcoming addition to the Next Island group. Club Neverdie was announced by developer Jon Jacobs who recently made headlines by selling the first iteration of Club Neverdie (Entropia Universe) for over $600,000 USD. Club Neverdie is dedicated to the memory of Jacobs’s deceased fiance and a her virtual avatar will be a major part of the new Club Neverdie.

One of the stunning central locations found at the new Club NEVERDIE is the exotic Tiki beach resort with private houses and ‘The Island Girl Spa’ dedicated to Tina Leiu, who was known in the online gaming world as the avatar, ‘Island Girl’. Jacobs explains how he has kept Tina’s spirit alive in his new virtual destination. “Tina was a beautiful Samoan Princess and, in addition to her career as a singer and actress, was also a licensed therapist and healer. One of her unfulfilled dreams was to open a Spa in American Samoa where her family was from. By creating ‘The Island Girl Spa” at Club NEVERDIE, I’m able to in some way fulfil her last ambition. We’ve also created an Avatar in her likeness and she automatically revives anyone who dies gaming on the island, bringing another level of meaning to the name Club NEVERDIE. For me the return of Island Girl at the new Polynesian Club NEVERDIE brings everything full circle and represents an important statement to the online community and the world; that virtual reality is the place where we can transcend death, perhaps not on a literal level right now, but very possibly in the future. I plan to continue to lay the foundation for that future with the virtual worlds developed by NEVERDIE Studios.”We are a specialized, professional and reliable online supplier for guild wars  2 gold selling. We have been supplying fast and cheap guild wars  2  gold to our loyal andreliable customers for 7 years. If you want to buy guild wars  2  gold or get the latest news of cheap guild wars  2  gold, please come here. We provide not only the mostcompetitive price but also the safest delivery and the best service for your cheap wow gold. Hope you enjoy buying guild wars  2  gold.


Guild Wars 2 Previews: Great ExpectationsGuild Wars 2 Previews: Great Expectations


Last week we put together a short piece written by myself and Christina Gonzalez about our expectations for the Guild Wars 2 beta event. ArenaNet’s made some lofty claims and endeavored to correct much of the archaic trappings still present in most of today’s MMO games, and I was hoping to spend my time putting their game-changing goals to the test. So, did ArenaNet pull it off?The most competitive Price. By using a special price searching system to check the guild wars 2 Gold prices of our 150 major competitors.We are able to maintain the most competitiveprice for players to buy guild wars 2 gold,We guarantee 100% safe delivery method and take full responsibility for it, our company  have been completed thousands of transactions and meet over 1000 orders everyday, we successfully make all our customers delighted and satisfied.


Guild Wars 2 is an interesting game well worth looking forward to even if you ignore or don’t put any stock into claims ArenaNet has made. The visuals shown in the screenshots and trailers paint you a game and world that I’m sure most would look forward to exploring. And it’s just as beautiful once you actually play it, too. ArenaNet’s painterly art style extends everywhere, from the character and area designs, to the game’s UI. Not only is the game visually beautiful, but the world comes to life with all the ambient dialogue spoken by Guild Wars 2’s many NPC as well as the actions they take. During my first demo with the game in 2010, my jaw dropped as I ran around the last bastion of humanity, Divinity’s Reach, and even two years later, seeing it again evoked just the same response. Guild Wars 2’s art and architecture simply puts every other MMO to shame. It doesn’t matter if you’re traversing the magnificent Divinity’s Reach or the Black Citadel, the clockwork home city of the charr, you’re not likely to believe your eyes.

It’s fortunate then, that ArenaNet has also made good on the claims made over the last couple of years. MMO players are used to developers hyping up their games, and sometimes even when the devs don’t necessarily hype them up as much as you’d think, gamers can end up hyping the game up themselves. In both cases, expectations are often far greater than the actual game can possibly hope to meet. The development process for Guild Wars 2 has featured a bit from both column A and B. I wouldn’t use modesty to describe ArenaNet’s stance on their project over the last couple of years. ArenaNet has made it quite clear they were looking for this project to be a real game changer, to throw out many of the needlessly clung to tropes of the MMO genre and to push it forward with new ideas as well. At the same time, the game has been made available for fans to play at many conventions all throughout, so gamers have gotten to experience Guild Wars 2 themselves and have been driving the hype and expectations off of those experiences.


It may seem premature at this point to declare this, but I honestly feel Guild Wars 2 is the first MMO I’ve ever played where my admittedly great expectations actually lined up with my experience. This is the game I expected to play. I had no moment of deflation as I realized ArenaNet had only met some of their claims by some clever technicality or outright misled me. The principle ways ArenaNet sought out to change the way MMOs play were clearly evident as soon as I started playing the game, and I spent most of my weekend gradually ‘unlearning what I have learned’, to borrow a Star Wars reference. I experienced a certain level of glee at every instance of realization that, ‘No. Things don’t work like this in Guild Wars 2.’  These mainly came about when realizing how effortlessly social and collaborative the game is. It sounds like a simple thing, but removing that sense of trepidation when seeing another player even in a PvE scenario is a really unique thing to accomplish. I learned not to be afraid that someone would be stealing my resource node, or kill/event credit, or skill point unlock. Instead, the implicit grouping design of Guild Wars 2 allowed me to just play with people and work towards common goals without even having to communicate. Sure, communication works, too, but Guild Wars 2 almost felt like I was playing Journey at times.


In one example, I found a narrow (and very dangerous passage) leading up to a skill point unlock in the mountains. I had my ass handed to me attempting it alone and ended up respawning at the base of the mountain only to find another player trying her luck. Without speaking, we simply worked our way up the mountain together, watching each other’s backs out of a mutual understanding towards our common goal. In another game, I might have been inclined to let the other player grab aggro and perhaps even die to one of the mobs so I could make it up the top safely and fight the skill challenge mob by myself in order to ensure I wouldn’t have to compete over it and possibly have to wait for it to respawn. Why do this in Guild Wars 2? We both get full XP and loot for helping each other kill our way to the top and this includes credit for the skill point fight as well. We never said a word to each other and were eventually even joined by a third player, but we all fought our way to the top and left happy campers with our extra skill point unlocked.  My entire experience with the game was similar to this one snapshot. Everything was collaborative, not competitive.  Don’t get me wrong, I love competition, but I’d rather leave that to PvP than adventuring.

The single most important claim ArenaNet made with Guild Wars 2 is that players would find Tyria a world to actually explore in and adventure. This world would be without the traditional quest hubs, a world where the game called you to action via the actual events occurring throughout using visual and audio cues instead of text boxes. While ‘dynamic events’ have been all the rage over the past couple of years, no developer has actually tried replacing the traditional quest hub content backbone with it. Guild Wars 2 throws it all out for an awesome hybrid of themepark-rooted developer created content matched perfectly with a sense of sandbox-esque wanderlust.

And it works. Oh, how it works.


I spent most of my time just testing this and ignoring everything else. Honestly, I didn’t spend much time with the personal story. I didn’t care. I’m sure it was great. I just really wanted to see if ArenaNet could really pull this off. Some people may claim that the heart system used makes the game no different than say Warhammer Online and their marked Public Quests. You’d be missing the point. It’s true, if you need a little bit of direction, Guild Wars 2 will help you out with certain events marked by hearts on the map (though these hearts are only revealed to you if you physically seek out Scout NPCs to do so). But it’s the explorers who are really in for a treat.

Just about anywhere you go, there is something going on. Diving into some random pond may expose a tight underwater passageway that weaves into the center of a mountain base home to bandits and an on-going event to tackle. And this event may even chain off numerous times and in ways you may not have expected when starting it. A similar dive might bring you up in a nearby cave where you’ll have to fight a Bear Shaman to unlock a skill point. Sometimes, you won’t find an event at all, but puzzles of various challenge levels that often lead to a reward. However, the real reward is that the world is so lovingly crafted this way to tempt your curiosity. I didn’t find all the nooks and crannies myself, but many intrepid explorers over the weekend have documented (often via video) some of these great little easter eggs and puzzles. Heck, the PvP focused area of The Mists even features a secret waterfall with an elaborate multi-stage jumping puzzle that frankly just blew my mind.

The design of Guild Wars 2 challenges us to be curious and social, and these tenets even pervade the game’s combat system and classes. Combat in the game isn’t about finding skill rotations and one-size-fits-all play patterns for every situation. No, each class is almost as flexible as you can imagine, replete with numerous weapon options and abilities that are more often situational than anything else. Additionally, players can support each other with various utility abilities if they so choose, but again, everything is a collaboration. No one is going to be chain healing you and keeping you afloat while you do damage.

If that weren’t enough, Guild Wars 2 also features cross profession combos that allow you to take all these personal combat considerations to a whole other level. For example, an Elementalist can create a static field that stuns any enemies that attempt to pass through it, shielding herself and allies within its confines. Alternatively, this field can be placed around a group of enemies to deny them their escape. This offers a lot of versatility for just one skill. But wait, there’s more! Throw a warrior into the mix and he can fire his rifle through the field, charging his bullets and allowing him to stun individually picked targets at range. It’s just a tiny example of how this system works, but the possibilities feel almost endless.

Oh, did I mention this all applies underwater as well? This goes for both the combat and the content, just to be clear. It often feels like there’s a whole underwater world to explore, creatures to fight, and characters to meet.


In any case, I think I’ve breathlessly fawned over the game for long enough 

State of the Game: Season 2, Season 3 Details!State of the Game: Season 2, Season 3 Details!

Posted May 21, 2010 by Michael Bitton

Star Trek Online Executive Producer Craig Zinkievich has put out a new State of the Game letter loaded with juicy information on the game’s future, as well as an overview of what’s been added to the game thus far.

A number of the upcoming features mentioned in the letter are already known by most players of the game, at least those who pay attention to dStahl’s Engineering Reports, but for the lazy, read below:

The Accolade System – I know how much you guys have been wanting this, and I have to admit, I’m pretty stoked about it, too. Track your achievements. How much phaser damage have you dealt in your career? How many Federation officers have you shuffled off this mortal coil (assuming you’re playing a Klingon. No killing your allies, guys!)?
The Squad System – This will let you team up with other players who aren’t in your level, and lets your effectiveness match so you can play together.
Balance Adjustments – We have those DPS/recharge/global-ability-cooldown adjustments that many of our high-end players have been requesting. Log into Tribble and check them out. Give us your feedback! We’re testing it out now, so this is when we need to hear from you the most. Also – don’t forget to log into Tribble to “play with the devs” early next week. We’ll be there, will you?
UI Improvements – We’re working on a window that will show you when rewards happen during normal character advancement (powers, unlocks, bridge officer reqs, etc.).The most competitive Price. By using a special price searching system to check the WOW Gold prices of our 150 major competitors.We are able to maintain the most competitiveprice for players to buy sto gold,We guarantee 100% safe delivery method and take full responsibility for it, our company  have been completed thousands of transactions and meet over 1000 orders everyday, we successfully make all our customers delighted and satisfied.

Bug Fixes and Improvements – We’re always working on fixes and improvements, because a game developer’s job is never done.
Not content to simply rehash information fans already know about, Craig goes on to reveal the full details of Season  2, and even some early details on Season 3. Wowza!

Season 2 will include the introduction of mini-games, the Federation Diplomacy Corps (oh yes, diplomacy!), new “faction-agnostic” episode content, as well as a few Klingon exclusive episodes for you Klingon lovers out there, ship interiors (yes!), a raise in the level cap (6 levels) to Vice Admiral I, Fleet Logos, high end content, a new weekly episode schedule, and more. Season 2 is set to go live by the end of July.

If that’s not enough, Craig also shared details on Season 3 with us, mentioning that we’d be seeing the addition of a new as-of-yet undetermined faction (Borg? Cardassian? Romulan? Let them know!), user generated content, a persistent PvP sector, Fleet Starbases, the ability to call your Bridge Officers out to fly alongside you, and tons more.A massive amount of sto gold is ready to decorate your sto world. Anytime you run out of gold for sto, just tell us! Ample stock also guarantees the fast elivery. Have a helpful customer service when you buy stogold is really nice. Luckily we got a customer service team just like that. Please do feel free contact us if you have any questions. We are here for you around the block.



Azshara Zone Q&AAzshara Zone Q&A


The World of Warcraft team  has published another zone preview for the upcoming expansion, Cataclysm. Well-known areas of the game will be changing dramatically when Cataclysm debuts and Azshara is not exempt. Blizzard has published an in-house interview with game designers Craig Amai and Dave Kosak about the new look of Azshara.Our team provide professional wow gold, Power Leveling service and services for many other online games .It’s not wrong to choose us to buy wow gold. we would do our best to help you enjoy your game,our company  is the professional and efficient which leading MMORPG service company. We has been engaged in online game virtual items exchange for 6 years and has gained a lot of experiences

Q. How has Orgrimmar’s relentless expansion altered the lands of Azshara?
A. Orgrimmar now has a massive gate leading north into Azshara, and the canyon that winds into this gate will give players a brief look at the war machines being wrought from goblin ingenuity and technology. The rest of the zone expands further on this promise of destruction. The middle of Azshara includes the new Bilgewater Harbor, which acts as a naval port for the entire Orgrimmar fleet, launching boats and zeppelins to carry out Garrosh’s vision for the future of Kalimdor and beyond.



Star Wars: The Old Republic : Corellia ProfiledStar Wars: The Old Republic : Corellia Profiled

The holonet at the official Star Wars: The Old Republic site has been updated with information about Corellia, one of the founding planets of the Galactic Republic. There’s a new video, bunches of screenshots and background lore to keep you up to date on all things SWTOR.

Corellia is one of the most vibrant business centers in the galaxy, and of the highest strategic importance. Besides being the hub for galactic corporate enterprise and maintaining a vocal presence in the Senate, Corellia is also the birthplace of many Republic economic, political, and military leaders. While Coruscant is a symbol of Republic power and tradition, Corellia is a testament to the Republic’s resourcefulness and respect for personal and economic freedom.The most competitive Price. By using a special price searching system to check the WOW Gold prices of our 150 major competitors.We are able to maintain the most competitiveprice for players to buy swtor gold,We guarantee 100% safe delivery method and take full responsibility for it, our company  have been completed thousands of transactions and meet over 1000 orders everyday, we successfully make all our customers delighted and satisfied.

Corellia’s capital, Coronet City, is a model of efficient industry blended with environmental aesthetics. Determined to maintain their world’s beauty and individuality, Corellians protected large swaths of parkland in the city’s heart. Underneath this sophisticated façade though, an atmosphere of corruption lies just beneath the surface. Corporate influence has always driven Corellian political policy, and most Corellians accept this as fair bargain for the freedoms and economic prosperity it affords.